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Discipline recommended for 7 U.S. troops in Quran burning

21 June 2012 General 30 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. military investigation is recommending that as many as seven U.S. troops face administrative punishments, but not criminal charges, in the burning of Qurans at a U.S. base in Afghanistan in February, The Associated Press has learned.

U.S. military officials said the classified report and recommendations for disciplinary action against the service members involved were delivered to the Pentagon more than a week ago. They have been turned over to the Army and Navy secretaries. No final decisions have been made.

According to the officials, one Navy service member and as many as six Army soldiers could face nonjudicial disciplinary actions, which can range from a letter in their file to docking their pay or assigning them additional duties.

The lack of any criminal charges is in line with early assertions from military officials that the incident, while regrettable, was a mistake. But it is likely to anger Afghans who were enraged by the burning.

Thousands took to the streets across the country in deadly riots after it happened. More than 30 people were killed in the clashes, including two U.S. troops who were shot by an Afghan soldier and two U.S. military advisers who were gunned down at their desks at the Interior Ministry.

The Qurans and other Islamic books were taken from the Parwan Detention Facility, and officials believed that extremists being detained there were using the texts to exchange messages. The religious books and other materials were put in burn bags and then later thrown into a fire pit used to burn garbage at Bagram Air Field, a major U.S. base north of Kabul.

Military officials said the investigating officer in Afghanistan completed the report and recommended the disciplinary actions. The report was approved by Marine Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, and forwarded to Pentagon.

U.S. military officials spoke about the report on condition of anonymity because the matter is classified and still under review.

Altogether, two Navy and nine Army service members in Afghanistan were sent back to the United States in conjunction with the Quran burning shortly after it happened. But, based on the investigating officer’s report, several would not face any punishments.

U.S. officials have said that the service members did not know what they were throwing into the burn pit and that the books were pulled out by Afghan workers before they were destroyed. President Barack Obama apologized to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the incident.

Afghan officials, however, have claimed the burning was intentional, and it reinforced perceptions in the country that Americans are insensitive to the Afghans’ religion and culture.

A preliminary joint investigation into the matter — done by senior U.S. and Afghan military officials — concluded in early March that while mistakes were made in the burnings, there was no intent to desecrate the Qurans or other religious materials.

But it has taken until now for the military to deliver the report and recommended punishments to senior Pentagon leaders for final action.

Typically, the service secretaries review the recommendations, then designate a military commander to take the appropriate action. It could take weeks for the process to unfold and for any final decisions to be made. The military usually does not publicly disclose details of administrative punishments.

Military officials said the Army soldiers are now at Fort Benning, Ga.

Original post: Discipline recommended for 7 U.S. troops in Quran burning


  1. Where is the outrage from the bleeding heart liberals and Muslim hypocrites when it was MUSLIMS who desecrated Korans?

  2. that’s ridiculous. seriously we are apologizing for burning trash? and people are being disiplined for it?

  3. This leads to an interesting question…

    If I decide to throw a copy of my digital Quran into the Windows Recycle Bin, and post a screenshot of me doing it online, will I get spammed a virus by Islamist hackers?

  4. It’s funny how there were no riots after that soldier killed 16 innocent Afghanis.

    But taking out the TRASH!!? OH NOES!!!1

  5. Fucky Whore,

    Were Muslims raping you when the Quran was being burnt? How could you know Muslims were burning Quran? I know they fucked you because this is why you know that the Quran burners were Muslims.

  6. Mike,

    Seriously you call the Quran as trash? Yet the culprits are people? How did you feel when the stinky al-Qaeda worms struck US?

  7. Dongo, you are the whore. It turned out the Muslim “victims” were writing in the Korans. Of course, you always make excuses for terrorists.

  8. Let me be the whore if you like. Even then I don’t tell lies and none can make me do so. I don’t make excuse for terrwhoreists like you. That is your solemn duty.

    The brutal Taliban and likes now call the western forces as savage. Good, they have realised the true face of “Americans” in late though.
    Love children now call their fathers savage. Poetic justice indeed.

    Your entire nation stands on the blood, bone and corpse of the native Americans. So, who is the real terorist?

  9. Muslim fascists like Dongo hate America, but they love those American welfare benefits. Dongo and his Muslim “victim” friends support the Taliban blowing up Buddhas, throwing acid in girls’ faces, stoning rape victims, and killing gays. YOu are the terrorist whore who supports the Muslims who tried to kill the South Park cartoonists.

