Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Netherlands: Jewish and Muslim Communities Combine to Resist Ban on Ritual Slaughter

Netherlands: Jewish and Muslim communities combine to resist ban on ritual slaughter

A new covenant aims to allow Jews and Muslims to continue to perform ritual slaughter of animals while answering the broadly supported call to prevent animal suffering.

After years of heated argument and increased polarization, the parties sat down in front of invited journalists to sign a carefully agreed covenant. The Jewish and Muslim representatives shook hands and, relieved, signed their names to the document.

In this case, Jews and Muslims were on the same side. The covenant they signed, along with Deputy Minister of Agriculture Henk Bleker, is a compromise that will allow Jews and Muslims in the Netherlands to continue the practice of ritual slaughter.

RNW, 6 June 2012


  1. I…don’t know if I should accept this

  2. I’m torn on this one. @Richard, I respect your opinion, but those animals are then eaten and used for protein. Circle of life, you know? Now I don’t know much about these rituals, so please correct any ignorant statements I may make, but the concept of killing an animal for a purpose other than to use it to live bothers me. Unless these rituals involve eating the meat? I don’t know. I completely respect the rights and beliefs of all religions, but I also respect the rights of animals: not to be killed for any reason other than nutrition. Again, just my opinion and I truly don’t mean to offend anyone.

  3. I’ve just done my research: most rituals involve eating the meat. They also kill the animal humanely, never letting the animal suffer. In this case I think I agree with the covenant.

  4. Even in islam its forbidden to slaughter animal with blunt knife or any crude death….and animals dying crude death(dropping from height, tearing head apart, burnt) are haram. It must be slaughtered by the name of Allah in His messengers described way..

  5. 🙂

  6. Carrie Miller,

    “I completely respect the rights and beliefs of all religions, but I also respect the rights of animals: not to be killed for any reason other than nutrition” ever hear of santaria?

    one good sideffects is that they are going into the everglades and catching and killing burmese pythons. pretty sure they don’t eat them. but they are an invasive species. you ever have a rat in your attic? i’ve killed many, never ate any of them?

  7. Hello every one, I do respect animals right, which we follow when we slaughter our animals:

    1. You shouldn’t Slaughter an Animal in front of other animals.
    2. You have to Bind the Animal Neck and Cover his eyes.
    3. You must Sharpen Your Knife not to make the Animal Suffer.
    4. You must be skilled and Cut the Neck from First Time not to make the Animal Suffer.

    We don’t Slaughter Pregnant animals, we don’t Slaughter Old animals, and Usually we don’t Slaughter Females Animals to keep the cycle running.

    What makes the sheep die? When you Slaughter the sheep first cut make blood flow which involve on sheep knocking out and feel nothing and die cause of blood lose.

    We don’t run over theme and cut theme like we are in a war, we don’t electric shock theme, we don’t chuck theme.

    So what do you think about the below link, and why you don’t say Christian Must Stop Whale Slaughtering.. or you don’t call theme by there Religion… Why Only with Muslims you doing so…

    Muslims Killing Animals… and on the below link Whale Massacre in Europe..

    Whale massacre in Europe

    Why not Whale Massacre in Christianity… or they are not believers…

    My message is don’t involve the Religion on everything to Heat the Public Opinion about Others… It’s Shame any one do any action against humanity he/she not a Muslim or Christian or Jewish.. he is Not a Human at all.

    Media talking about Muslims they Take Part and Stop so when you hear mm. Muslims Spread there Religion by the Sword. But if you continue.. Because they was protecting it so no one can harm who turn to be a Muslim.. and i will give you a small example: Princes Diana if she Convert to Islam what the Queen would do.. I need an answer from the people whom calling for Democracy and Freedom, what if Obama convert to Islam.

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