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Geert Wilders’ War Against Islam

6 June 2012 General 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Wilders’ war against Islam

By the end of Marked for Death, we see what Wilders is leading up to – a horrifying vision of a fortress Europe, defending “freedom” through the deployment of totalitarian state powers to expunge Islam from the continent. His recommendations are reminiscent of the discriminatory social control measures taken against Jews and other minorities under Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Wilders, of course, is careful to disavow violence and reiterate he hates Islam, not Muslims. But it is difficult to deny the implicitly violent subtext of his sweeping proposals, including a halt to all Muslim immigration, payments to settled immigrants to leave, cessation of building of mosques, and taxation of Muslim religious practices such as the headscarf. Most disturbing is his endorsement of Israeli-style “administrative detention” (indefinite internment without trial on security grounds) in Europe as part of criminal operations in Muslim communities; not to mention the forcible deportation of tens of millions of Muslims from Europe for “thinking” about “crime” or “Shari’ah”.

Yasmin Qureshi and Nafeez Ahmed examine the political programme presented in Geert Wilders’ Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.

Independent, 4 June 2012


  1. “But it is difficult to deny the implicitly violent subtext of his sweeping proposals” no doubt there. so what is the subtext of the koran?

    well it’s not realy “sub”text. it is actual text.

    Surat An-Nūr (The Light) – سورة النور بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


    سورة أنزلناها وفرضناها وأنزلنا فيها آيات بينات لعلكم تذكرون

    [This is] a surah which We have sent down and made [that within it] obligatory and revealed therein verses of clear evidence that you might remember.


    الزانية والزاني فاجلدوا كل واحد منهما مائة جلدة ولا تأخذكم بهما رأفة في دين الله إن كنتم تؤمنون بالله واليوم الآخر وليشهد عذابهما طائفة من المؤمنين

    The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah , if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.

    talk about violent nature. whipping people for consensual sex. do not let pity, or reason keep you from this task, and let the command of your “god” rule the earth.

    what did your prophet jesus say? remove the log in your own eye before you worry about the speck in your brother’s eye.

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  3. He is an piggy!! I kick his @ss!

  4. Europe is broke, the Crusades begin. Same as Dark Age and Medieval Times.

  5. His recommendations are reminiscent of the discriminatory social control measures taken against Jews and other minorities under Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
    I dont remember the Jews roaming the streets of Europe and beheading females. or blowing up trains. Or flying big aircraft into tall buildings
    But most importatnly, the Jews had nowhere to go to. The Arabs coerced the Brits to close up Israel to Jews otherwise they would have been compliant with moving to Israel and making it a safe haven for Jews. Muslims own 57 countries. So what’s the big deal if they go home and make their countries flourish?
    As for Jews today, the biggest impetus Jews have to leave Europe and come home to Israel is muslim antisemitism. Geert is just trying to keep the Jews in Holland because he knews: Where Jews flourish the country is richer for it. Where they get canned, the country is poorer
    see how well Arab countries did after they kicked out all the Jews.

  6. Quote from HuffPo:

    Since 1948, almost 10 million Muslims have died at the hands of fellow Muslims
    Where is the outrage over that? Double standards abound. As the Israeli envoy Dan Gillerman said in 2008: “When Christians kill Muslims, it’s the Crusades. When Jews kill Muslims it’s murder, and when Muslims kill Muslims, it’s like talking about the weather. Nobody really cares about it.”.

    When muslims kill their minorities nobody seems to care much either. So have muslims got a special license to kill themselves and their minorities?

  7. I think Geert is trying to have a nice Europe, where Jews can live in peace and everyone can do what they want. Islam does not allow that, Islam is a religion of force, Islam expects special rules for them when Jews and Christians have been living happily for many decades.

    Along comes Islam, and the kids have to have special treatment at schools, servers are allowed to say no to serving something that is not Halal. Where did the Christians and the Jews go wrong? I want to live in Europe with all religions but I dont want to be told what to do by some Muslim.

    I thought we were way past the barbaric times of the 1800’s, but not in the Muslim world, girls are mutilated and treated as slaves. For a whole religion of men to believe that they will get 72 virgins in heaven what can we really think? Fuckwits and Peodoes are what springs to mind for me. Islam is not a choice if you leave you can be decapitated or you can be decapitated online if you are not a Muslim.

  8. And we see that once again in our glorious modern age, telling the truth is an offense which warrants scorn,ridicule…and a possible death sentence from violent thugs.

    As usual in our era of cowardly political correctness.

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