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Egypt ‘necrophilia law’? Hooey, utter hooey.

28 April 2012 41 Comments Email This Post Email This Post










Egypt ‘necrophilia law’? Hooey, utter hooey. 

The new myth is that Islam somehow promotes…*drum roll*…necrophilia!

While you can likely find a fatwa for everything, when the recent story claiming that the “Egyptian parliament was considering passing a law that would allow husbands to have sex with their wives after death” went viral, the BS meter shot up pretty high for us.

But not for many mainstream media outlets who ran with the story without fact checking, thereby reinforcing Islamophobic myths and anti-Islam talking points.

Despite the ardent desire on behalf of Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer (he saw it as evidence of Sharia’ takeover) for the story to be true it was revealed pretty quickly that it was a hoax.

Spencer still has not updated the story to point out that it was a hoax. Now a lot of the haters have egg on their faces, this is not the first or the last time that such lies will be promoted in the media.(h/t:ZH)

Egypt ‘necrophilia law’? Hooey, utter hooey.

(Christian Science Monitor)

Today, Egypt‘s state-owned Al Ahram newspaper published an opinion piece by Amr Abdul Samea, a past stalwart supporter of the deposed Hosni Mubarak, that contained a bombshell: Egypt’s parliament is considering passing a law that would allow husbands to have sex with their wives after death.

It was soon mentioned in an English language version of Al-Arabiya and immediately started zipping around social-networking sites. By this afternoon it had set news sites and the rest of the Internet on fire. It has every thing: The yuck factor, “those creepy Muslims” factor, the lulz factor for those with a sick sense of humor. The non-fact-checked Daily Mail picked it up and reported it as fact. Then Andrew Sullivan, who has a highly influential blog but is frequently lax about fact-checking, gave it a boost with an uncritical take. TheHuffington Post went there, too.

There’s of course one problem: The chances of any such piece of legislation being considered by the Egyptian parliament for a vote is zero. And the chance of it ever passing is less than that. In fact, color me highly skeptical that anyone is even trying to advance a piece of legislation like this through Egypt’s parliament. I’m willing to be proven wrong. It’s possible that there’s one or two lawmakers completely out of step with the rest of parliament. Maybe.

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But extreme, not to mention inflammatory claims, need at minimum some evidence (and I’ve read my share of utter nonsense in Al Ahram over the years). The evidence right now? Zero.

There was a Moroccan cleric a few years back who apparently did issue a religious ruling saying that husbands remained married to their wives in the first six hours after death and, so, well, you know. But that guy is far, far out on the nutty fringe. How fringe? He also ruled that pregnant women can drink alcohol. Remember, alcohol is considered haram, forbidden, by the vast majority of the world’s Muslim scholars. Putting an unborn child at risk to get drunk? No, that’s just not what they do. Whatever the mainstream’s unpalatable beliefs (there are plenty from my perspective) this isn’t one of them.

It’s important to remember that the structure of the Muslim clergy is, by and large, like that of a number of Protestant Christian sects. Anyone can put out a shingle and declare themselves a preacher. The ones to pay attention to are the ones with large followings, or attachment to major institutions of Islamic learning. The preacher in Morocco is like the preacher in Florida who spent so much time and energy publicizing the burning of Qurans.

Stories like this are a reminder of the downside of the Internet. It makes fact-checking and monitoring easier. But the proliferation of aggregation sites, newsy blog sites, and the general erosion of editorial standards (and on-the-ground reporters to do the heavy lifting) also spreads silliness faster than it ever could before.


  1. no

  2. no

  3. Unreal.

  4. I see the games they are playing and again i will stand up and say ISLAAM in its pristine purity has been infiltrated by perverts and pagans disguised as Scholars and Religious figures and this has been going on now for about a good couple of hundreds of years! We have to clean the Deen up and not allow someone else to tell us what it is , when we know thats not what it is, great post for the awareness!

