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Islamophobic General Forced To Withdraw From West Point Speech To Keynote NRA Prayer Breakfast

4 April 2012 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Matt Gertz

The National Rifle Association is planning to host retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, who has a long record of hateful comments about Muslims and Islam, as keynote speaker of the prayer breakfast at their annual meeting later this month.

In January Boykin withdrew from a similar event at the United States Military Academy at West Point in the face of criticism of his divisive rhetoric from cadets, faculty, Muslim organizations, and progressive veterans groups. As VoteVets put it, Boykin had repeatedly used “incendiary rhetoric regarding Islam and Muslims, even characterizing America’s wars as Christianity versus Islam.” The same month People for the American Way and the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on officials in Ocean City, MD to cancel their invitation for Boykin to speak at the Ocean City Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.

NRA’s website urges annual meeting attendees not to “miss this opportunity for encouragement, fellowship and sharing with your NRA family,” and is charging $35 for tickets to see Boykin, “World Champion Elk Caller” Chad Shearer, and country music artist Bryan White at the April 15 event. The prayer breakfast comes on the final day of the four-day convention, which will be held in St. Louis, Missouri and feature speeches from Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and a variety of Republican officeholders.

Boykin received international attention in 2003 after the Los Angeles Times and NBC News reported on speeches he had given in full military dress at religious events suggesting that the United States was fighting a “spiritual battle” in the Middle East against “a guy called Satan” who “wants to destroy us as a Christian army.” Boykin also said of a Somali fighter who said that Allah would protect him from Americans, “I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol.”

(Boykin later apologized and claimed that he had meant that the man’s God was “money and power.”)

Boykin’s remarks drew widespread criticism, including from President Bush, who said that Boykin “doesn’t reflect my point of view or the point of view of this administration.” Later that year a Defense Department investigation found that Boykin’s speeches had violated regulations and called for the taking of “appropriate corrective action.” In 2010, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked Boykin to testify on the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan, then revoked that invitation following media reports of the pending testimony, with a spokesman stating that the 2003 comments “would be used to distract” from Kagan’s record.

Since his 2007 retirement, Boykin has continued to use a variety of religious and media platforms to attack Muslims and Islam. For example:

  • Boykin has said that while “every Muslim should be allowed to worship freely,” “Islam itself is not just a religion — it is a totalitarian way of life,” which he said “should not be protected under the First Amendment, particularly given that those following the dictates of the Quran are under an obligation to destroy our Constitution and replace it with Sharia law.”
  • Boykin has claimed that “A mosque is an embassy for Islam and they recognize only a global caliphate, not the sanctity or sovereignty of the United States,” and called for “no mosques in America.” (He later dishonestly claimed that he had been talking solely about the Park51 Islamic cultural center.)
  • In February, Boykin said:

We love the Muslim people but we have to be very careful to understand that Islam, in a pure sense, in an authoritative sense, Islam is evil. Islam is an evil concept, because it does call for innocent blood, it calls for the subjugation of women, it calls for a brutality that is alien to us as Christians. So we do love the Muslim people, but the Bible also speaks of a time when men will call good evil and evil good, and we have to be sure that we are in fact calling Islam what it is, and in reality it is evil.

In a February column NRA board member Ken Blackwell lamented Boykin’s withdrawal from the West Point event, calling him an “ideal choice” to speak at the academy’s prayer breakfast.

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence has documented numerous anti-Islam comments by members of the NRA’s board.

Original post:  Islamophobic General Forced To Withdraw From West Point Speech To Keynote NRA Prayer Breakfast


  1. How long before liberals and Ku Klux Kair threaten to blow up yet another prayer breakfast until they get their wish. The same liberals attacking Jerry Boykin have no problem with terror apologists and anti-Israel jihadists Siraj Wahhaj or Abdel Malik Ali.

  2. Dhaka (AsiaNews): Ex-Imam convert to Catholicism is almost killed. A former Bangladeshi Imam who is now Catholic and for this reason has endured persecution in his native community. His journey towards conversion began abroad, far from Bangladesh. It led him first to baptism in the Presbyterian Church. After that, he fell in love with a Catholic woman, married her and then converted to her faith. Once they were back in Bangladesh, Vincent and his wife were welcomed by threats and violence. Members of his community beat him almost to death. After almost two months in hospital, Vincent is back home. But the same Muslims who followed him and held him in high esteem when he was their imam now cannot accept his new “status”.
    It is stories like this one (and there are plenty)that add enormous credibility to people like General Boyd.

  3. Sounds Boykin is a hopeless case, keeping his ignorance and even so proud spreading about it. Only Allah knows what will really happen to him. I still couldn’t judge him. I was just like him for twenty years or so until Allah opened my eyes. The difference could be was that I am studying Theology and a devout Catholic during those dark days. Alhamdulillah.

  4. @kaatib. He may claim being a former imam and converting to Catholicism all he want but I dont buy that. You could perhaps be celebrating on these “stories” but I tell you, a true Muslim would not convert to anything else. An Arabic sounding name does make one a Muslim. Being born of Bangladeshi family does not make one a Muslim either. Any Muslim who leads a prayer is called an Imam. Now it could be that people in his community thought that he was a Muslim and was let to lead a prayer (imam) does really make one a true Muslim. By the way it appears that whoever this “imam” is lost. He at first converted to Presbytarian and then to Cathocism because of “love”. Looks like his community is doing a great service to the Presbytarians, lol. Seriously he is a Presbytarian before converting to Catholicism. But to kill or hurt him for converting to anything is not right. I just dont beleive in his story or your story. I have been to many places and some people kill just because of a bad joke. It made it appear that Presbytarian is not a good religion too, lol. Astagfirullah.

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