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Walid Shoebat Still Fleecing Crowds with Snake Oil and Islam Equals the Anti-Christ Talk

21 May 2012 General 57 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Iris Pierce (Amarillo News)

Biblical prophecies reveal the Antichrist is going be a Muslim from the Middle East, Christ will ride on the clouds into Egypt, Turkey will invade Israel and the United States will be victorious in the fight against the Antichrist, Walid Shoebat told a crowd of about 120 Friday.

The self-described former terrorist and Islam-to-
Christianity convert spoke in Lubbock at a special insight rally hosted by Insight USA.

Insight USA, according to its president and CEO Faye Hardin, is dedicated to praying for and working against what she believes is the collusion of environmentalists and some U.S. government officials to take Americans’ land in the name of environmentalism.

Hardin invited Shoebat, she said, “because Walid Shoebat teaches (and) confirms with the Scriptures that God is going to judge the Middle East, and America is going to be saved. Our oil is going to gush. Our gas is going to gush. He is going to remove people who have the control, and we’ll be the largest oil and gas producers in the world — based on what the Bible says.”

Questionable points

“(Shoebat) was misleading people about Islam and Muslims and putting fear in people’s hearts,” said Samer Altabaa, imam of the Islamic Center of the South Plains.

Altabaa attended the 1.5-hour morning session of Shoebat’s Friday talk — Altabaa had to leave midday for prayers —
and took issue with a number of Shoebat’s statements about Islam and Christianity.

“I would say that this guy looks like he came from extreme Islam to extreme Christianity,” Altabaa said. “It looks like he loves extremism.”

Shoebat said he was born of a Christian American mother and a Muslim Palestinian father, raised in Bethlehem and was born with and retains U.S. citizenship.

His claims about his terroristic past have been called into question by several news organizations, including CNN, regarding his claims about his time spent in an Israeli jail, his participation in the bombing of an Israeli bank and his active involvement in terrorism.

Original post: Convert talks on prophecy, Antichrist


  1. That means he killed helpless people. Isn’t he a murderer, a bloodthirsty ogre? But now that he has converted to Chritianity and continues to speak against Islam and Muslims, his sins are pardoned. If, by some miracle, Muslims become powerful enough to exert theri own will (just a hypothesis, don’t take it literally), Shoebat will become a Muslim and continue to spew filth against Christians, Jews and their respective faiths.

  2. And there I thought America WAS the AntiChrist. lol

  3. I guess that rules out Marilyn Manson and Barack Obama

  4. And the beat goes on….

  5. um, and how do you reckon? Some folks might say, they were talking about events of their own day and age.

  6. The US is not mentioned in biblical prophecy according to most Christian theists. They do like to label the US as a “client” nation of God and Israel as God’s favorite. They love to tell you a nation that pulls political support from the Nation of Israel is doomed to fall historically. He’s an idiot and so are the other theists.

  7. And who the hell is that guy?? LMAO wow some ppl will say anything these days…

  8. Is that so. :-/

  9. Is that so. :-/

  10. LOL! I pity on the people who actually listen to this goon ….

  11. LOL! I pity on the people who actually listen to this goon ….

  12. R.B. Thieme, Jr. and John MacArthur are two wonderful examples

  13. I thought the antichrist was gonna come from eastern europe

  14. And I read about magic beans and giants in “Jack and the Beanstalk”, should I be concerned about these things? And where is my golden goose?

  15. romania homie. get it right.

  16. OMG! And who on earth is Walid Shoebat anyway????

  17. Keep telling the sheep that the enemy is external and they won’t notice that it’s here and now and us

  18. What Bible is he reading? It sure isn’t any of the translations of Scripture I read.

  19. He needs prayer!

  20. it this was the prophesy all along, why haven’t we “known” these details for the last 1000 years or so?

  21. This cat is coocoo for coccoa puffs….!

  22. I don’t by it. You know what my dream is? That Jesus and Mohammad come down from heaven together side by side, because we are all children of God or Allah. Yes even the Jews are our brothers and sisters. It’s just that none of us want to admit it because it’s easier to hate each other than love.