  10. I am a fascist, happy?

    You are wrong. USA does not have welfare benefits as US is not a welfare state by any means.

    I am a lawyer. My job is to prevent the injustices you mentioned. I try to do that sincerely. But you indulge in those crimes for your brutal pleasures. It is you who did the Holocaust. It is you who incinerated the Japanese civilians, not the Japanese military. It is you who killed millions of Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians. It is you who created the bastards Taliban and bin Laden. It is you who destroyed the new world civilisations. It is also you who should be punished for using brutal torture methods on POWs.

    What the fuck are you supporting the SP cartoonists for? If they drew the Holocaust/Israel in dirty cartoons, would you still vomit blood against them? No, because you know that the crime is yours and when you try to speak against it as an eyewash, you are eating your own shit which you do with utmost happiness.

  11. dongo,

    yes a book you want to through away is trash, by definition. are u seroiusly comparing killing people to throwing away a bound collection of paper with words printed on them? i think your anger is getting the better of you again. relax. have a smoke. i know religious people take these ancient text much too seriously, but seriously?

    yes america has killed many native people, japanese and germans. vietmanes, koreans, the list goes on. current;y we are killing afghans and iraqis as well. but i’m constantly being yelled at for not giving historical contxet to hadiths or koran quotes. could not the same be said for your, america is standing on the bones, statement. back then that was how you aquired land. you killed the occupants. however i think we have evolved a little bit. don’t you? you know what sherman said, war is hell.

  12. More Korans are burned when Muslims bomb a Mosque then were burned by the US military. Yet Muslims remains silent when these Korans are burned by Islamic terrorists. Which is just another example of Muslim hypocrisy.

  13. “USA does not have welfare benefits as US is not a welfare state by any means” what about food stamps, EBT? what about the WIC program? section 8? housing projects? SSI? dongo i don’t think you know american welfare programs as well as you know history.

  14. One of their own did scold the Afghans on the riot they threw after Terry J burned the K in Gville. He pointed out that they had destroyed Korans when they sacked the shops,killed innocent people, etc. and that it was damaging to society to throw a riot like that.

    They should hear more of that sort of thing from their own.

  15. “What the fuck are you supporting the SP cartoonists for?” freedom of speech.

    “If they drew the Holocaust/Israel in dirty cartoons, would you still vomit blood against them?” you can draw cartoons about the holocaust all you want. or about israel all you want. you seem to confuse the european’s idea of freedom of speech with american ideals.

    looks like you can win a gold coin?

  16. It’s also appropriate to protest SP or any other disgusting thing you find disgusting. In fact, I wish more people would protest more disgusting things.

  17. I find islam disgusting, can I protest against it? Not without getting death threats, ask Pam.

  18. Mike,

    No denial of how Muslims brutalised other nations, especially ancient Persia, Egypt and mediaeval Byzantium. But see, they have paid for their sins. And I am happy about that punishment.

    My country has never waged aggression on others. Rather, it has been subject to aggression by others.

    Regarding the book comment from you, I would opine that in Islam, all the scriptures from the “People of the Book” are holy and even if they are in delapidated state, Muslims must show them utmost respect. Therefore, it is equal to blasphemy of the first order if a Muslim desecrates any of the previous texts and that crime is subject to severe punishment. I myself do not touch the Bible without having a proper oblation. Now you may say that Muslims are not punished when they disrespect Judaic or Christian texts. Yes, they are not. But that is the fault of their national laws, not of Islam.

  19. Hera,

    Please try to understand. Not only Qurans are burnt but also innocent people are killed. That is not hypocrisy, that is plain murder. During our liberation war against W-Pakistan, in the garrison areas of north of our capital city, a Pak major came and shot a very old cleric who called for fighting against the invading Pakistani forces. Then came the Punjabi Muslims who collected all Qurans from that mosque, piled them up and pushed them into the adjacent lake howling and dancing, “these Bengalis are Indian spies, they don’t worship the same Allah as we do. Now we want to see what the Bengali’s Allah does to save the Bengalis.” We have many divisions among u. Was our Prophet professing for so many or did He belong to any of these? NO, never. In Muslim countries you will see, intra-Muslim clashes are rife although in late 2010 (I don’t remember exactly the time) there came an edict which declared that such clashes and violence were strictly prohibited. But that could not deter Muslims massacring each other. Whom should I blame? Certainly not you.

