Friday, July 23, 2021   

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Corsica: racist arson attack on Muslim prayer room

France’s interior ministry says an arsonist has partially destroyed a Muslim prayer room in the Mediterranean island of Corsica’s capital city.

A ministry statement said racist inscriptions were found Monday on the front of the building housing the prayer room in Ajaccio after it was damaged in the early morning fire.

French Muslim leaders have voiced fear of renewed stigmatization following March attacks that killed seven people in southern France that were attributed to an Islamist who claimed al-Qaida links. Mohamed Merah was shot dead by police.

Rivals of conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy in presidential elections starting April 22 claim a recent sweep of terror suspects is an electoral ploy.

AFP, 9 April 2012


  1. Don’t like.

  2. And for what? I really feel sorry for this arsonist. He clearly needs help.

  3. Yeah thats awful just not as bad as the Muslim who went around killing people that you didn’t speak out against

  4. @Michael Wadley: I would believe you if I didn’t know you were lying 🙂

  5. @Michael Wadley: I would believe you if I didn’t know you were lying 🙂

  6. @Poor Mr. Wad: way to miss the entire fucking point.

  7. @STEFAN, do you kiss your mum with that mouth?

  8. @STEFAN, do you kiss your mum with that mouth?

  9. I was in Corsica during summer.
    There is nothing racist about Corsica people. Very friendly !

  10. Talk about being prejudice or intolerant you really have to feel sorry for the Muslims in Pakistan.

    It is a shame they do not direct their anger toward buildings rather than people.

  11. Oh my: Apparently Muslims in Turkey feel the same way about Muslims as some do in France. I really feel sorry for them and their ignorance.

  12. Goodness, we need to feel sorry for the ignorant Muslims in India as they force Christians to flee the area. Such Ignorance is disturbing.

  13. My point to the above articles is there is enough racism, prejudice, ignorance to go around on all sides. Incidents like this need to stop not only in our European countries but also in Islamic countries as well. There is a lot of blame to go around and the fear generated by these incidents is tremendous with the result of simply motivating more incidents.

  14. @Gil: No, I do not kiss my mom. Gross.

  15. @Gil: No, I do not kiss my mom. Gross.

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