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CAIR asks FBI to investigate Geller’s call to destroy Florida mosque

CAIR asks FBI to investigate Geller’s call to destroy Florida mosque

The South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFL) today called on the FBI to investigate a call by Pamela Geller, the leader of an anti-Muslim hate group, to demolish a mosque in that state.

Geller, who appears as a regular guest on FOX News, posted an article on her blog, titled “Obama’s DOJ secretly drops terrorism charges in Taliban Case,” calling for a Florida Mosque to be demolished. This comes after the Department of Justice dropped charges against Irfan Khan, one of the defendants that was recently arrested and indicted on terrorism support charges.

“Calling for the destruction of a mosque may incite people to commit acts of violence against ordinary Muslims,” says CAIR-SFL Executive Director Nezar Hamze. “We are taking this call for the destruction of an American house of worship very seriously and have reported it to the FBI for review.”

CAIR press release, 20 June 2012


  1. I thought the FBI cut ties with Hamas-CAIR. And who is Ku Klux Kair to accuse Pamela Geller of hatred when CAIR hates anyone who criticizes suicide bombers and terrorists.

  2. Rocky Lore,
    CAIR doesn’t hate anyone who criticizes suicide bombers and terrorists. They think its wrong for people to associate people’s actions with Islam. I don’t point violence out for what Stalin and Hitler did because they were atheists. That would be a stupid and uneducated answer. Many ppl might ask me to denounce Hamas as a terrorist group. I would say “Sure, if you first denounce Israel as a terrorist country who had been breaking international law since 1948, discrimination, genocide, apartheid, etc.” Hamas is relatively new, their violence is the result of decades of injustice done to them first. But considering u support Pamella Geller who supports Israel, I can also say u support terrorists. U should be locked up too.

  3. M Bennett, it’s liberals like you who should be locked up. You rally for suicide bombers and shed tears for the Taliban. You attack Israel, yet you defend the Muslim countries like Sudan and Somalia, who treat women like crap, kill those who leave Islam, and still practice slavery. Who are the worst human rights violators in the world? Muslim countries. Maybe you would be at home in Saudi Arabia or Iran where one can be killed just for carrying a Bible.

  4. 😐

  5. I thought Islam advocated stuff like that Ms. Geller 😛

  6. What was she doing when that photo was taken?

  7. Ironic that CAIR would ask the FBI to investigate another when they themselves have been investigated by the FBI. (FBI even cut their ties with them because of links to terrorism). lol

  8. Steven who else would CAIR ask? The Israeli intelligence?

  9. Geller’s comments:” “Something something Big Brother something Jihad something freedom of speech something something constitution something something i’m too stupid to breathe.”

  10. she is a closed minded person,could never learn from anything.let her burn in hate to death ~/~

  11. she is a closed minded person,could never learn from anything.let her burn in hate to death ~/~

  12. Steven, a federal appeals court removed the label “unindicted co-conspirator” from Cair and the other 245 agencies listed on Oct 20th, 2010, ruling the designation was an “untested allegation of the government, made in anticipation of a possible evidentiary dispute that NEVER CAME TO PASS.” lol.

  13. The likes of Pamela Geller are domestic terrorists.

  14. Nazi bitch.

  15. Nazi bitch.

  16. Steven, CAIR’s links to “terrorism” were never proved. Stupid dick, whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? They never established a verifiable link, ergo, NOT GUILTY. Shut the hell up already and go watch something other than Faux Noise, Steven.

  17. fuck steven

  18. Isn’t Glenn Beck on somwhere? OOPS NOPE!

  19. Pamela Geller is the American version of Boko Harram.i haven’t seen any difference:P

  20. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

  21. Hatred is not a family value… nor is it patriotic to call for the demise of the federal government or any group of American citizens…

  22. This chick again …..smh sigh

  23. Damn it, she off her meds again.

  24. People who hate so much, MUST be miserable. Love & hate can NOT live in the same heart.

  25. People who hate so much, MUST be miserable. Love & hate can NOT live in the same heart.

  26. People who hate so much, MUST be miserable. Love & hate can NOT live in the same heart.

  27. Another puke from an idiot.time will catch up with you.

  28. Opponents of Pamela Geller are the Nazis and terrorists. They hate Jews, hate Christians, hate cartoonists, support Hamas and Hezbollah, and rally for suicide bombers. And the liberals and Islamists support Boko Haram because they want to build terror mosques everywhere while supporting the destruction of churches.

