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Right-Wing Terrorism: String of Firebombs Against Planned Parenthood Under Reported in the Media

4 April 2012 One Comment Email This Post Email This Post

Right-Wing Terrorism: String of Firebombs Against Planned Parenthood Under Reported in the Media

It’s only terrorism when Muslims do it, right? Even though data from both the US and Europe shows otherwise, and you have more of a chance of being killed by peanuts or lightning than you do a “Muslamic terrorist!”

Is it safe to presume in this case that those individuals targeting Planned Parenthood are likely Right-Wing extremists and likely Christian? There are a couple of reasons for me to think this is the case: 1.) All or at least most previous attacks on abortion clinics and women health center’s, such as Planned Parenthood have been carried out by Right-wingers, 2.) There are many militant Christian organizations whose ideologies are violently opposed to abortion.

Muslims aren’t involved because a.) abortion is not a particularly too controversial issue within the Muslim community, and b.) Planned Parenthood is not occupying or invading Muslim countries.

Such events seem to be quite under reported in the media. You can bet that if a Muslim was suspected of such bombings the Islamophobesphere would be going buck-wild about our nation being under attack and the creeping “Islamization” of society, etc.

As of now they are mostly unconcerned and silent as the string of bombings continue:

Homemade bomb detonates at Wisconsin Planned Parenthood clinic

By Stephen C. Webster (RawStory)

A homemade explosive device detonated outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin on Sunday night.

Police are still looking for whoever left the device, which exploded around 7:30 p.m. and caused little damage to the building. Nobody was injured.

The attack is one of a string across the U.S. in recent months.

Amid a heated debate over funding for Planned Parenthood last month, the Fort Worth offices of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) — a strong supporter of the female health program — were attacked with two firebombs. Another clinic in the Dallas area was attacked in a similar manner by a separate person last July.

This video is from NBC 26 in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, broadcast Sunday, April 1, 2012. (Click link to view video)

I wonder if these bombings will make it into the FBI’s compilation of terrorist attacks?

There is also a propensity for Right-wingers and their acolytes to shift blame, as this individual below does, calling liberals “Islamic jihad ass-kissers.” That’s essentially what Anders Breivik was calling the kids he mowed down in Utoya during his horrific terror splurge:

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  1. The bomb was so small it did very little damage. I admit it could have been anti-abortionists or it could have, just as easily, been teenagers wanting to see how much attention the action got. If you’re a serious minded person who wishes to make a statement do you not think you would make a bigger device that could actually damage the building? Of course a small device like this could have been used for intimidation with the goal of making people quit due to fear for their lives.

    I think that when we look at acts such as this one can see that Muslim’s commit a minority of terrorists acts across the world but Muslims commit 90%+ of all terrorist acts in which deaths or serious injuries occur. The vast majority of other terrorist acts mainly consist of property damage with no injuries. This fact is why people fear Islamic Terrorists and rarely show much fear of the other. Over the past 10 years how many people have right wing Christian terrorists killed in the United States and Europe using religious ideal logy as the reason for the attacks?

    The trouble with using the term right wing is that it is too inclusive. There are many right wing groups that are not Christian groups though some of their members are Christian. They operate from a basis of black helicopters and that the U.S. Govt is kidnapping people and getting ready to enslave its citizens. They may have such beliefs that a race war is coming or any number of beliefs that have nothing to do with religion. I will admit that there are Christian extremists that are willing to blow up abortion clinics and worse to stop abortion but they are very few and far between. When they commit such an act then terrorist is the correct word for them. However, I maintain the Right Wing does not Equal Christian and that is how many people want to view the term.

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