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‘Instead of dividing France, you should unite it’, Tariq Ramadan tells Sarkozy

‘Instead of dividing France, you should unite it’, Tariq Ramadan tells Sarkozy

Swiss Islamic intellectual Tariq Ramadan laid into French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a speech to the annual meeting of a major Muslim organisation Saturday. His call to “unite France” and not “divide it” came after government ministers criticised the Union of Islamic Organisations of France’s (UOIF) invitation to him to speak.

Before the UOIF meeting at Le Bourget near Paris this weekend Interior Minister Claude Guéant said he regretted the fact that Ramadan was on the speakers’ list.

He may regret it even more after Ramadan’s speech, which did not name him or the president but clearly targeted their rhetoric during the presidential election campaign and their reaction to the killing spree of “lone-wolf” Islamist Mohamed Merah.

“Instead of talking about halal meat, the burka, national identity and dividing France, you should unite it,” Ramadan told a packed hall at the conference, which was attended by 41,000 people on Saturday alone.

“Of course [Merah’s] murders in Montauban and Toulouse should be condemned without hesitation,” he said. “But … we don’t expect a government to fan the flames.”

Ramadan, who is the grandson of the founder of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al Banna, thanked the event’s organisers for inviting him “despite the difficulties, the pressure, the accusations” and facetiously told France’s intelligence services “if you could remind the government what we really stand for, you would be performing a useful service”.

RFI, 7 April 2012


  1. Remember how dividing France turned out for Marshal Petain…

  2. Tariq ramadan is à vatican backed person who is woeling at one world religion like Fethullah Gulen.

  3. Islam isn’t the problem. Extremism, both political and religious, is the problem.

  4. WE ARE ONE WORLD, wether you like it or not. We need to GROW UP and stop being devisive by arguing such inane bigoted crap such as what GOD’s real name is!!!!!

  5. THE problem is the Christian missiological cancer wicht kills every other religion or culture, look at Africa, south Korea, every other country where missionaris are active , the human misery is a tool for spreading their religion. Make the world God’s empire!, but not that of Allah but Jesus Christ, the so-called Son of God.
    And islam is changed from within with people like ramadan Tariq and Fethullah gulen

  6. Kenan, what are you trying to say about Gulen and Ramadan?

  7. I agree Diana, the name is Allah.

  8. ^^^??

  9. Google Sarkozy’s faith and You will know why he hates Muslims so much

  10. He was raised Catholic 100%, Ahmed.
    BTW, Nona, His Name is whatever you call him in whatever language you speak.

  11. So Kenan you have a problem with Christians sending Missionaries around the world? Is it any different than the way Muslims spread their faith? Why do you dislike Missionaries and what is your problem with Jesus?

  12. lol. yahweh/god/allah fuck every one of them. they all are bastards. violent to the core.

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