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Did the Muslim Brotherhood invent the term “Islamophobia”?

21 May 2012 General 28 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Academic, Caner K. Dagli debunks another myth:

Academic, Caner K. Dagli debunks another myth:

by Caner K. Dagli

(Updated below)

Today in NRO Andrew McCarthy writes:

“Islamophobia” was coined by the Muslim Brotherhood and seamlessly adopted by its Western confederates.

One of the common means by which the anti-Muslim agitators like to undercut attempts to expose them is to pretend that the term “Islamophobia” was invented by nefarious Muslims. In so doing they hope to create the impression that the actual phenomenon is simply imaginary.

The term was used by the Runnymede Trust in the U.K. back in 1992, in a report entitled A Very Light Sleeper, which then led to a report, also by Runnymede, entitled, Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All, in 1997. Christopher Allen points outthat it was used in the U.S. in Insight in 1991, but somewhat differently from the way the term is employed today.

The single piece of evidence that Islamophobes cite that “the Muslim Brotherhood” coined this term comes from the personal recollection of one Abdur Rahman Muhammad:

Muhammad said he was present when his then- allies, meeting at the offices of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia years ago, coined the term “Islamophobia.”

Muhammad said the Islamists decided to emulate the homosexual activists who used the term “homophobia” to silence critics. He said the group meeting at IIIT saw “Islamophobia” as a way to “beat up their critics.”

That quote comes from CT huckster Stephen Emerson‘swebsite. Let us assume that this account is completely true. Even on this man’s account, IIIT decided to make use of the term “Islamophobia”, like many have in the last decade. Note the absence of a date, or any kind of corroboration. Also note that IIIT is not the Muslim Brotherhood. And note that the term pre-dates 9/11 by almost ten years.

Claire Berlinski gave this myth some life in 2010, and bears some responsibility for it.

Of course, it is only one small detail in the overall paranoia-inducing fantasy that all (that is, every last one) of the mainstream American Muslim organizations are “fronts” for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Update (May 21):

Some have sent me notes indicating even earlier usage in English and also in other languages such as French (though I don’t see these as being exactly continuous with the use of the term these days). My point was not to determine the first usage of the term, but simply to point out how phony it is to pretend it was invented by “the Muslim Brotherhood”. I put the latter in scare quotes because as used by Islamophobes it’s not meant to be precise or to refer to some actually existing organization with a discernible structure. It is meant to sound ominous and scary.

Original post: Did the Muslim Brotherhood invent the term “Islamophobia”?


  1. i’ll repost higher in the rotation.


    got it boss. i’ll go hitler, stalin, mao, ghandi, pol pot, nixon? anyways, that was a fun tangent. so do you think it is ok to marry a 9 year old, if she consents, of course?

    “There is no concept of ‘state religion’ in Islam” WHAT???? i keep hearing that islam is an “all encompasing” religion, as in it includes rules for governance. does not islam lay down a penal code? huhud? does it not set inheritance rights?

  2. For years the mosques, CAIR, etc. were full of aggressive antagonistic speakers trumpeting the takeover of US by sharia. For years stories of the murder and harassment of non muslims have seeped in. And you wonder why people are islamophobic.

    Mike, as I said before, this thing has been massaged for years and any muslim can say almost anything about Islam, it is a minefield of conflicting opinions and statements.

    Theocrats will deny they are political. God will be in charge of the gov. Ha ha. Some group who thinks they’re God will be in charge.

  3. Spencer did not create islamophobia, he simply collected the various reports from church orgs, etc. and put it all out in the open. So now they are no longer a mutter, they are a roar. A roar of outrage at the outrageous things going on in this antagonistic politics dressed as religion.

  4. But the term is USED by groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood like CAIR.

  5. Mike,

    I will repost it from a previous issue/page:

    I did not study Islamic Law. So, you better ask a concerned one. S/he may tell you better.

    As for marrying, even if a girl that age consents, I will oppose it. This marriage thing has been a Stephen King horror story for me. I am 37 now. When I was 24, my mother went to one of her known women’s home and requested her daughter for marriage to me (we knew them for about 22 years); but the women and her husband got angry. I can’t remember the whole incident as I knew it not from my mother but others. The girl’s parents got very angry and shouted at my mom–”How dare you a small farm owner women dream of having a rich man’s daughter as your daughter-in- law? Get out now.” My mon first denied this but when I threatened her about my suicide, she gave in. Tell me, how can a flesh and blood human who has seen his/her mother taking hellish pains in rearing him/her, withstand such an insult?

