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Family upset “human rights” conference has deceased daughter’s name on it

11 April 2012 General 30 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Jessica Mokdad "loved Islam" according to her parents.

Jessica Mokdad "loved Islam" according to her parents.

(Arab American News)

DEARBORN – A local Arab American family is angry over an upcoming ”human rights” conference that features the name of their deceased daughter, believing that its true goal is to push an anti-Islam agenda.

The Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference is scheduled to take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn on April 29 at 5 p.m., and marks the one year anniversary of Mokdad’s death.

Mokdad was only 20-years-old when her step-father Rahim Alfetlawi shot her to death in Warren.

Following the fatal incident mixed reports about Alfetlawi’s motive for killing Mokdad were disputed. Family members of Mokdad and a prosecutor on the case say Alfetlawi was controlling, and obsessed with Mokdad.

The family says Alfetlawi wanted to have a romantic relationship with Mokdad. Others say it was a honor killing and religiously motivated, because Mokdad wasn’t following traditional Islamic customs and becoming “Westernized.”

“It wasn’t a honor killing at all,” a close friend of the family said. Speaking to The Arab American News by phone Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor, Bill Cataldo says there’s sufficient proof that religion was not a factor that triggered the crime.

He says days leading up to the incident Mokdad came forward to police with information about Alfetlawi, and also shared that information with a friend. The information is not being disclosed, because those who knew Mokdad well may be sensitive about it.

When Alfetlawi learned Mokdad had shared the information with police and a friend he became angry  according to Cataldo. She was found dead afterwards.

Conservative blogger Pamela Geller is hosting the conference. Geller is also the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, and Stop Islamization of America. In a television interview Geller said she’s just trying to save other women from being the next Mokdad.

In a local televised interview, Cassandra Mokdad, the victim’s step-mother said that Geller is, “using Jessica as her poster child for anti-Islam.” Cassandra declined to speak, but has said she might make an appearance at the conference to let Geller know how she feels.

Geller refuses to remove Mokdad’s name from the conference despite requests from the family. Conference speakers include television host and author Michael Coren, human rights activist Nonie Darwish; Sudanese ex-slave Simon Deng; David Wood, one of the former Christian missionaries who was charged with preaching the peace at the Arab American International Festival in Dearborn; James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Taskforce, co-cost of the conference. Wood is from the group Acts 17 Apologetics.

The conference is dedicated to exposing what the group says is the plight of women under “Islamic Law in Dearborn.” Organizers say they chose the Hyatt in Dearborn to stand in solidarity with other women in the area who may be in danger or oppressed under Islam. In the past the city’s mayor and officials have took drastic measures to prove the fact that Islamic Law does not exist in Dearborn. There are also misconceptions that women in Dearborn are oppressed, another claim the mayor has rejected.

The Mokdad family friend has lived in Dearborn for 25 years, and says such claims about Dearborn and its women are not true. The Arab American Women’s Business Council is based in the city, and includes well educated Arab American professionals. “Dearborn is home to the 2010 Miss U.S.A.,” she said. “We have a very good community.”

Original post: Family upset “human rights” conference has deceased daughter’s name on it


  1. Regardless of the conference’s goal, using her name against the family’s wishes is “not cool”, to say the least. smh

  2. very uncool to use her name against her parent’s wishes…

  3. As a family member, I’d be at that event speaking out, recording statements, & calling a lawyer! Ppl have so much nerve!

  4. Geller has gone too far too many times. I pray Allah stops her.

  5. It’s sad that people can be used and exploited even after they are dead.

  6. Do you really know who Taliban who created them as a political Party ? the answer is no one but U.S.A . When Russia attacked Afghanistan the America supplied weapons to Taliban and entitled them as mujaheddin when Taliban defeated Russia , than weapons remained with them . There arose conflict between Tali bans and Americans. Now why are they pronounced as terrorist .
    Is it a justice in the name of humanity ?

  7. That’s because at least 51% of Americans are misinformed and a large number provincial. Sad but true –

  8. Out of respect for the family and the poor woman who died, the organization should NOT have used any reference about her without families consent.

  9. “The conference is dedicated to exposing what the group says is the plight of women under “Islamic Law in Dearborn.”

    Nevermind the plight women will face if conservatives get their way and this becomes a “Christian” nation. Just another example of the hypocrisy of the right.

  10. I would like to see the family sue Geller to have their daughter’s name removed. I also find it interesting that conservative christian organizations, the only religious organizations in the country working to make their religion law, are always the ones claiming that others are trying to do the exact same thing.

  11. HER FAMILY KILLED HER! They have no right to complain about remembering her death. I understand, they would rather hide her name forever.

  12. @Vergeri, her family DID NOT kill her. only her step-father did. big difference. and fyi, her mother was also in the video. jessica was running away from the crazy step-father and taken in by her grandmother. get ur facts straight then accuse.

  13. Innara, how long was the stepfather abusing her? Ten years? How can a woman call herself a mother and put her child through this…

  14. it was mental abuse not physical. and sometimes mental abuse is hard to detect like the mother said in the video, until its too late. but that does NOT mean the mother is the killer. there r millions of cases other than this one of domestic violence, why aren’t u focusing on them? maybe because those millions are not muslims?

  15. Defamation lawsuit? Libel/Slander? There’s got to be a way to challenge the name of the organization in court.

  16. Vergeri: I agree with Innara!! Boo boo boo at you!!

  17. I’m sorry for their loss. Would members of the family be willing to attend the conference and tell their side of the story?

  18. Sick how Geller calls it a “human rights” conference when the only thing on her mind is making everyone hate Arabs as much as she does

  19. RESPECT. -Recognise Grief- Emotional Scars are Painful..Heed it.

  20. Geller is an awful person for exploiting the death of this beautiful young woman to propagate hate. My sympathy to the family.

  21. Wow people are so disrepectful! Peach be upon her may Allah grant her into heaven!

  22. Geller is douchebag and Jew snake. This family needs to Hire a Jew lawyer they will get her some coin which is who Jews pray to the dollar lol.

  23. If it was an honor killing or the family did not take due care to ensure the safety of the young lady then they have no right to complain about the use of the name. If the killing was otherwise motivated then simply disclose the evidence or information that clarifies the reason for the murder.

  24. Jews are million times better than you racist extreamist. You can’t hate Jews if you’re a Muslim. Without Torah there be no Islam or Christianity. Respect Muslims, Jews and Chrstians! Hate Wahabis, Zionists and Pat Robertson type of Christians.

  25. Yes, Ahmed. Please take your ignorance elsewhere. This is a forum for Muslims and those who respect their rights, as well as the rights of others. It is not for racists.

  26. Nice TUQIAH hassan dashti , you made jews happy .
    You knew it was without the jew abdullah bin sabaa , it would NOT be shiite cult that you belong to .

  27. Yes I like to make people happy, only a backward wahabi will see that as a bad thing. What you say about Shias don’t bother me because deep down I know we follow the true Islam the peaceful Islam you wahabis hate.

  28. Pam Geller will only shut up when the threads come loose and her face falls off.

  29. Hello i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i read this article i thought i could also create comment due to this good post.

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