  5. Thank you for being the voice of reason amongst the insanity.

  6. Ah!!

  7. Thats not true!

  8. This is completely crazy, islamicjurisprudence forbid it & here are the texts from ancient big scholars (muftis) from the predecessors !!!!!stating that it’s forbiddenنص الفقهاء رحمهم الله على حرمة وطء الميتة سواء كانت زوجة أو أجنبية، قال في الإنصاف 8/ 309: وقال القاضي في جواب مسألة: ووطء الميتة محرم.
    وقال عليش في منح الجليل 9/ 247: فلا يحد إن وطئ زوجته أو أمته بعد موتها وإن حرم، نعم يؤدب.
    اتفق جميع الفقهاء على اعتبار وطء الميتة جريمة تستوجب العقاب:
    فالإمام مالك والشافعي ذهبوا إلى أن وطء الرجل المرأة الميتة يعتبر زنا موجبا للحد, بل إنه يجب مضاعفة العقوبة عليه؛ لأنه بالإضافة إلى هذه الجريمة هناك جريمة أخرى متمثلة في هتك حرمة الميت.
    وقال الإمام الأوزاعي: لأنه وطء في فرج آدمية فأشبه وطء الحية ولأنه أعظم ذنبا وأكثر إثمًا؛ لأنه انضم إليه فاحشة هتك حرمة الميتة.
    وحتى حينما ذهب أبو حنيفة إلى أنه لايقام عليه الحد لأن حياة المرأة عنده شرط لتحقق حكم الزنى وبذلك يكون موتها شبهة يدرأ بها الحد عنه .و مع ذلك قال أبو حنيفة : الرجل الذي يطأ ميتة يعزر أي ” يجلد ” بحسب تقدير القاضي
    و في تفسير فقهاء المسلمين للرأي القائل بدرأ الحد عنه بسبب موتها ، جاء قولهم: لأنها لا يشتهى مثلها -أي الميتة- وهو أمر تعافه النفوس السوية والفطر السليمة.
    ولذا لم يأت من الشارع نص بوجوب الحد على فاعله اكتفاء بأنه أمر تمجه النفس. المغني (9/55).

  9. WTF is this bullshit !

  10. When I was married to my first wife, I considered myself a necrophiliac…you do the math lol

  11. glad to know that it’s not true… I think it’s easy to believe something like this could happen because of the crazy things certain religious fanatics are attempting to do in the USA…

  12. I’ve seen this story several times and being a skeptic by nature, my BS meter went off. Thank you for this article 🙂

  13. THX. I saw this story …

  14. I saw a similar story recently… What sorts of ignorant and warped individuals invent such disgusting rubbish?

  15. Folks who are ISLAMOPHOBIC, that’s who….

  16. you do have to admit that some religious people well do some crazy insane things all because they believe so strongly in their faith and I’m talking all religions not any particular one ………….

  17. LMAO!

  18. There are sheikhs who claim this is halal. It’s not islamophobic, it’s a fact. There are also sheikhs who think women who breastfeed their male coworkers are mahram to them, sheikhs who think women should wear niqaab because female faces look too much like vaginas. There are insane sheikhs out there!

  19. Craziness!!!

  20. Kylie, well then those “sheikhs” are obviously off their rockers and should immediately be marked as un-islamic and be disqualified to provide fatwas. No hadith and or ayahs from the Quran could ever justify this.

  21. There are also sheikhs who claim support of Israel is halal and the intifada was a sin. Just because some dirty old man in a robe says it’s so, doesn’t make it so. Learn to think for yourself and grow up. There’s a time when taking the advice of a bunch of creepy old men becomes more pathetic than wise. If you’re above the age of 18 you’re way over the threshhold.

  22. Have they no shame? They’ll stop at nothing to paint Muslims as monsters.

  23. Astagfirullah, what a Fatwa, what a Sheikh o.O

  24. Sounds like the devil is running out of ideas. ….insane.

  25. All muslims plz help some people are abusing allah and mohammad
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  26. People love jumping the shark

  27. AstgfrAllah!!! What’s happening to our Ummah?

  28. thanks for the article!!

  29. […] crap. It’s crap. I guess the better story is how easily news outlets were pwnd into publishing it as fact. […]

  30. Was posting this shit necessary? It gives haters a tool to perpuate more lies

  31. […] Egypt 'necrophilia law'? Hooey, utter hooey. | Islamophobia Today … April 30th, 2012 | Tags: likely-find, meter-shot, recent-story, went-viral, wives | Category: […]

  32. As a Messianic Jewish person, I would never believe that kind of nonsense! I refer sometimes to people I personally admire who are Muslim Scholars, so I think this kind of new mythology is just atrocious!

  33. As a Messianic Jewish person, I would never believe that kind of nonsense! I refer sometimes to people I personally admire who are Muslim Scholars, so I think this kind of new mythology is just atrocious!

  34. Can I just laugh and say ewww gross people to make that up..

  35. It was a mistranslation of what one of Mubarak’s men (who might not have much good to say about the post-Mubarak Egypt) said, and it was spread around by the DailyFail and the right wing blogosphere.

  36. It was a mistranslation of what one of Mubarak’s men (who might not have much good to say about the post-Mubarak Egypt) said, and it was spread around by the DailyFail and the right wing blogosphere.

  37. that’s funny. not sure why the islamophobes run with these false or made up stories. so many real interesting ones to choose from. in the news today.

  38. how about just call pew and ask them for this poll. “A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found relatively widespread popular support for stoning as a punishment for adultery in Egypt (82% of respondents in favor of the punishment), Jordan (70% in favor), Indonesia (42% in favor), Pakistan (82% favor) and Nigeria (56% in favor).[38]”

  39. why have sex with a dead woman when you can mutilate a live one?—-90-p_b_822283.html

  40. […] crap. It’s crap. I guess the better story is how easily […]

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