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UK: Police Investigate Mosque Fire, Possible Arson

Luton: police probe mosque fire

An investigation is underway after an arson attack at a mosque in Bury Park in the early hours of this morning (April 2).

Fire crews were called to the Bury Park Jamia Masjid in Bury Park Road at 4.30am, after two large metal bins were pushed up against a door and set alight. The scene has been cordoned off by police while a fire investigation takes place.

Det Con Colin Knight, investigating the incident, said: “We’re keeping an open mind and appealing for witnesses. We don’t know at this stage what the motive was.”

Anwar Hussain, the mosque’s cultural secretary, said its leaders were angry about what had happened. “People are going to be very upset when they come for prayers,” he said. “But we will tell them to remain calm. The investigation is ongoing but my opinion is that it was deliberate. The police response has been very good, they will be checking CCTV footage from the cameras in the street, and we hope they will catch the culprits.”

Luton Today, 2 April 2012


  1. american soldiers have killed people inside mosques both in Iraq and in Afganistan. I am not surprised of what has happened bury park.

  2. I disagree. I think we can all unite as one people and vandalize the Westboro Baptist Chruch together.

  3. mahmood nasir,

    you’re right this is not suprising. and yes americans have been killing people in mosques in afghanistan and iraq. especially when being shot at by the people in the mosques. but we all know all muslims hold mosques as being off limits. well unless the mosques are run by apostates. you do know shia mosques are bombed all the time. and i don’t mean some flaming dumpsters. bombed. you know what happened at the grand mosque in saudi arabia in 1979?

    “forbids any violence within the Grand Mosque, to the extent that plants cannot be uprooted without explicit religious sanction. Ibn Baaz found himself in a delicate situation, especially as he had previously taught Otaibi in Medina. Regardless, the ulema issued a fatwa allowing deadly force to be used in retaking the mosque.” ya’ll are funny.

  4. i disagree religion is obviously fake bs and to let people give away earned money and there life basically should be illegal..

  5. @Tyler. That’s your belief. Think what you will. If you want to enjoy that right though, you kind of have to allow others to believe what they want.
    @Mike: again…the absolutes here. Yes, militants have used houses of worship as cover before. American soldiers have also defiled sacred ground and cultural treasures without real reason (personally i found the damage done to the Babylonian ruins by Americans to be very regrettable). There is truth to both sides. I know, however, that you are certainly not trying to condone the vandalizing of a house of faith in a peaceful area with some instance that happened in a completely different country in a completely different situation with completely different people. That would be absurd. You do find this act of vandalism regrettable, no?

  6. Siyajkak,

    “You do find this act of vandalism regrettable, no?” yes, that goes without saying. well hang on, this could be a cultural thing. if i say yes to the “no”? does that mean i don’t find it regrettable? it’s always confused me when someone says “no”? why do you ask two questions in the same sentence. am i saying yes to the no? the brits do that but they’ll say “yes” at the end. should i say no, as in a double negetive to be positive.

    anyways i do find this to be regrettable. wanton destruction is never good. the vandals were a barbaric tribe no doubt. no i don’t condone brits or americans or french or dutch or etc. etc destroying houses of worship in peaceful lands. i hope no one destroyes my house, even though it’s not a house of worship. no my point is do not muslims have any idea as to what their “brothers” do around the world? speaking of ancient ruins did you see what is happening in mali right now? timbuktu may be in danger. you do know that the taliban blew up some 5000 year old buddahas. my pointis itssmall potatos to the wanton destruction carried out by muslims.that doesn’tmake it right. it just makes me laugh. muslims claim to be “the religion of peace and tolerance”. yet the seem the most violent of any religious group on the planet. yes their violence may be rooted in tribal or geopolitical rivalries. but if they are muslimshouldn’ttheir religion trump all that? i guess i’mexpecting too much from those that claim “divine revelation”.


    that’s just today. where is this “religion of peace” “the one truth”, please the amish are pacifists. the mennonites. islam is as much war mongers as america. america claims no “divine writ”.

  8. mahmood nasir,

    so where you suprised when the al-askari mosque was bombed?

    i hope not. muslims have been fighting muslims from the begining. strange uh?

  9. Just making sure. Unfortunately, often times a minority, and even a majority, of people in an ideology will corrupt the message for their own purposes or out of misunderstanding, and ruin the reputation of that ideology for those that live it out. For Muslims on many other, more peaceful countries that don’t suffer the ethnic tensions, poverty, and violence-soaked history of many middle-eastern nations, Islam really is a religion of peace. Areas such as Kazakhstan, Xinjian, Albania, and others are hardly known for terrorist plots or incessant violence, and Muslims in the united states and Europe have done little to nothing. I am sure they are aware that other Muslims commit violent acts in other countries. However, should they then abandon their faith because other people interpret it differently? Should Christians abandon their faith because of Kony? Or because of groups like the KKK or the westborough babptist church? Should Jews abandon there’s because of controversial actions taken by Mossad or the JDL? No. and should we blame them for being part of an ideology that happens to have members on the other side of the world that use it for evil? no. Not so long as they themselves use it for good. I do not condone any act of violence committed in the name of Islam. However, I am not going to use the actions of militants across the ocean against some one who has never even seen that country just because they worship in the same fashion

  10. Yes American Soldiers are out of control, but what good would it be to vandalize the Westboro Church? Who Cares? Thats what they want, so they can say, SEE?? Those horrible savages! Listen, them burning the Qu’ran is horrible and may Allah show no mercy. BUT they can destroy every WRITTEN Qu’ran but they will NEVER destroy the Qu’ran completely, as long as we have Hafiz’s in the world! This world is temporary, let them do what they will. I wouldnt want to be standing with them when they have to face judgement.

  11. Siyajkak,

    no one has to abandon their faith/ideaology. it would just to helpful if the abrahamics did. i’ve always said everyone is responsible for their own actions. i’ve never blamed “all” of any group for the actions of a memeber of said group. as for Kazakhstan, Xinjian, Albania, i’ll have to google. but i used to tailgate with an albanian doctor. he was a very nice fellow. i remember him telling me that after 9/11 a co-worker came up to him and said we should throw all the muslims out. he told the guy he was muslim and the guy turned white. speaking of white, i think the european muslims throw alot of people off. then again, did you ever see the movie malchom x. i think it was malchom meeting european muslims on his hajj that made him retrack his statement that white people are devils.

    i hope westernized muslim’s fiqh wins out. just don’t see how that would happen. in fact they seem in reverse. salfist, wahhabist, muslim brotherhood, the islamic revelution in iran, even turkey is moving away from their secularism.

    “Muslims in the united states and Europe have done little to nothing” you might want to re-think that statement. some of the nothing is usaully designated by the dates on which “nothing” happened. i’ll give you a hint. the three big ones all happened on the 11th day of the month.

    culture is a powerful thing.

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