Friday, April 16, 2021   

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British Freedom Exposes ‘Halal Hegemony’ … in Croydon

British Freedom exposes ‘halal hegemony’ … in Croydon

A British Freedom member has posted a report on the BF website about the Islamic takeover of Croydon (where the Muslim communty comprises 5% of the population, compared with 66% who are Christian). He writes:

“In parts of Croydon things English and things Western have been visibly relegated. It’s all halal here, halal there and halal everywhere. If you wish to enjoy an animal that has been spared throat-slashing (after being stunned or not), and killed in a manner befitting our own culture then chances are you’ll have to search, and sometimes search hard. There are ‘Halal Meat Sold Here’ signs that inform the population of the ‘enrichment’ bequeathed to us via the odious triumvirate that is mass pandering, mass appeasing and mass immigration.”

(The BF editor helpfully adds a note pointing out that “in halal slaughter nowadays many animals are stunned before having their throats cut, which is arguably more humane. However this is not the main issue for most people, who are more concerned about unknowingly eating meat that has been sacrificed to Allah”.)

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  1. There is a halal only KFC in Croydon after a campaign by local muslims, if you want any KFC products which contain bacon you have to go elsewhere. I wonder if a load of vegetarians wrote to a KFC franchise KFC would change some of its restaurants to vegetarian only.

  2. Current UK slaughter regulations stipulate stunning must be used, with an exemption granted for Muslim and Jewish religious slaughter.

    The idea of this exemption is to ensure that meat is available within the relilgious Muslim and Jewish communities that conforms to their requirements. I believe that the spirit of these exemptions is that the meat should only be distributed within those communities.

    As far as I know, kosher meat is only sold via kosher butchers. But halal meat seems to be everywhere. There seems to be a widespread notion that it’s OK for non-muslims to eat it. Well it is not OK. No way is it OK, and no way have mainstream caterers (i.e. not catering solely to the Muslim religious community) any business supplying it – this includes schools, hospitals, prisons, as well as KFC.

    How many KFC customers, patients in hospital etc know they are eating halal meat? Not many, because these organisations don’t like to make it too clear.

    Why is it not OK? Some religions (e.g. Sikhs) are forbidden to eat halal meat. Other cultures, such as the British, place a high value on animal welfare which is not compatible with slaughter without stunning. Some halal certification does allow stunning, but it is generally “light stunning” which does not meet the requirements of the general slaughter regulations. Any non-Muslim may reasonably object to a Muslim prayer being recited over their food.

    We have a situation now in the UK where years of animal welfare lobbying is being thrown away to appease Muslim sensibilities. If Muslims want to eat halal meat, let them do so, but don’t make others eat it as well.

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