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Cindy Pugh, candidate for state rep., compares Muslim women to garbage bags

8 June 2012 General 36 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Tea Party candidate for state representative Cindy Pugh uses her Facebook profile to defend Scott Walker, criticize Barack Obama, and boast about her ongoing campaign to defeat incumbent state Rep. Steve Smith, a Republican from Mound.

But she also used it recently to compare Muslim women and children clad in traditional Islamic garb to garbage bags.

Pugh shared the above photo on May 21 with the following commentary: “Disturbing … that women & little girls are OK with dressing like this!!! What will it take for these women to stand up and say, ‘NO’!? Wondering if they will ever do that?!” The photo was originally uploaded by “Proud to be an Infidel,” a Muslim-bashing page with the following slogan: “It’s not Islamophobia when they are really trying to kill you.”

Pugh launched a right-wing campaign to unseat 22-year state Rep. Smith, a moderate Republican, earlier this year. Although Pugh defeated Smith for the Republican endorsement at the party convention May 23, he has announced that he’ll challenge her in the August primary.

Pugh co-founded the Southwest Metro Tea Party and touts herself as a successful small business owner. She’s also a former general manager of Dayton’s in downtown Saint Paul.

Pugh did not return numerous messages requesting an interview. Smith could not be reached for comment.

Besides the harsh commentary about Muslim women, Pugh’s Facebook is about what you’d expect from a hard-right candidate for public office. She shares images of bumper stickers offering to pay for your contraception if you pay for her ammunition and tries to figure out “what ‘We [The People]’ could do to show Michele Bachmann how much we appreciate her.”

Original post: Cindy Pugh, candidate for state rep., compares Muslim women to garbage bags


  1. what idiot took that picture. why would you put white shoes on the kid? lol. i don’t get why the saudis, being in the dessert, dress in black. gotta b hot as hell.

    is she sure these aren’t ninjas?

  2. Ringwraiths?

  3. no man can kill me!

  4. As salaamu alakium…I want to say all praise due to almighty and prayers and blessings are upon our
    prophet Muhammad…I am a proud muslim women..and the way we dress is for a is
    not our adourment..rather it is two rak’ahs for Fajr,goin thristy whn we talk about sumething u dnt understand unless u fear Allah.Is really out of line…u should put your writin to better how muslim women are good to there family.respect there husband and fear Allah…But at the same time muslim women all over can say we are at lest on your mind..even if u dnt know or understand the most mercful..Allah

  5. 🙁 shame!

  6. It’s a shame so few Americans travel. Broad minds are created by seeing other cultures.

  7. Vey sad …

  8. Sickening. Especially where a woman compares another woman to garbage, you really have to wonder which of them has a self-image issue. Nah, it’s pretty obvious who has the problem.

  9. damn republican

  10. The greatest sin we as humans can commit is to treat people like things. Our politicians should be of higher standards than to dehumanize anyone. Shame on our whole country for voting for and keeping in office these politicians. Our country cannot claim greatness unless we demand better of our representatives.

  11. Shame on her!

  12. Shame on you Cindy Pugh, you are as bad as those who use religion, any religion, to oppress Women.

  13. Yea, we need “leaders” like that. Such childish, immature games. What is she 5?

  14. Some politicians will say anything for votes, what an embarrassment this fool is

  15. Pugh? PU!

  16. Whenever I hear things like this…I get mad…then I consider the source.

  17. @ sandy farley I think you nailed it! They think they have to tear down other women to cozy up to “the man” I think that makes them far worse…

  18. Cindy Pugh is an ignorant and shameful hater and if anyone votes for her they are just as bad!

  19. “It’s a shame so few Americans travel. Broad minds are created by seeing other cultures.” so what constitues “few americans”? who are you comparing american’s travel habits to? you don’t think more americans travel then say, eqpytians or somali’s or afghans? or pakistanis or chinese or mongolians? ….. are you serious?

  20. Fuck Cindy Pugh. Really. Who would say that in their right mind? We’re all human. Shame. Karma has something coming for her.