    Later, a cousin of that girl proposed me but I respectfully rejected her fearing she might be in troubles from the family who insulted us. Now, I earn about 6,000 USD a month, but I have vowed that until becoming as rich as capable of smoking cigarettes made of dollar/pound bills, I will not even think of marriage.

    As for the age, marrying very young girls was a custom in the known world then. In Arabia, scenes were similar. And I am right, there is no concept of state religion in Islam. It was invented by the Umayyids and continues to date. You search various sites, you may get better information.

    Regarding inheritance, I still say I deal with criminal law (British system), not civil ones. You better ask a civil lawyer who also knows about Islamic inheritance laws.

  6. R/L,

    Please provide any evidence on that. I will be grateful to you.

  7. Dongo, there is a little thing called the Holy Land Foundation trial, where CAIR was named an un-indicted co-conspirator.

  8. LMFAO. You joke me.

  9. I am opposed to Islam not because of fear, but because of its religious origin (also why I oppose Judaism and Christianity, as all three Abrahamic religions are based on worship of a god who ordered a father to be willing to sacrifice his own son), because women are treated like shit in Middle Eastern countries where Islam has conveniently become the defender of patriarchal tradition. Islam must evolve, or perish. Give women and children and unbelievers more rights. You can believe that women are inferior or that infidels deserve death, but to force that on others, including your family, is psychological terrorism. Keep Stone Age superstitions and beliefs to yourselves, I say.

  10. @Anthony, you know nothing about Islam. (nuff said)

  11. dongo,

    dude don’t kill yourself over a woman. or even worst over an “insult”. that arranged marriages still exist in much of the world baffles me.

    “Tell me, how can a flesh and blood human who has seen his/her mother taking hellish pains in rearing him/her, withstand such an insult?” our cultural divide is clearly as wide as the pacific. i was getting thrown out of the dog track once and some guy called my mom a cocksucker. i laughed. i take it you would have found that to be a great insult?
    i get rejected by women all the time. gotta be the hair, or rather lack there of? lol. dude, i think you asians take this “saving face” thing a little too seriously.

    6k a month. that’s more then i make right now. that must go pretty far in bangladesh. you gotta be the 1% there?

    if you are willing to marry some chick you don’t know, why don’t you get a mail order bride? a hot russian? how about a thai chick?

  12. Well said Anthony

  13. @Anthny…… first ov all U should watch Cartoon Network..cuz ur info on Middle East is Based on sleeping all day and then wake up and watch News channels stereo typing muslims… and secondly u compare the woman around u and woman in middle east … Woman in middle are not left pregnant in teenage …their husbands support then enough so that they dont get rapped in offices… And they have less depression cuz they know their husbands , brothers and sons will look after them till they lay in their grave…

  14. The Muslim Brotherhood exploits Islamophobia.

  15. Dirty mind about religion

  16. Omg! Somebody made a new word. Like that manes anything. Doesn’t mean hate and fear don’t exist.

  17. Means…

  18. I found a website that has a list of phobias from the 80’s
    it is a very long list but I choose a couple examples to show a pattern —–Japanophobia- Fear of Japanese.; Russophobia- Fear of Russians.; Anglophobia- Fear of England or English culture, etc.; Dutchphobia- Fear of the Dutch.——- I feel it would be a stretch to say that someone in 1997 created an entirely new word with Islamophobia….. it would be a natural progression of language to give a name to something as prevalent as islamophobia, and the word follows rules already in place at the time. Do these same folks claim that the word ‘Arachnophobia’ was made-up by spiders to shame people who refused to be ruled by spiders??
    Two definitions I found quite interesting are
    1.)Homophobia- Fear of sameness, monotony or homosexuality or of becoming homosexual.
    2.)Tyrannophobia- Fear of tyrants.[which I suffer from more each day, along with increasing agoraphobia, because people scare me more every day to]

  19. Anthony…. while you scream about all the evil in Islam [seen through the glasses of hatred] the United States (individual states in the union)is passing laws every week that take away rights of targeted segments of our society. The GOP made changes to the Violence Against Women Act that take away protections for unmarried women, non-citizens, and native Americans. Do those women deserve to be beaten? why remove legal protections for these women? Beyond that, they have decided that ‘to be fair’ when a woman brings a complaint of abuse against a man he should be told of her complaint and given her location so he has the chance to face his accuser….. they do not believe the woman should be allowed to hide from her abuser. They are passing laws that make it legal to pay a woman much less for EXACTLY the same work, because she is a woman. They are changing the sexual assault laws, they feel if the woman does not fight to her death it was not rape.
    Centuries ago many cultures gave their daughters in marriage at a very young age, the bible mentions daughters along with livestock as something a farmer could sell off//// The Quran is the ONLY place where I have seen the provision that the girl had to agree AND that the husband was REQUIRED to wait, [as much as 15 years or so] until the brides guardian proclaimed her to be ‘of age’ before the marriage could be consummated. — that somehow does not point to pedophilia in my mind —— much UNLIKE the ‘christian’ churchs I grew up in

