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Israeli radio host: ‘Islam is most terrible disease in the world’

14 June 2012 General 37 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Army Radio talk-show host Avri Gilad

Army Radio talk-show host Avri Gilad


by Ami Kaufman

Just a few thoughts on stuff that’s been “bothering” me… to say the least

1. My tax shekels pay too many idiots

I read a column today by Ofer Shelach [Heb], who writes for the daily Ma’ariv, and pounded my desk rather hard. Shelach was angry, rightfully so, for the words spewed by Army Radio talk-show host Avri Gilad on his morning show with Jacky Levi, called “The Last Word.” Unfortunately, they won’t be his last words on that show (no, I’m not calling for his death, for Christ’s sake). Shelach brings an excerpt:

Levy said that the fact that Israel is a special case does not exempt it from considering the tragedy of others, and “demands us to check how much available space we have.”

And this is what Gilad said in response, which I have shortened but kept things in context still: “It’s true we have to check how much available space we have, but let us not forget that those knocking on our doors belong to Islam, and Islam today is the most terrible disease raging around the world. It poisons its believers and poisons every place it reaches.

The people that come here, especially the South Sudanese, are very moderate people, the real beautiful face of Islam… the problem is that when you carry the virus, you don’t know when it will explode inside you…. every Muslim who enters here might become the flag carrier of the global Islam…. and therefore we must take care of our lives.”

Among many other stupid things, I pay for this crap with my taxes.

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  1. Hateful, ignorant idiot. Just substitute Judaism for Islam here, and it is easy to see what a dolt this guy is.

  2. well, at least you referred to him as an Israeli, and not a Jew or Zionist, thusly acknowledging Israels right to exist.

  3. Says a guy who’s country has poisoned 95% of the water supply of Gaza

  4. *her

  5. The exaggerated hate speech aboout Islam led much of the non muslims to search & discover the reality of Islam,,

    We are thankful to those who hate us, they are helping spread Islam in the western world much more than we do 🙂

  6. Oh real rich there…Dude essentially bares his racism and all James here cares about is Israel’s right to exist.

    FYI James, Zionism IS racism, and it’s what fueled the guy’s comment.

  7. Wow, if I knew someone was going to use “Israeli” in a comment, I would have acknowledged that right to exist ages ago!

  8. I dont disagree, but to apply it only to Islam is unfair. All religion poisons people. 🙂

  9. btw Islam is not a race. Being Muslim isnt a race. Disliking Islam does not make you a racist. God people are stupid

  10. Hate is the desease. Name it.

  11. Hey “Halfpint”: is the context of Israel, it’s one in the same. Just ask one of their Sudanese refugees.

  12. Well the guy is right somehow : that’s what happens when a “cleansing solution” is applied to an injured world. Some pain is necessary, and that’s Islam effect.

  13. These Viruses fear Islam so much !

  14. Replace the word “Islam” with “Bigotry”.

  15. Wow, sonny, tell us how you really feel! What’s the matter? Are you afraid that your riba-ridden, Rothschild-driven INTEREST-BASED banking system might fall on its little head if sharia took over? Hasten the day…

  16. Always us or them for some people. Never just a collective acknowledgement of human beings. The only poison in this world is cruelty and hate.

  17. Islam? U people will be punished one day. ALLAH IS THE ONLY ONE. PROPHET (SM) IS THE RASUL.believe it

  18. I would say that stupidity and bigotry are more terrible diseases than any one religion or another.

  19. The terrible thing about religion as a whole is that all who believe, believe that they are better than everyone else based solely on their thoughts rather than their actions. When will we found a religion based entirely on making others around us happy just to be who they are? One that allows everyone their own thoughts and ideas? One that punishes hatred and rewards love?

  20. I’m with Joe F.

  21. Jews are pedophiles who hide behind a sadistic religion. A rabbi rapes infant by sucking his penis which he says is therapeutic. Show me One Imam who has raped or molested a child. People are flocking to leave Christianity and become atheist or Muslim. If you are going to worship a god you must worship him on daily basis like Islam does five times a day. Not once a week in between football games lol.

  22. I have nothing against Jews, but the Israelis are fucking evil bastards

  23. Ahmed, you wrote: “Show me One Imam who has raped or molested a child.”

    Here’s one:

  24. Here’s five (and I think that’s enough for now):

  25. just believe there is god…..just one god

  26. This particular idiot seems to have offended a lot of people in Israel with his hateful, ignorant comment. That’s why an israeli journalist bashed him in his editorial in the Israeli press.

  27. Zionism is like a HIV Aids with no cure and the only obstacle to world peace..! Israel should believe in justice and equal right..! No state for palestinian means there wouldnt be peace for the Israelis.

  28. Abdul, I agree with your last statement. That’s why there has to be a Palestine as well as an israel . But I wouldn’t go so far as to call Israeli or Jewish nationalism (Zionism ) a virus, or equate it to racism. Like all forms of ethnic nationalism, it favors 1 ethnicity ( not race, the whole region is Semitic, more or less white to brown.)
    I wish nationalism and borders didn’t exist, but they do.

  29. Well then let’s have a healthy dose of some Semitic nationalism. One state for all.

  30. To everyone who is in love with Islam, I’d like to ask you a simple question.

    Where would you rather live…Israel or Saudi Arabia?

    Please answer this question honestly.

    Especially if you’re a woman or a homosexual.

  31. Zionism is the only obstacle to world peace! Hahhahaha.

    Its fun to watch one supremacist hateful tribal entity bash another.

  32. Islam is the best what would you know though…
    you’ve got the worst religions and some of you who haven’t even got religions what would you know though…
    You think about life right now but you don’t know about the other life after death where god will question you and ask you then burn youuu where you can do everything and anything….
    So think a hundred times before you speak
    Bloody idiots…

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