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Homeless Man Slashes Three Workers in anti-Muslim Fueled Hate Crime

22 June 2012 General 31 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Homeless Man Slashes Three Workers in anti-Muslim Fueled Hate Crime

A homeless man slashed three Mott Haven workers with glass shards in 9/11- fueled hate crimes against Muslims, police sources said yesterday.

Alejandro Gonzalez, 19, claimed he was “fighting terrorism” when he attacked three Middle Eastern men in two stores, sources said.

The first assault took place at 9:30 p.m. on June 6, when Gonzalez confronted Adam Zandan in a bodega on Courtlandt Avenue and cut the victim’s face, court documents allege.

A day later, the attacker walked into a pizza parlor on East 158th Street and sliced Salem Salim across the forehead, then slashed Bilal Alsayedi on the right arm as Alsayedi came to Salim’s aid, the documents state.

The victims were treated for non-life-threatening wounds. Gonzalez was arrested on June 8.



  1. well, homeless people are often known for their strong sense of reality and for being deeply rotted in sane thought.

    has anyone heard of the guy in eqypt who strangled his wife for voting for the “wrong” canidate in the election?


  2. Okay. Let’s look at some facts.

    Muslim Americans make up between 1 to 2 percent of the American population.

    90% of terrorist act WORLD WIDE are committed by Muslims

    89% of the victims of those terrorist attacks are MUSLIMS

    In the last 10 years since 9/11 there have been 32 killing of Americans, in America, by Muslims

    11 of those killing were committed by John Muhammad (DC Sniper) and were not religiously motivated (he was an NOI member).

    So 21 deaths at the hands of Muslims in the last 10 years (13 of which were by Nadel Nassir)

    The number of anti-Islamic attacks continues to rise in the US.

    According to the 2005 FBI report 6% of terrorist acts in the US were committed by Muslims

    That data is dated, but can you give me any cases of Muslim Americans attacking churches, or church goers. Or conducting rallies during Christian festivals? Or Christian/American store owners?

    There are no cases were Shari’a law has crept into the constitution of any state, let alone the Nation. If there is, please inform me.

    The problem is that America lost its enemy with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and needs a news scape goat to rally the American public around. Nothing in the rhetoric of the last decade is new. It is just recycled propaganda from the anti-communist area. And before that, the East and South European immigrants. And before that, the Chinese and then Japanese immigrants. And before that, the African slave and freed men. This country as a long history of this type of attitudes, lies, and slander. So I would suggest bearing with them with patience. We should not let their behavior define who we are any more then we should let extremist actions define our faith.

  3. I think muslims are at present attacking US Jews and their places of worship because there is an uptick in that sort of thing and the media is not telling us the details. In time muslims will attack churches, sure why not.

    Anti muslm attacks so far are of the scarf pulling type, or involve drunken/insane persons. Sorry, can’t take that too seriously even if it is obnoxious.

    With muslims, you get massacres, demands, insults.

    US needs an enemy? Muslims seem in a constant state of fight against everyone not of their tribe. If no kuffar are available they murder their fellow muslims en masse.

    Sure the US is full of conflict. It is still a remarkably successful attempt to contain a world of difference in a single country.

  4. Anon,

    Please check the facts as your thinking may not be enough to buttresst the facts. Show one example where worship places of American Jews have been attacked by Muslims. You may cite examples but keep in mind that the perpetrators have been punished accordingly.

    No, anti-Muslim attacks have not remained limited to these premises. The demonisation continues which is much worse than attacks. Don’t you read newspapers or watch media reports? While the media is always trying to find fault with Muslims, why should they remain silent on crimes committed by Muslims indeed? Don’t you know that when a Muslim cab driver was stabbed for being a Muslim?

    Of course the US needed an enemy. Remember the Cold War days? When Muslims were oiled to fight communism? Didn’t you think of them being future enemies?

  5. Dongo, there have been very few attacks on muslims here, and nothing on the scale of what minorities face in muslim lands.

    Recently media people have admitted that they under report the crimes of both muslims and African americans.

    I scarcely ever see any news on antisemitic attacks or any arrests made in connection with them. Did the US suddenly have an increase in antisemitism? i don’t think so. We have been importing muslims, Palestinians as well. They think they are entitled to attack Jews.

    I would say that one of the things that distinguishes muslims is that they think they are personally entitled to physically attack other people. One may argue till cows come home whether this is culture or Islam.

