Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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Article Archive for May 2012

NY Sikh, Muslim workers allowed religious headwear
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New York’s Sikh and Muslim transit workers will be allowed to wear religious head coverings without an agency logo — after years of legal battles. A settlement was announced Wednesday between workers and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

CAIR-WA recognizes Mayor Marchione for supporting Muslim community
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On Friday, City of Redmond Mayor John Marchione will be honored by the Washington chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) at the organization’s 10th Anniversary Banquet and Awards Celebration.

Bosnian Muslim student promotes tolerance
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APPLE VALLEY • He was born into the middle of a war, with his mother hoping he’d stay in her womb as long as possible so things on the outside would be better by the time he arrived.

First female village chief in Afghanistan defies gender roles
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In a male-dominated society that has for years been controlled by the ultra-conservative Taliban, the emergence of the first female village chief took everyone by surprise.

Egyptian Elections: Islamophobes Will Be Unable to Explain this Picture
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Of course anti-Islam bigots like “John C. Drew, Ph.D” will be unable to explain the picture below. According to them, Muslims are all persecuting Christians in Egypt, who are supposedly in the same position as Jews on the eve of the Kristalnacht

Ultra Orthodox Vandalize 1600 Year Old Synagogue Mosaic
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Recently we had Pat Robertson giving sanction to the destruction of Buddha statues. Now we have a slightly different and bizarre case of desecration. A suspected group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews have vandalized and caused “irreparable” damage to a rare 1600 year old mosaic in an ancient synagogue.

British Freedom Exposes ‘Halal Hegemony’ … in Croydon
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A British Freedom member has posted a report on the BF website about the Islamic takeover of Croydon (where the Muslim communty comprises 5% of the population, compared with 66% who are Christian).

Murfreesboro Mosque Saga Continues: Judge Voids Planning Commission’s Approval
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That is a helluva lot more rational reason than the hyperbolic, fear-mongering, hate-filled nonsense that we’ve become accustomed to hearing from the Lou Ann Zelenik anti-Murfreesboro mosque camp.

Pamela Geller Watch: “The 2012 Islamic Olympics” Conspiracy
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We haven’t covered Pamela Geller‘s bumbling, semi-coherent, illogical rants in quite some time now, mostly because she has become increasingly marginalized and is viewed as, The Looniest Blogger Ever.

Obama campaign releases blatantly anti-Arab video ad
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by Ali Abu Nimah (Electronic Intifada)

US President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has just released a blatantly anti-Arab video ad on its official YouTube channel.