  29. Rocky ur the idiotic bigots the worlds beter rid off! U talk aolt of shit abt terrorists..p.s ur one of em,moron!!..islam has never,n will never be affectd by ur likes..we grow stronger..n respect ol other religions n their respective followers..thats true islam!! Got it??!!

  30. I think RL has a point. Why support Hamas/Hizbollah? The answer is for the same cause for supporting US Terrair Forces, US (H)Terrairmy and the US (U)Rineavy.

    About mosques, I think they are not more dangerous than churches. See, who is ruling the world. It is the Church and its followers.

    When you say Muslims are hell bent on destroying others, don’t you feel any shame? Were the culprits of Mai Lai massacre punished? Were Bush and Blair (Bastard Liar) punished? Were US forces punished for their war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  31. wtf is wrong with her?

  32. Nill, you are the bigot. You hate Jews, hate Christians, kill cartoonists, stone rape victims, and hang gays. Islam has no respect for other religions because they bomb churches in Nigeria and Egypt. Even Muslims have no respect for Muslims when Sunnis blow up Shia mosques. You Muslim fascists are morons. Dongo likes to blame America and Israel for everything, including the attacks in London and Mumbai.

  33. crazy crazy crazy!!

  34. So why is it that CAIR will not renounce the laws that condemn a person who leaves Islam to death? Is that what a peaceful or even SANE religion does? To those of you who think terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, ready the Qu’ran Hadith and Sunnah. THe prophet was a warlord, rapist murderer and pedophile. THis is not covered up or a secret. READ the scriptures, it’s all there. These are his attributes and when a terrorist blows himself up, he knows he is acting in a way that the prophet would applaud.
    Are you people really falling for this massive deception that those who have concern about Islam are the ones who are hateful? Are you joking? Last night Robert SPencer and Pamela Gellar hosted an evening for Human RIGHTS just a few blocks away from CAIR’s mockery of civil rights. They allowed a panel of former Muslims to speak about what it is like to live under the Sharia and how they are not all marked for death for leaving the “religion of peace” CAIR doesn’t want you to hear their stories. They don’t want you to know the TRUTH about Islam. And all of you non Muslims who are falling for this are signing away your freedoms. You Muslims, I understand what you are doing, and many of you don’t know your own ideology.
    So amazing that the people who are out to help those who are being oppressed are called the hate mongers. Evil is good and good is evil, that is what Islam does.

  35. Lol the picture says it all

  36. @Zainab Jabhawiyeh Actually, they were proved in court which is why the FBI has cut all former ties to CAIR. lol. Fail, you can go get yourself a tissue now.

  37. @Umar Syed That was actually a false report.

  38. @Dongo – the culprits – at least one of them of My Lai were punished.

    Muslims DO seem hellbent on destroying others.

    If the western authorities took no action while huge mobs murdered muslims with impunity in city streets and bombed their mosques, you would probably be upset.

    I marvel at the interior violence muslims endure within their own countries. They must be inured to the murders of the various minorities – Amadiya, Shia, etc.

    You are amazed that people blame islam. What else should they blame? Speeches in mosques touch off most of this violence.

  39. Ol u haters can keep bitchin ur whole lives,fact is islam means peace!!..anything else is not remotely related to this beautiful religion..keep speculating ol u want..ur hearts r filled with so much hatred,u wouldnt see the truth even if god himself if he suker punched u towards the truth!!! Gone cases..get real 4once.its world wide fact:quran is the only holy book in its original form to date!! Ur hearts hav hardend…lets see who stnads tall when the end coms!!

  40. Israel n american GOVERNMENTS are to be blamed for ol the deaths,terrorism..wat do u expect wen u kill,torture,rape,spread blasphemy abt a religion??? To be ushered with roses??!!..hate breeds more hate!! N ppl like roky n fluff add to this shit!! Get enlightened or die ignorant!! Ur governments dnt even giv a shit abt its ppl,the truth..or the one religion they fear the most,despite being worlds largest weapon producers n world power!! Jus opressing the less powerful nations n targetin ppl for personal gain..well buck up for hell with this attitude

  41. Nazis like Nill support the “beautiful religion” that throws acid in girls’ faces for going to schools, stoning rape victims, killing over cartoons, bombing subways and churches, and flying planes into buildings. It’s Nazis like Nill who are full of hate. They hate Jews and Christians.

