Thursday, March 23, 2017   

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Article Archive for June 2012

Women Asked to Remove Headscarves at Some French Airports
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Some French airports have begun to ask headscarf-wearing women to take off their scarves for security reasons, which has spurred criticism from Muslims in the country, who find the practice a discriminatory one.


Bees Are the New Terrorists
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In the years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the persistent, overblown threat of terrorism has justified astronomical military spending, the steady erosion of civil rights at home and abroad, and the invasion and bombing of one country after another.

Austrian President: We are very proud to have recognized Islam for 100 years
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“Islam was officially recognized by the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1912, shortly after Bosnia and Herzegovina had been incorporated into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Austria is very proud of its early recognition of its Muslim citizens,” President of Austria Heinz Fischer has said.

CAIR asks Pentagon not to use target of Muslim woman, Quran in SEAL training
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The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said that military facility, referred to as a “kill house,” features a number of combat scenarios, including a mosque and a movable target of a Muslim woman wearing hijab and aiming a handgun.

Reddit Will Destroy Islam With Dumb Memes
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In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s apparently a desperate shortage of anti-Muslim ridicule on the Internet. Dissatisfied with the web of hate sites that have proliferated in the last decade with millions of dollars of funding and promotion, a supposed “ex-Muslim” has begged atheists to go on the offensive.

Fox News Contributor: “A High Percentage” Of Muslims “Hate Christians And Jews”; “The Real Problem Is The Quran”
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Fox News contributor Steven Crowder continued Fox News’ pattern of inciting intolerance against Islam, accusing a “high percentage” of Muslims of “hat[ing] Christians and Jews” and saying that “the real problem is the Quran.”

Changing Roles of Muslim Women in the USA
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You might not think of Detroit as an epicenter of insight about the changing roles of Muslim women in the United States. It’s best known to the world as the home of Motown Music and the U.S. auto industry, with Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler all headquartered here.

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton Tied To ‘Muslim Sisterhood’
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Following the election of Mohammed Morsi as Egypt’s new President — marking the success of the country’s first democratic Presidential election — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded in her characteristic diplomatic manner.

Swiss Politician Resigns After Pushing for “Kristallnacht” Against Muslims
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Swiss People’s Party (SVP) member Alexander Muller stepped down from office in Zurich this week after advocating for a Kristallnacht for Muslims on his Twitter account. On Sunday, June 23 a screenshot displayed the offending tweet in an article in the Swiss German language newspaper Tages Agniez.

Egypt’s new president to pick woman, Christian VPs
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Cairo (CNN) – Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, will make history in another way: by appointing a woman as vice president, his policy adviser told CNN. He will also choose another vice president who is Christian, Ahmed Deif said.