    I have that least honesty.

  20. LTM,

    Yes, you can protest so far as I understand. Here I mention two examples: Our Prophet said “If a non-Muslim suffers from Muslims and does not get the desired justice, on the Last Judgement Day, I will stand by that non-Muslim and bear witness against my Muslim follower.” During His last days, His own body armour was mortgaged to a Jew.

    Once a Jew protested to Caliph Umar that Muslims had taken over his properties and built a mosque there. The Caliph immediately ordered the mosque to be razed; He Himself was present in that razing and made sure that the helpless family get justice.

    Thus, I can say you can protest. But please make sure, that protest is legal and not comes out of irrational hatred.

  21. Mike,

    As long as my nicotine infested heart and lungs work, I will never allow such horrible crime to happen. This is a tragic issue will offend many who have lost their loved ones or have sad memories, and will create bloodshed. I am totally against these.

    Yes, US is not a welfare state like the UK and Scandinavian countries. Does US pay unemployment benefits? Does it provide free education or treatment? No.

    My knowledge of history is not much. And regarding your Europe-US comment, I would like to say that there is little difference between these two; Charles De Gaulle once said “Americas are the children of Europe”. He was right. European and American ideas of freedom are two sides of the same coin because they will use these for their own interests but when theirs are hurt, then they will take a 720 degree turn and accuse the other user of the freedom ideas with all weapons n their arsenal. Just see what happens when anyone criticises the Holocaust or even Israel. That person or state is immediately termed as anti-Semite.

  22. dongo,

    “Therefore, it is equal to blasphemy of the first order if a Muslim desecrates any of the previous texts and that crime is subject to severe punishment.” yeah that is what is scary. ya’ll’s blasphemy laws amoung other laws muslim mean to impose through sharia. but you confuse me. i thought sharia only applies to muslims? were these american soldiers muslims? pretty important detail to leave out of the article, don’t you think? but regardless of the soldiers religion, it shouldn’t be a crime of any order to burn trash. you and i are not only physically miles apart but clearly culturally millions of miles apart. in american you can burn all the bibles or korans you want. so we have to change our culture to appease muslims? that’s non-sense. this reminds me of when orlando hosted some world cup games. mcdonalds printed the flags of all the nations playing on their to-go bags. the saudis were playing and am sure you know they have a verse from the koran on their flag. well, people throw their to-go bags away of course, the international stink that caused. everyone has to walk on eggshells around the muslims. they will kill you if you “blashpemy” the koran or the “prophet”, right? just as rushdie. or the un workers in afghanistan.

    “US is not a welfare state like the UK and Scandinavian countries” that’s true. the europeans are much more socialised than the US. especially the scandinavians. but we do have unemployment benefits. some states more than others. employers pay a tax to fund the system. some american wish we where more socialised and others such as myself believe we are too socialised. we have free education through high school, but not university as some other countries. we do have some free medical treatment, too much in my opinion. medicare for the old and medicaid for the poor. i wasn’t comparing our welfare state to the europeans or canadians. it’s just too much of a welfare state for my politics. but that’s neither here nor there.

    did you not read either of those links on supreme court rulings on the nazis marching in skokie in the 70s. and again the recent ruling on the westborouh baptist church? so if you where in american you would support sharia being imposed in american courts?

    “Europe-US comment, I would like to say that there is little difference between these two” it may appear that way to you. but to fiscal conservitives and social liberal such as myself we are worlds apart. we are worlds apart on freedom of speech to me. america doesn’t have a law against holocoust denial. we don’t ban the swastika. we don’t have laws against “hate speech”.

    we allow you to burn the american flag as well as any books. you buy it you can burn it. we let guys like these say anything they want.

    always good to hear from you. diverse opinion is one thing that makes this life so fun. but i hope to never see sharia in america.

  23. “But please make sure, that protest is legal” in america any non-violent protest is legal.

    these guy crack me up.

  24. Mike,

    Sharia apllies to Muslims and in their interaction with others. And the US soldiers were not Muslims too.

    No, holy books should no way be considered as trash. If they have become delapidated or unfit for use and if you find them in that state, as for Quran, I can say you can throw it into any clear pond/river/lake. That is permitted. I do not know about other scriptures.

    I meant the European nations.

