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Anti-Muslim Hate Comes to Hillsborough County School Board Meeting

2 April 2012 Loonwatch.com 19 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Parents, and Adults attend a Hillsborough School Board Meeting

Parents, and Adults attend a Hillsborough School Board Meeting

Anti-Muslim Hate Comes to Hillsborough County School Board Meeting

Hillsboroughbilly County, Florida–

In November 2011, a Tampa, Fla., high school invited a Muslim lecturer, Hassan Shibly to speak about Islamic history and tradition to college level advanced placement students. When anti-Muslim extremists David Caton and Terry Kemple found out, they brought dozens of Islamophobes to spread lies, fear and hatred against Islam and Muslims at school board meetings (H/T: A. Lessirey):

David Caton was described in a Tampa Bay Times column as a “theo thug,” and a “Biblical bully” with a history of anti-Muslim activism:

Perhaps the best way to get your hands around this latest example of theo-thugs gone wild is to think of local sanctimonious mouth foamer David Caton as the North Korea of faux piety.

For whenever Caton feels he’s fallen off the publicity-hound radar and isn’t being paid enough attention, the vicar of vituperativeness feels compelled to engage in some really daffy behavior as if to reassure the world he’s just as loopy as ever.

Well, brother and sisters — he’s back! It was this man of fleece who just a few weeks ago managed to persuade Lowe’s, a Fortune 500 company, to drop its sponsorship of All-American Muslim on TLC.

Caton got his sackcloth in a wad because the series revealed Muslims in America are quite capable of living just as stultifyingly boring, law-abiding lives as Protestants, rather than spending their days assembling car bombs.

And Lowe’s fell for it, acquiescing to the Islamaphobic demands of a single illiterate hate-monger who should have about as much influence on the affairs of the day as the defense minister of Groucho Marx’s Freedonia.

Now, fresh off his Florida Family Association campaign to make Lowe’s look like corporate America’s answer to a cowering puppy that just piddled on the kitchen floor, Caton, the Ernst Blofeld of the Bible, has set his myopic sights on Kelly Miliziano, a history teacher at Steinbrenner High School, who committed the unpardonable, unforgiveable sin of (dare it be said) educating her students.

For several years Miliziano has invited speakers representing various faiths to meet with her classes. The idea here is to expose students to a range of ideas and beliefs, which in the end will serve to make them better informed, discerning, well-rounded, independent-thinking, educated members of society.

Miliziano obviously posed a threat to Caton’s recruitment efforts. After all, if these kids learn stuff, well, the next thing you know, they’ll figure out obtuse gasbags like Caton are full of hooey. And that’s bad for the bigotry business, which needs a steady stream of lemmings to keep the flames of malevolence burning.

Another Tampa Bay Times article described the school board meeting as one of “did-I-just-hear-that” intolerance. It went on to criticize Caton and Kemple, saying,

What’s not good is wrapping your hands around the eyes and ears of kids out of fear. What’s not good is assuming a local Muslim leader, a young lawyer raising a family here, comes not to educate but to indoctrinate and steal young minds — and that teachers are either in on it or too clueless to care.

Such rhetoric is unhelpful and it seems that students who actually participated in the class don’t think it was a big deal.

But for those who believe they are on a Crusade against Islam, such as Caton and Kemple the Muslim speaker’s presentation represents the apocalypse!


  1. Cry me a river, liberals and Islamists. You would be filing lawsuits if a representative from a Christian group spoke at a public school, yet you have no problem with CAIR, a front for Hamas that masquerades as a civil rights group. No surprise that the anti-American, pro-Sharia left is attacking Florida for not wanting special privileges for certain groups.

  2. It grieves me to hear young people regurgitate mis-information they’ve heard, or learned from mis-informed adults.

  3. I need a question answered, Is Islam a Nation or a religion, also if you answer yes, is Muslim a different religion than Islam???If Islam is a nation and Muslim is its religion, and Sharia is the laws of Islam and the Muslim Church… How can a Muslim come to America and seek to be a citizin, study what America believes , take the test, pass and then swear to uphold the constitution and laws of this Nation, then cry out that we are against Muslims and that we are Bigote when we disallow the Shira Laws… You are either an American or a hypocrite…So which is it??? And no I am not a Bigot, I am a Part of the Native Americans who were here when Europeian people started to come to this country…They didnt discover it, we were here when they got here !!!!!

  4. Islaam is the religion and Muslim is one who advocates and lives out Islaam, no different from a christian who advocates catholicism. The term Nation was used to define and distinguish btween “christianity” as America was found of Christian principle so technically America could have been called “The Nation of Christianity”. In Islaam there are no churches we have Mosques/Masjids. The Muslims who are advocating for Sharia law here are a small minority and they can barely live amongst the Sharia in their own said countries. America allows all of these “muslims” you speak of into the country, if this country is really at war with “islaam” they open the gates consistently and allow them into America, it might seem as America is “setting” you up. As for the Native American they have a “islamic” spirit in the belief in the “ONE GOD and the union of all life” etc and oh yeah my family is Native American too from Mississippi! Hope that helps

  5. The over-the-top emotional content of this story can only hurt our cause. For example, “hillbilly” is generally considered a bigoted slur based on a negative stereotype of residents of rural Appalachia. It’s not fair, but we have to be better than the haters.