  6. Rashiyd Abu Ali,

    so after the fall of the wall and communism what enemy did we “create”? so as a nation we where adrift without a scapegoat till 2001? so you think we caused 9/11? you a “truther”? clearly america can do anything. did you know we cause the tsunami as well? your facts are excelent but your opinion isn’t based on facts. it’s a tired tune, this we need an enemy. and i think anti southern/easten european sentiments pre-dated the anti-chinese immigration sentiments.

    anyways here’s some numbers for ya.from the 1908-2005 fbi report on terrorism.

    non-islamic terrorist deaths 194, injuries 900
    islamic terrorist deaths 2,981 injuries 13,000est hard to be percise on 9/11
    that 6% of terrorism accounts for 93.8% of all deaths and 93.5% of injuries.

    as for sharia. do you think it is good law? you are familiar with the new jersey case. but regardless of weather sharia has crept anywhere yet, why not be proactive in keeping bad law out of our courts. actaul muslim claim it is already being use in family courts.

    i have a scenario that no muslim seems capable of answering. if my sister married a muslim and had a boy and a girl. she and her husband die without a will. should my niece inherit have as much as my nephew?

  7. anon
    My comments and focus was here in OUR land, not the Middle East. We American Muslims are under assault HERE in the news, and in polotricks. So my concern is here.
    It’s ironic that American Muslims feel the news is demonizing them, while the right wing feels that they are not demonizing them enough
    Where are your facts? Yes anti-Semitism against Jews happens more often than anti Semitism of the anti-Arab/Islam variety (In linguistics and ethnology, Semitic (from the Biblical “Shem”, Hebrew: שם‎, translated as “name”, Arabic: ساميّ‎) was first used to refer to a language family of largely Middle Eastern origin, now called the Semitic languages. This family includes the ancient and modern forms of; Akkadian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Ge’ez, Maltese, Canaanite/Phoenician, Amorite, Eblaite, Ugaritic, Sutean, Chaldean, Mandaic, Ahlamu, Amharic, Tigre and Tigrinya among others.) But what proof do you offer that any of these attacks in the US against Jews are by Arabs/Musllims?
    As to your last point, again, what proof do you have? Where is the disproportionate level of violence by American Muslims against others?


    The fall of communism in 1991 until September 11, 2001 is a short span of history, but one that is defined by US foreign policy. Theories abound as to who was involved with what. But they are just theories.
    As to your comment about which discrimination came first, the anti-Coolie Act was signed in 1862. Western and Southern European immigrants started entering America in the 1880’s until 1925 when congress passed the National Origins Act as a direct response.

    Where are you getting your data from? The FBI and others did not start collecting this type of info until after 9/11. I may be wrong. And even now, the compilers include numbers from worldwide terrorist attacks, not just here in America. Once again, I would like to focus us discussion here.
    With your statement that, “6% of terrorism accounts for 93.8% of all deaths and 93.5% of injuries” you are combining domestic figures (the 6%) with world figures (the 93.8% of all deaths and 93.5% of injuries). The 6% of terrorist attacks in the US have not cause 93.8% of all terror related US deaths and 93.5% of injuries.
    Yes, I believe that ruling by the Qur’an and Ahadith while applying ijtihad would produce the best form of governance for mankind. The case you refer to is not an example of “creeping shari’a.” The misguided decision of the judge was over turned and the right decision, which was in the best interest of ALL parties, was reached. That ruling was based entirely off of the judge’s interpretation of what he thought Egyptian law stated. His ruling was unconstitutional because it did not protect all parties equally. And it was flatly a dumb decision.
    Why not be proactive? Okay. Let’s be proactive about China, or Russia. Wait a minute, because there is already language in the Constitution which covers all of this, and prevents it from happening! Yes, family courts may look at a person’s religious affiliation and take that into account. It is the same for Jews and Christians. They can also set up arbitration between two parties, let’s say to Jewish business men, and the religious rulings will be looked at and weighed in the case. What this does not mean, and which will never happen, is that two Muslims go to an arbitrator in the court and because one wants the other stoned (for example) the court would say, sure that’s your law. Have at it. Or a father brings his daughter and demands the right to force his daughter to cover. And the court goes along with it. This will never happen. And if the judge does rule in favor of any of that, his decision will be over turned and probably dis-barred.

    Inheritance. If you have not gotten an answer on this then I don’t know who you have been asking. The reason why a female gets less than a male benefactor is because it is the male’s responsibility to take care of the woman. So in this case the brother would now be the custodian of his sister and would have to provide for all of her needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and even education if she was a student. She, on the other hand, does not have the same level of responsibility. The money she makes is hers and he (the brother in this case, or her husband or father) has no right to ANY of it unless she willfully gives something.

    I hope that shed a little light on this.

  8. my bad. i must have been thinking about the irish.

    the 1980-2005 fbi report on terrorism has been posted here several time. what is interesting is that it originally gave the perpetrators and their affiliations. now when i google it, it just gives numbers. but 9/11 jumps right out at ya.

