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AUDIO: Witness Says George Zimmerman Repeatedly Bullied Him At Work, Targeted Him With Racist Jokes

19 May 2012 ThinkProgress 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Zimmerman targeted a co-worker of Middle Eastern decent

Zimmerman targeted a co-worker of Middle Eastern decent

AUDIO: Witness Says George Zimmerman Repeatedly Bullied Him At Work, Targeted Him With Racist Jokes


Among the evidence in the Trayvon Martin case released by the Florida state prosecutor yesterday was a 15-minute interview with a former work colleague of George Zimmerman. The man, who is not identified by name, says that Zimmerman relentlessly bullied him at work.

Zimmerman, according to the witness, targeted him because he was Middle Eastern. He repeatedly called the man a “fucking moron” and mocked him using the voice of “Achmed the terrorist.” Zimmerman’s stories about the man would involve “bombing,” “I’ll kill your family” and other “jokes” about “Middle Eastern stuff.” According to the man, this went on “for days and days.”


After a few months, Zimmerman was terminated. According to the witness, “he was fired for calling HR hotline so many times…he would complain about each and every manager and employee.”

Zimmerman is currently being investigated by the FBI, who reportedly may charge him with a hate crime.


  1. So what does this have to do with the incident that young man was killed. If what this mans says is true, it may point to Zimmerman being a “Bigot” not a racist. This may go to charater, but we have incident in Trevon life that would go against his charater. The article that have been posted on this web site seem to have the “O Poor Me” someone is questioning us, they must be “Islamophobia”. This is America, let the justice system work.


    does anyone know how the californian iraqi woman’s case is going? has it been ruled a hatecrime? that she was killed “for wearing a headscarf”?

  3. Mike-I don’t think you will get an answer on that question on this page. The possible outcome of that case could be embrassing and not fit the narrative that the authors of this page want to come out.

  4. well last i heard was that she was filing for divorce. the daughter was against her arranged marriage. the daughter was caught having sex with her boyfriend in a car. the cops called her mother and then when mom was drivig her home, the daughter jump out of the car. also, didn’t the cops claim the note to be fake. the daughter got a text saying something to the effect of the cops will find out tell them now, during her interview.

  5. This music video tells why Trayvon Martin is dead~

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