  6. And when the so called “Indians” got here, it was Africans here before them. Do not discredit this comment with feeling and emotion discredit it with research and see what you might learn!

  7. Graydon, Islam is a religion. Muslims are those who practice Islam. Some Muslims argue that it’s not a religion but a way of life. So it’s like a culture, it can also be a subculture and this makes it compatible with American culture and American life style. This and the fact that the United states guarantees every citizen the right to practice whatever they please as long as they dont break the law. So, Muslims are capable of practicing Sharia and being Muslim without violating laws placed by the American government. However, the only time there may be a conflict is if a religious leader attempts to impose Sharia or aspects of Sharia on people who don’t desire it. Otherwise, an attempt by the government or any organization for that matter to limit a Muslims from their ability to follow Sharia (where it doesnt conflict with US law) is completely Unconstitutional.

  8. Islam isn’t a nation, it’s the religion, and a Muslim is a follower of Islam.

  9. The religion is Islam, a person who is a follower of the religion of Islam is Muslim. Sharia law is the standard by which the faithful follow their religion – just like the Jews have the 10 Commandments and the 613 laws, Christians have the 10 Commandments and the teachings of Jesus. All of the religious laws are followed in a variety of ways from not at all to extreme orthodoxy. Those of any faith who are extremists are just that – they do not represent the true faiths. American Muslims are being discriminated against for their core beliefs because of the extremists. Every group that is non-white is being discriminated against. Look at what the white “missionaries” did to Native American children – they assumed that only their Western culture and religion was true for the world. All faiths have their rules/laws. In a theocracy the religion rules. In a democracy freedom to worship as one chooses rules.

  10. Graydon, this logic I hear so often, Catholics follow their Pope and ‘The Church’, as if he were an earthly King and their laws trumped all others. So many politicians argue religion, and how it interferes with their faith. somehow when Islam is involved these Christians get evil.

  11. As a Christian, I have to denounce these fear fearing people, and to pray love replaces the hate in thier hearts.

  12. Rocky Lore, schools down here have Christian groups and leaders speaking to students all of the time. We have all sorts of Christian holidays being celebrated during school hours that are supposed to be dedicated to instruction time. Yet, do you hear Muslims trying to make Christians stop coming to schools. Christians have come and tried to proselytize little children in front of Islamic schools and what did the Muslims do? Nothing. They let them be and peacefully went about their lives.

    So, maybe you should find another strategy. You’re not fooling anyone with your perpetual victim claims.

  13. Islam is to Christianity as Muslim is to Christian

  14. bint alshamsa, it’s Muslims who play the victim card, especially Hamas-backed CAIR. The liberals support the made-up term “Islamophobia”, which was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to smear Christians, Jews, and other critics of suicide bombers.

  15. Islam is the religion, the “nation” refers to all Muslim believers who are supposed to work together, though this obviously doesn’t work out, much like the hearts of all Christians are supposed to make up God’s Kingdom on earth. Sharia Law is not necessarily part of the religion, but an accessory to it. Much of Sharia is not in the Koran, and in fact most of it is based on Hadiths and other medieval texts and traditions, but none of these are actually the revealed word of God through Muhammad, and so don’t have the authority of the Koran. So it is therefore perfectly possible to be a Muslim and be a US citizen. As far as accusations of Muslims playing the victim card, every minority does that, Africans, Native Americans, Jews, etc. That’s because all of these groups really do face descrimination and social impediments in America, and the victimization card is sometimes necessary to enact positive change. Like any social tool, some people will abuse it, but so do members of other minority groups.
    The term Islamophobia was coined because the traditional racism that has been America’s curse does not apply to the very real trend of unwarranted fear and hatred of Muslims, so a new word is needed. It was coined in order to smear bigots of any background who attempt to use the rash actions of a brainwashed, hateful minority to justify hatred towards every single individual belonging to their religion. Should I let the actions of Kony’s LRA justify hatred of Christians? Should I allow the actions of the KKK justify hatred towards all white people? of course not! so why should the actions of a couple Jihadis holed up in the mountains of south Asia justify enmity towards American citizens trying to make a living and live a happy life?

  16. Isn’t this the same place that gave us Zimmerman? The world is tired of america’s Shaninigans, and they wonder why everyone hates them including fellow americans who have moved for that simple reason.

  17. florida again

  18. anita,

    you know what we native floridians say. all the nuts roll south.

  19. When making judgements about Islam, the middle east (Egypt, Iran, etc.) has to be taken into account.

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