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Racist graffiti on Rochester driveway bring call for FBI

24 May 2012 General 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

ROCHESTER – Police say they have no suspects after racist graffiti were found on the driveway of a Somali-American family.

Meanwhile Minnesota Muslim leaders called on the FBI to investigate.

A swastika and a KKK symbol, apparently referring to the Ku Klux Klan, were found on the driveway Sunday. The word “stink” was written nearby.

Fahma Mohamed told the Post-Bulletin that the symbols felt “very personal” — a message to make her family feel unwelcome.

“Minnesotans of all faiths must speak out against the hatred and intolerance that leads to this type of disturbing incident,” said Lori Saroya, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN). “State and federal law enforcement authorities should assist in bringing the perpetrators of this apparent bias-motivated crime to justice.”

Mohamed says many neighbors have brought over flowers and expressed their regret.

It took about three hours to power-wash the graffiti away.

Last May, the same symbols were painted on the siding of a house a block away. CAIR-MN had asked the FBI to look into that case as well.


Original post: Racist graffiti on Rochester driveway bring call for FBI


  1. Some people are just complete idiots.

  2. people are so ignorant and hateful, it’s sad to know their humans

  3. people are so ignorant and hateful, it’s sad to know their humans

  4. Horribly hateful .

  5. In Minnesota. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. And I live here.

  6. As-salaamualaikum I dont know if you noticed lately, kkk crimes are on the rise. Several native Americans have come up missing or their deaths are suspicious. Police aren’t doing much about it. Kkk members could be public officials, no one really knows since they hide behind a pillow case mask.

  7. It’s just never-ending…

  8. On the driveway? Very appropriate because there beneath me.

  9. It’s so disgusting… hateful…should we even call them human? Unfortunately, I think these types will always inhabit the earth..seems hate just gets passed along to their children ( should be thought of as child abuse). Hopefully their kids would end up being smarter than these racists, bigots

  10. I Totally agree, Judy! I pray they someday will see the light. Either in this world or in the face of God.

  11. The KKK isn’t generally associated with performing so many actions at once. This was probably just some teenagers doing some pranks in the spirit of generic racism.

  12. God is God, both Mother and Father,and it doesn’t matter under what religion one worships Them . They are Both pure love, not vengeful, not angry, or hating others. All They want is for us to love each other. What a failure organized religion has become.

  13. Horrible! All I can do is shake my head in disbelief at the ignorant displayed by some people.

  14. I agree with Connor. It’s not the KKK’s style. It seems more like racist teenagers…..and there’s been a lot more of those around lately. They get their disinformation from the Internet, and act on it. It’s a disturbing trend.

  15. I wonder why folks do this? Insha Allah If they repent Allah is Most forgiving, Most merciful

  16. Joyce would something that always calls to all good and warns against evil be a failure?

  17. hatred is part of every human soul. the Bible says that apart from God ALL do evil…I find it interesting that people are so quick to spew hatred at those that say or do something against THEM, yet, those same people think they are better? again…everyone hates whatever opposes them. the only way anyone can be above these emotions is to know that ALL people are sinners in the eyes of God. no one is better bcz of race, gender, income, or religion. all people have the capacity to hate.

  18. in fact some of the most racist people I hear speak are those that have themseles been oppressed. they in turn speak and act the exact way? wow…the human race is so disfunctional.

  19. YET, people still try to claim we dont need God or Gods laws in our society? im not suprised by any vile thing I hear or see in this world.

  20. Ameena, to answer your question about why people with a history of oppression sometimes act like racists: people learn from what others do. Think of how abused children often grow up to be abusers themselves. It’s no different.

  21. @ Amina Ibrahim NO— Mother and Father are supreme and perfect, with perfect love. They would not create anything doomed for failure. We are all created with love and there is a speck of God inside every one of us. Hate is NOT part of our souls. Please do not attribute human emotions to God. Hatred is a human emotion learned very early in our evolution and passed down thru the ages. I believe we are all on this earth to learn and perhaps the biggest thing we have to learn is love each other.

  22. …..We all need Mother and Father and we all need love. To many laws have been made by man and attributed to God. There in lies the problem.

  23. Apart from God, all do evil? ROFL. I’ll bet anything the douches that are behind this AREN’T atheists!!!

  24. Gross!

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