  20. catt,

    “The Quran is the ONLY place where I have seen the provision that the girl had to agree AND that the husband was REQUIRED to wait, [as much as 15 years or so] until the brides guardian proclaimed her to be ‘of age’ before the marriage could be consummated. — that somehow does not point to pedophilia in my mind —— much UNLIKE the ‘christian’ churchs I grew up in” what are you talking about? there are better laws all throughout the west.

    here’s a much better document:

    wait this is a document of hatred: “In fact as early as 1954, the General Assembly passed Resolution 843 (IX)2 on the status of women in private law and called for states to eliminate customs, ancient laws and practices relating to marriage and the family that were inconsistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including specifically all child marriage.” what?? you can’t eliminate “god’s laws”! these islamophobes at the UN must be stopped. sharia should be the law of the land.

    and catt, your delfection to your “christian” churches makes no sense. antohny said he doesn’t believe in the god of abraham, period.

    could you please link some of the laws you speak of?

  21. “A child is not mentally or emotionally equipped to give such consent,”

    hey that’s what i’ve been saying. but muslims seem so blindly devoted to the koran that they are not willing to allow for their ancient laws to be abandoned.

  22. R/L,

    I read your post. Thanks for that. But friend, these are olod wines in new bottles. If you look back to the Jewish re-migration to Palestine in 1910s, you will find there were Holy Land Fund, foundation, trust everything; I don’t oppose oe condemn Jews, their right to exist or I never deny the holocaust, believe me. When I was abroad, a Jewish friend donated me blood after my severe accident. And you will see numerous scholarships, aids, research grants, funding come from Jewish persons and donors. A Jew is thousand times more pious, meritorious and honest than a Muslim. Conversely, we Muslims are wretched ones, burden/curse on earth. When a Jew finds money, s/he uses it for productive purposes/philanthropy; a Muslim uses money for making lavish mosques, buying best wines and women.

    On religious advocacy groups promoting racial fanaticism: baptist missions in Northeast India are inciting tribals in there. The National Liberation Front of Tripura continue killing numerous people there. Same in other NE Indian states (7 sisters). In Odisha, their preaching got so vehement, local Hindus raped, killed and burnt the corpses of new converts to Christianity. Indian government kicked the missionaries from there and banned all their activities including charities. In Bangladesh’s tribal areas, missionaries are doing even more deadly things: they are inciting tribals to demand separate homeland claiming them to be the aboriginals which is a blatant treason and subject to be punished by death. Historically, the tribals came from China, Burma and southeast Asia rest. How can they be aboriginals. When there is any foreign scholaship/grant, the tribals in Bangladesh get 100% priority despite lacking required qualifications totally while we, having all requirements fulfilled, are not even issued interview cards, interview and final selection are far away.

  23. Dongo, what I read that these tribal people are making tribal demands and they happen to be baptists. I find it difficult to believe baptist missions are inciting violence. If they are let’s see videos, other proof.

    Mostly what i see as the affliction of the muslim world is that the authorities are too weak, they cave to the salafis or other violent islamist groups.

  24. anon,

    didn’t franflin graham’s organization come out against charging bashir in the sudan with war crimes. because bashir allowed graham’s organization to operate freely in the south? i wouldn’t put anything past evangelicals.

    rocky love,

    the holy land foundation had ties to hamas i thought, not the muslim brotherhood?

  25. I read about this tribe in India, the Naga I think. Was startled to see they were Baptists. The article said they had been converted years ago.

    I don’t know anything about Graham’s org. The baptists don’t have as tight a control over their churches as others do. I am not a baptist.

  26. Anon,

    A useful source may be Indian TV channels and newspapers, r.g. NDTV, Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times etc. You may search government websites, and also non-government experts working on small arms issues.

    I disagree with you. Muslim authorities are not weak; they are mostly swine eager for carnal pleasures: one Arab Sheikh who died on his bed, after burial was found to have concealed 2 million USD in his gumboots destroyed by mice. They are always on the lookout for white women to fill their harems in. When Mongols invaded Baghdad in 1258, the Caliph Mustasim Billah was drinking wines and dancing with young ladies imported from Armenia, Egypt and Byzantium.

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