Monday, May 17, 2021   

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Norway’s mass killer Breivik declared sane

Anders Breivik in handcuffs

Anders Breivik in handcuffs

Norway’s mass killer Breivik declared sane

A second psychiatric evaluation of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has found him sane enough to face trial and a jail term. The findings contradict a previous evaluation, published in November, that found him legally insane.

Breivik is due to stand trial on Monday over a shooting spree last July, in which he admits killing 77 people. The question of his sanity decides whether he will be sent to a psychiatric ward or jail.

“The main conclusion of the experts is that Anders Behring Breivik is found to be not psychotic during the time of his actions on July 22, 2011,” the Oslo court said in a statement on Tuesday. “That means that he is considered criminally responsible at the time of the crime.”

The second evaluation was approved by a court in January following widespread criticism of last year’s assessment that diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic – meaning he would most likely be detained in psychiatric care.

Many of his surviving victims believed he was sane, and that the only proper punishment would be a prison sentence.

BBC News, 10 April 2012


  1. Sane or insane this man needs to be put away forever and his thoughts need to be locked up with him whereever he spends the remainder of that life.

  2. Coulda fooled me !

  3. It’s a shame Norway doesn’t have capital punishment.

  4. He is a very sane man. He is just like those other self righteous right wingers.

  5. There is no right wing or left wing, there is only wrong and right. Never amazes me that morons are still in coma calling themselves liberals or democrats. When you are given a two headed coin, like it makes a difference which assholes are in the Whitehouse, they all work for the same douchebags which is Wall Street. He, who controls the dollar, controls the government end of story.

  6. Just because you’re a mass murderer doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill, just a seething mass of shit.

  7. Tomorrow when muslims outpopulate Europeans and shove sharia law up their ass and indiscriminately kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them. The Native Europeans will look up to this man and declare him a hero. Just a prediction. I don’t really appreciate or endorse his actions anyway. He was too cruel but ofcourse more merciful than you-know-who.

  8. ^Lol.

  9. He is Muslim or not?

  10. Ironically being found sane will likely result in a shorter time behind bars. In Norway there is a maximum time in prison for murder, but the criminally insane can be incarcerated indefinitely.

  11. to Hasina, no he is not a Muslim! he is a racist to Islam

  12. @ Anshun: Why are you scared of Lord Voldemort?

  13. Same reason you’re scared of allah.

  14. Sun: you are too!! you must go the HELL and nasty!!

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