  21. Takes a garbage bag to know one. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  22. “rather it is two rak’ahs for Fajr,goin thristy whn we talk about sumething u dnt understand unless u fear Allah.Is really out of line…”

    why is that? i have no idea what rak’ahs and Fajr mean? so why fear your god? or worry about talking about something something i don’t understand while i don’t fear allah? please i fear no mythical being.

  23. Malcolm Allen: I would note that a number of oh-so-well-traveled Europeans treat or vilify Muslims as bad, if not worse, than do many Americans. I’m not making excuses for Pugh, and I strongly believe that the Tea Party is, in the most traditional sense, a fascist organization. And the extent to which the Republican party has largely shifted to the extreme right in its apparent goal to replace democracy with a corporate-based oligarchy is gravely disturbing. But let’s not conflate the character or life experience of more than 300 million people, of whom roughly 40 million were actually born in a foreign country, simply based on their nationality as an attempt to promote some type of naïve cosmopolitan ethos—I think you can see the hypocrisy of perpetuating such US-bashing stereotypes. The American populace itself is remarkably diverse. Really, attacking Islamophobia as essentially a unique American problem does not help anyone. In the end, Pugh can travel the world (and maybe she already has), but washing away her bigoted hatred is unfortunately going to take far more than just a free plane ticket to anywhere.

  24. Oh, lovely. So in addition to despising a tradition that compels women to cover themselves head to toe in black in case their bodies give some guy in the street a boner, I have to despise some horrible christianist bigot whose tradition in its own way is equally disgusting and stupid and misogynistic. The choice of the century! (That would be the sixteenth century, which is where all the religious crap belongs.)

  25. Muslims are the new jews . We are good people who today are been pigeonwhloled by the media , papers and stupid morons. No worries Islam has been around thousands of yrs and will continue to flourish iinsha allah. Its a shame morons out number good people.

  26. Noooo. Morons do not outnumber good people. We just give one or two morons more attention than we give a thousand good people. 😉

  27. What!! she wants women to be naked like her? Is that pure hidden Jealousy? What a dumb naive politician!!

  28. She is an idiot.

  29. Nazis of the actual age (sum kind of skinhead)

  30. It seems to me that Muslim women dress to conceal their identities began during the Muslim conquest where they captured, enslaved, and placed females in harems unless their families could pay the bounty. With the secondary requirement of having to travel with a male, then there was no escape possible, nor could the families know the identity of their female children, even if they walked by them. On a similar note, during the Islamic conquest boys were either castrated to watch over harems or were force to be warriors and kill Christians. In the reconquest, Christians were a bit more civil, in that they forced Muslims to convert or entertain mass population transfer back to their African colonies of the Ottoman Empire. So, I don’t know “holy” wearing Islamic dress is, but it does afford Islam to use the entire population towards military endeavors, such as hiding bombs and identities. Americans should indeed be afforded the right to believe or not believe, but, before Muslims are afforded visas, residency or citizenship – America’s error is not having them “renounce” Ummah Islam – the nation of Islam – with respect to citizenship and loyalty, whereby they place military and political ideology separate from religious ideology. Otherwise, it does not meet the standard for protection under the First and 14th Amendment with respect to religious equality, freedom of assembly and speech among religions. This is my opinion.

  31. Sharon Trautwein,

    “Shame on our whole country for voting for and keeping in office these politicians. Our country cannot claim greatness unless we demand better of our representatives.” doesn’t look like this woman has been elected to any office. plus how could it be a shame on the whole county for a state election? so is it a shame on the whole islamic world when a muslim terroist kills people. which could be considered a greater crime then talking bad about someone, don’t you think?

    Ahmed Mohamed,

    “stupid morons. No worries Islam has been around thousands of yrs” are you using the new math?

  32. ^^ srry, badly. gotta watch my grammar. lol.

  33. US can’t force muslims to renounce this or that. Islam will simply be denied the status of religion and be reclassified as vicious tribal/political scheme.

  34. Looking at the picture she does have a point.

  35. I want to adopt the little girl on the extreme right, she is so cute

  36. But this image has been fabricated and the original picture in the link below
    And we have to respect one another just as not to interfere in the affairs of any Muslim religions and their garments should be respected Muslim and respectful to wear them
    Why Mary wear hijab?
    Why nuns wear the veil?
    Accept, O wise

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