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Leaked NYPD Document Lists Watched Mosques, Islamic Schools

5 June 2012 General 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
A New York Police Department van in New York City.

A New York Police Department van in New York City.


A former police reporter leaked a list of monitored areas the NYPD watched as part of a questionable program used to spy on Muslims

A website dedicated to following the New York City Police Department published a document Monday detailing Islamic schools, NGOs, mosques, student associations, and persons of interest that were monitored by the NYPD in 2006 as part of its secret and legally questionable program to spy on Muslims.

The program was first exposed in an Pulitzer Prize-winning series by the Associated Press last year.

Leonard Levitt, a former Newsday police reporter who runs NYPD Confidential, writes Monday that the NYPD’s own Intelligence Division document from 2006 refute claims that the police force is innocent.

According to the new document, NYPD’s undercover officers or informants infiltrated places as varied as the Westchester Muslim Center mosque, an Islamic student association at Brooklyn College, and the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR).

“It doesn’t suprise me at all,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for CAIR, the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. “It seems every organization, leader, mosque, and cab driver was on their list… But what we’re concerned about is the individual Muslims who were targeted for this spy campaign without a warrant or any evidence of wrongdoing on anyone’s part.”

In all, NYPD compiled information on 250 mosques, 12 Islamic schools, 31 Muslim student associations, 263 “ethnic hotspots,” such as restaurants and businesses, and 138 “persons of interest,” according to NYPD Confidential.

While the AP also published a number of NYPD documents as part of its ongoing series, today’s 2006 Intelligence Division documents appear to be newly leaked.

Levitt writes that he felt compelled to publish it because of attempts by Mitchell Silber, who recently left the NYPD intelligence department, to discredit the AP’s work. Silber has written in multiple publications that the AP’s work is “rife with inaccuracies.”

Levitt writes that the monitoring outlined in the 2006 document is so “sweeping” that it “resembled files of the former Communist East German secret police.”

Requests for comment from the NYPD, Westchester Muslim Center and Brooklyn College Islamic Society were not immediately returned.

Elizabeth Flock is a staff writer for U.S. News & World Report.You can contact her at or follow her onTwitter and Facebook.


  1. On one hand, I say that if you don’t do anything wrong, you wouldn’t fear the cops watching you. Yet, on the other hand, it is like having a Cop watch through your front window “in case” you do something wrong. It is intrusion and even if you are an up front citizen, it will make you angry and fearful. It wasn’t right for the cops to be spying on citizens,and especially if only because they are Muslims. But they will tell you, that is how they catch would-be criminals. What this means, is that “regular and mainstream” Muslims (and I am one) should be careful of what is taking place in their communities. Teach and spread being a valued member of society. Let your actions demonstrate that Islam is an upright religion — not terrorism. Remember, to kill one member of society is like killing all of humanity. If you see or hear something that is suspicious, speak to someone who can intervene (if you are not certain. If you know for sure, then go to the cops. Do not try to protect your fellow Muslims if they are up to no good –because Allah will question you on the day of judgement. Actions speak louder than words!!

  2. That’s their job

  3. Sick!

  4. Should the police not look into any group that could harbour some individuals that wish to cause harm to others? Should they not watch the kkk, incase they upset some people? Dont be fucking stupid the safety of the greater population is more important than hurt feelings

  5. yes ur right chris, the police should look into any group of people that has history of harming others. we also need to hike up the taxes, so we can hire more police officers, cause every male should be put under surveillance for pedophilia.

  6. Chris, the questions isn’t should we watch over people that may be harmful, but why did the NYPD assume that all Muslins could be a threat and spy on them?

  7. Chris is a KKK wizard who sucks off harry potter.

  8. Chris is a KKK wizard who sucks off harry potter.

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