Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Church shows support for Murfreesboro Islamic Center

Church shows support for Murfreesboro Islamic Center

Christian and Muslim leaders came together to support the Murfreesboro Islamic community and imam Ossama Bahloul Sunday afternoon at The Village Church in East Nashville. “We just really wanted to reach out to him and to let him know that we cared about his community and him and that we would be praying with them,” said Dr. Andrew Anyabwile, Village Church pastor.

On Tuesday, a Rutherford County judge nullified the permit to build a multimillion dollar Islamic center in Murfreesboro afterruling that not enough public notice was given before a planning commission meeting where the construction was approved.

“It seems like the Muslim community being singled out in this because we did follow the exact process of everyone else,” said Ossama Bahloul, the Murfreesboro Islamic center imam. “If we respect our constitution, then we’ll have no choice but to support each other because the freedom of religion is the core of our constitution.”

While the congregation at the Village Church had a very vocal support for the imam’s words, the Murfreesboro Islamic center still has plenty of opponents. “If they’re this peaceful, loving religion, that they claim they are, they need to abide by the laws that all of us have to,” said attorney Joe Brandon, who has been representing clients that oppose the construction of the Islamic center.

Brandon has voiced several controversial claims like the stance that Islam was not an actual religion, and the group is out to spread Sharia law. “Sharia law provides that their law dominates the law of Tennessee, the laws of all 50 states, the law of the U.S. constitution,” Brandon said.

“It seems like this is a small group with a very vocal voice against the freedom of religion in Murfreesboro,” Bahloul said. “But I am really optimistic because I know that what’s right will prevail by the end.” Bahloul said he hopes the Islamic center will open in July to celebrate the month of Ramadan.

WZTV, 4 June 2012

See also “Murfreesboro mosque ruling stirs confusion”, The Tennessean, 3 June 2012


  1. I am a Christian and a resident of Murfreesboro. I am an OIF veteran as well, and I am very embarrassed of my town’s ignorance and fear that they’ve displayed during this whole process. It is absolutely ludacris for our “leaders” to display such opposition to such a huge part of our Constitutional rights. It is really sad. I pray that my fellow Murfreesboro residents will see the light and give our Muslim brothers and sisters the welcome they deserve.

  2. I don’t understand what sharia has to do with this. Probably just something Fox and the like started circulating as dangerous.

  3. Well done, The Village Church of Nashville! ♥ God bless!

  4. I’m very pleasantly surprised. 🙂

  5. How refreshing to hear!

  6. I would call this a goofy church and avoid it. If a church is not affiliated with a school of thought – Catholic, Presbyterian, etc. it is a freelance endeavor and will say and do just about anything.

  7. These are probably the same hypocrites that threw the ‘we didn’t get any notice’ fit when they did in the first place! Where exactly were you people when this was in the courts, where was your support then?

  8. Thank you for christian people do support the Murfeesboro Islamic Center!! Stop of fear! God don’t bless to Ignorance and Bigotry!

  9. Oh wake up Hasina. Fix the muslim ignorance and bigotry.

  10. At least this mosque is out in a field. It’s near a Baptist church, I suppose it is a religion zone.

    The other stories, about mosques trying to insert themselves into neighborhoods, etc. look arrogant and antagonistic.

  11. I’m glad the tolerant folk of my state are coming out to stand in solidarity with the Muslims of my state. It’s nice to know not all TN folk are belligerent, closed-minded little a$$holes.

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