  23. I don’t by it. You know what my dream is? That Jesus and Mohammad come down from heaven together side by side, because we are all children of God or Allah. Yes even the Jews are our brothers and sisters. It’s just that none of us want to admit it because it’s easier to hate each other than love.

  24. These type of rediculous babelings are nothing new. People have been spewing this stuff for the last couple thousand of years.

  25. Is this “Omen IV” starring Wild Showboat?

  26. Same blood…no hate

  27. Vicious greedy monsters that murder and kill, try to turn us against each other for their gain…THAT is evil

  28. Walid is a snake oil salesman…

  29. Really…? I thought this little group was better then to listen to a book like the Bible as truth.

  30. what does the average person want? A living, decent home, care for the family. Ogre pigs? Korea, Vietnam, Gilf war I, Gulf War II, …….NOT ENOUGH

  31. MORE OIL, more armaments, more trade but nothing for US soldiers. Blackwater contractors? AC, BLOCK buildings, leather seats…US army Marine corp? Mildewed cots, tents, contaminated drinking/shower water. Soldiers treated like POW’s. YEAH DENY it. TRY

  32. Shame on us all…this was never acceptable and we NEVER AGREED…Bush did it anyways…he’s liable for prosecution any way you look at it

  33. If they ever invent cars that run on stupid….America will in fact be the largest energy producers in the world.

  34. The money made is in oil, gas, steel and insider trading. Look at the biggest oil, steel, insider trading families. Finish the crayon drawing you are too childish to assert until we’re all dead…doesn’t matter any more you can have a big R on your chest. On a windswept planet that once had jungles, trees, little kids and bees

  35. Too bad the Rapture was made up in the 1800’s by extremist Evangelicals.

  36. A con artist is always a con artist, watch this report from CNN by Anderson Cooper investigative

  37. Right.

  38. “And the meek shall inherit the earth.” That does not describe the US. Namaste

  39. the anti-christ will be a Zionist false Jew from England.

  40. How much money did those 120 idiots fork over to hear this drivel?

  41. who is this dummy?

  42. no Anti-Christ, no Christ, no invisible man ANYWHERE, controlling ANYTHING…sorry folks, WE F%&KED IT UP, WE’RE GONNA HAVE TO FIX IT…..

  43. This man is such a charlatan.

  44. Muslims? ummm Same Muslims Who Follow His Actual Teachings? Same Muslims Whose Scripture(Quran) Has A Whole Chapter Dedicated To Mother Mary(PBUH). Same Muslim Whose Faith Makes It Obilgation To Believe In Jesus(PBUH).

    No Offense, But Most Of So Called Christ-Lovers Are Themselves Anti-Christ.

  45. Sounds like he’s Shoebatshit crazy.

  46. And to think that, on occasion, I doubt my own sanity…

  47. Think someone once claimed Reagan was the antichrist for having six letters in all three names….people cam convince themselves of anything.

  48. That dude is a serious assclown.

  49. What is this nitwit smoking?!

  50. I think justin beiber is the anti-christ(damien) LOL

  51. Walid shoebat is a pussy and ex terrorist who was brainwashed by other terrorists, Instead of blaming his own stupid ass,He is blaming muslims and their religon.

  52. Walid shoebat is a punkass motherfucker trying to buy sympathy from people.

  53. He should choke on the sacrament.

  54. Walid Shoebat is a known liar and has been exposed many many times, depsite that, he still finds people which will listen to him.

  55. He got that many people to listen to him?

  56. @ comment Below. Exactly! If Shubat did really take park in a bombing and killed innocent people wouldn’t the Israeli government be liable to arrest him? I mean really, does becoming Christian absolve all crimes one commits in the eyes of the international community? His story is really bizarre and hard to swallow because Christian or no Christian, anyone who admits to committing a crime on Public Television and in-front of masses of people will essentially be investigated by the government. And by law the person should be brought before a court and face trail for their actions. None of that has happened so…. Again hard to swallow.

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