    No, I don’t support shariah law to be imposed on any country. If any country voluntarily chooses to adopt it, then that may be considered but Mulsims must not impose or try to impose on others or force/demand others to accept it. US is not a Muslim country. So, why should they adopt shariah? If Muslims are demanding to do so, they are contradicting Islam itself. For example, in the past, there were some Muslims in non-Muslim lands. They were granted to follow their own legal system. Aside from that they would also have to follow the country/kingdom’s legal system. Then there was no demand from Muslims to impose shariah law. Neither did their non-Muslim rulers forced them to give up the shariah. In Bangladesh, there are Hindu religious lawa. Hindus do follow that codex but we never press nor demand them to give that up.

    Yes, US and Europe have differences you told about. But about hypocrisy, they are the two sides of a same coin.

    Right. US may not have banned the denial of Holocaust but anyone can see the horrible repercussions after commiting this.

  25. Mike ur comment made no sense,
    “Therefore, it is equal to blasphemy of the first order if a Muslim desecrates any of the previous texts and that crime is subject to severe punishment.” yeah that is what is scary. ya’ll’s blasphemy laws amoung other laws muslim mean to impose through sharia. but you confuse me. i thought sharia only applies to muslims?

    Your question was already answered by u. Yes Sharia law is applicable only for Muslims. “if a Muslim desecrates any of the previous texts and that crime is subject to severe punishment.” Note the word Muslim used. There are plenty of verses in the Quran which teach Muslims tolerance towards other relgions. Many of which I quoted for u. So when the Muslims attacked the Banu Qurayzah it was not simply becuz they were intolerant or murderous. The Muslims fought the Jews because they committed treason by forming an alliance with the Kuffar.

    If someone tried to kill u, anyone who assisted the assassin would be ur enemy as well. I guess u don’t understand as usual.

  26. The next time someone criticizes US policy we should just point to some verses in the Bible and say that the problem is solved by these verses.

  27. Like a previous poster did, quote a verse from Koran on equality of the races and say, “problem solved”.

  28. dongo,

    “Sharia apllies to Muslims and in their interaction with others.” so you now aggree with me? these soldiers shouldn’t be puninished. it is no “crime” for them/non-muslims to “desecrate” the koran.

    “No, holy books should no way be considered as trash.” so now are you saying non-muslims should be punished for throwing away a koran? i have a koran right here. the binding is torn. i’ve duct taped it. you got duct tape in bangladesh? is that disrespectful? i don’t do any special washing before picking it up. i imagine when i want to throw it away i’ll throw it in the dumpster in the alley. that trash usually goes to the incinerator. but if you are going to kill me, i’ll throw it in tampa bay when it totally falls apart. or would it be better to take it 20 miles out in the gulf of mexico?


    sorry if my comment made no-sense to you. let me see if i can be more clear in my thought proccess. if it is a great crime in sharia to burn a koran, but sharia only applies to muslims, then why be upset and punish non-muslims for burning a koran?

    “Yes Sharia law is applicable only for Muslims.” so why punish these soldiers if sharia doesn’t apply to them? why worry about a danish/non-muslim cartoonist. why put a bounty on rushdie. why riots after terry jones burnt – shot, whatever he did?

    how did we get back to the battle of trench and it’s aftermath?

    but thanks for your “I guess u don’t understand as usual.” it does make me laugh so.

    good to here from ya’ll. i’ll repost higher in the rotation

  29. Mike,

    If you do not understand me, that is not my fault. I said shariah would be applicable to Muslims and their internactions with others. Therefore, when it comes to punishing the “others” for desecrating the Quran, sharia is applicable too. And the soldiers must be punished according to sharia law.

    Just like a Muslim, a non-Muslim also has the same right to throw a Quran if that is unfit for use. But please know that you should throw it into a clear pond/river/lake, not into a sewer/dirty waters. If you have problems with your old, duct taped Quran then just throw it into any stream near your residence.

    Look Mike, I am not religious but try to respect religions whether Islam or other faiths. I have a special veneration for Judaism. When you ask me whether I am going to kill you for insulting a Quran, as you are a non-Muslim, I would for the first time request you not to do this again; second time, I would forgive you. Third time, I would warn you. Fourth, I would send you to a correction facility. Fifth time, I would fine you. Sixth time, I would imprison you for short time. Seventh time, I would send you to prison for long time. Eighth time, I would send you for lifetime imprisonment. See, I am not going to kill you.

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