  42. Yea n ur so freakin full of love n spewing gold ryt roky!!!…ur the bigest arogant fool ever..learn how to diff. Btw stupid traditions,male chauvenism..n down ryt illetracy frm religion..i challange u to show me a single verse which promotes acid thriwin n ol that crap u jus said….HATER!!!! Y dont I get to level n spew mud on ur religion…wait….WE are above that!! Ur jus proved wat a bigot u r!! Die hatin

  43. P.s u cudnt even disprove any stuff I said in 1000 years so ol the best…blesphem ur way to hell!!!

  44. They came for the Christians and i said good riddance.

    They came for the Amadiya and i certainly wasn’t one of those crazy people so I said nothing.

    Then they came for the Sufis and I said so what.

    Then they came for the shia and I said ha, I’m a sunni.

    Then the Salafis came to my door and said my trousers weren’t cut right. i told them there was no such command in Islam and they came back next day and hanged me in front of my house and left me to swing as an example to the neighbors.

  45. Thanks for ur comment Rocky Lore,
    I see u also have a lack of understanding.
    “You rally for suicide bombers and shed tears for the Taliban.” REALLY? Where did I say that? Sounds like the typical Jewish answer to why Muslims hate them. False charges without proof.
    “You attack Israel, yet you defend the Muslim countries like Sudan and Somalia, who treat women like crap, kill those who leave Islam, and still practice slavery. ”
    Lol, jumping from one accusation to the other? Typical bigotry. What does Somalia and Sudan have to do with Israel? Israel was formed by massacres, murder, and displacement oof thousands of Palestinians, in 1948. Gee, I wonder why they want to attack Israel back (maybe their religion?). If u point fingers, remember 3 point back. Sudan and Somalia? Well Somalia has had civil war for a long time. War crimes happen all the time.
    I don’t hear u barking about America bombing all the Muslim countries and killing thousands of civilians for decades. Iran? Well look at their democracy…which America overthrew in 1953 and replaced with the Shah to increase their oil revenue. Maybe they hate us for are freedom? Maybe their religion teaches it to them? As for Sudan, they are split evenly in number of Christians and Muslims, which is why the country split. So I don’t c ur reasoning behind classifing it as a “Muslim country” Why not classify it as Christian? O right, perhaps u look at Africa from a racial standpoint rather than a religious one? Africa = Muslim?

    “Who are the worst human rights violators in the world? Muslim countries.”
    “Maybe you would be at home in Saudi Arabia or Iran where one can be killed just for carrying a Bible.”
    U have more Arab Chrsitians the Arab Muslims. If they were really intolerant, this wouldn’t happen. Especially since Islam is the only religion that teaches freedom of religion. Wanna quote the Mufti? Ok, then I can say Christians are all the same, by quoting the Pope or Orthodox Jews? Ever seen how they dress their women? Double standard much? Saudi Arabia doesn’t give much rights to Muslim women. Here is a small e.g. Women not allowed to drive. Did Islam prohibit driving to Muslim women? You think yes, hadiths say no. Muhammad (PBUH) allowed women to ride horses and camels without supervision. The laws in Saudi are cultural not religious.
    Perhaps I should equate the highest rape recored in Congo to Christianity since it is a Christian majority country?
    I know plenty of Christians who beat their wives when their drunk. I guess its true about how the Bible says that man will rule over women. Slavery? Trafficking is worldwide, so no comment necessary. I guess u want to argue about the higher frequency in the Middle East as proof that slavery is still practiced in Islam? Remember Congo?

    Killing apostates in Islam is allowed? Pray tell, where in the Quran does it give us permission? As I pointed out to anon and mike who misquote from Hadiths. Read Bukhari Volume 9 Hadith 37. Apostates were killed because they joined the enemy to fight against Muslims. Punishments for treason exist all around the world today. Taliban did not engage in terrorist like activities until after US invaded their countries. It was in a previous article if u read it. Again, more double standards.

    Most imp. point. I would not have to right this much if u had a better understanding of the world. What are u, 16?

  46. Rocky Lore,
    If u or any of ur friends were to tired to read the following just read this. Bigotry is when ppl attack other beliefs because of stereotypes. The fact that u mention CAIR is a terroist group is proof. There is no evidence to show they support terrorism. Ur response to my first comment demonstrated that u prey on people’s feeling rather than logic. Do u want to know who is recognized as a terrorist group by the USA? MKM ring a bell? There are plenty of people in the US government who are accepting bribes from terrorists groups overseas. Now they want to take them off the list. If a Muslim even gave verbal support for such a group they would be thrown away for 10 years plus. Ur problem is that u only see terrorists on one side of the fence.

  47. CAIR supported al shabab against the criticism of US muslims who were protesting their recruitment of young Somalis here.

  48. […] dagarna utreds Geller för att hon uppmanat folk att förstöra en Moské i Florida, på sin […]

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