    1980 29
    1981 42
    1982 51
    1983 31
    1984 14
    1985 7
    1986 25
    1987 9
    1988 9
    1989 4
    1990 7
    1991 5
    1992 4
    1993 12
    1994 1
    1995 1
    1996 3
    1997 3
    1998 6
    1999 11
    2000 8
    2001 14
    2002 8
    2003 6
    2004 5
    2005 5
    Total 318 terrorist incidents

    just ya’ll have to trust me. but i did the math the first time islamophobia ran the loon watch article that had the link.

  9. ya’ll just have to trust me. damn my dyslexia is getting worst and worst. now i’m transposing words rather then just letters. must be amusing to someone. lol. and i forgot the link. damn i’m falling apart in my old age.


    sorry, i have gotten the answer about men being the “maintainer and protector” of women. so you would have sharia suppercede florida law.
    “Yes, I believe that ruling by the Qur’an and Ahadith while applying ijtihad would produce the best form of governance for mankind.” thanks for your honesty. but it will not happen in america.
    “She, on the other hand, does not have the same level of responsibility” so much for moving towards equallity.

    good talking to ya though.

    “The 6% of terrorist attacks in the US have not cause 93.8% of all terror related US deaths and 93.5% of injuries.” yeah they have. they also had it broken down per incident. i’ll keep looking for the original. in case you don’t trust me.

  10. http://www.loonwatch.com/2012/03/sheldon-adelson-all-terrorists-are-islamic/

    before when you clicked on the here link in this article a report titled 1980-2005 gave a table with a breakdown of all the attacks. not sure why they changed it.

  11. sorry, wrong table. lol. must be the vodka. don’t lash me 80 times. jk. well, you wouldn’t lash me? would you?

    6 from 93 wtc bombing and 2977 equals 2983 divided by 3178 is 93.67. and of course there are a few stranglers in there, that are no longer labeled for some reason? but if you want i think those paraghraphs break it all down. if you really don’t trust me over 2 tenths of a piont.

    This table shows Casualties of Terrorism from 1980-2005

    Wounded Killed
    1980 19 1
    1981 4 1
    1982 26 7
    1983 4 6
    1984 0 0
    1985 10 2
    1986 19 1
    1987 0 0
    1988 0 0
    1989 0 0
    1990 0 0
    1991 0 0
    1992 0 0
    1993 1042 6
    1994 3 1
    1995 754 168
    1996 112 2
    1997 13 0
    1998 2 1
    1999 13 3
    2000 0 0
    2001 *12,017 2977
    2002 0 2
    2003 0 0
    2004 0 0
    2005 0 0

    Total *14,038 3178

    *The FBI uses 12,017 as an estimate for the number of those injured as a result of September 11 attack; the exact number is unknown. Seventeen persons were infected by and recovered from exposure to the anthrax mailings during September-November 2001.

    you gotta scroll way down.

  12. hey i was just thinking. if we where desperate for an enemy in after 1991. why didn’t we create all this islamophobia in 1993 after the blind shiehk tried to bring down the wtc.

  13. I don’t have any proof that muslims are attacking US Jews, but I know that

    1. the media says it under reports muslim crimes and

    2. We have been accepting musims/Palestinians in here and their jew hate is famous.

    One year Phoenician artifacts were found in NY.

  14. Islamaphobia start well before 1991 and by 93 some theorist believe the set up was well underway.

    Would I have the Shari’a supersede Florida? That’s not up to me. If the people of Florida wanted it in their laws then they would get their congressmen and women to vote it into law. But i would suspect that would mean that the majority of Floridians would have to be Muslim or see the benefit of Islamic Law. Not likely.

    “…it will not happen in america.” Probably not.

    “so much for moving towards equallity.” What does this have to do with equality? Men and women are equal in the Sight of God. That does not mean they have the same roles and responsibilities. Equal does not mean the same!

    93.67%. Okay. I see where you are getting that from. However, once again, I am trying to focus on American Muslims and domestic terrorism. The point being that we, American Muslims, are not the threat that Fox and Friends are painting us out to be. So what do you get if you take out that foreign attack on America? .03% (assuming as you did the 6 from 93)

    And by the way, no, I wouldn’t.

  15. “Islamaphobia start well before 1991 and by 93 some theorist believe the set up was well underway.” the set up? so we had the iranians take our embassy. saddam attack kuwait? the oil embargo of the 70s? i keep forgeting, america is in control of the whole world. nothing happens without the cia’s approval. what do you mean dude?

    “Would I have the Shari’a supersede Florida? That’s not up to me.” but if it was you would. your ruling already supersedes florida law. here children inherit equal shares regardless of their gender.

    “the majority of Floridians would have to be Muslim or see the benefit of Islamic Law” one of the problems with a representative republic. majority rules. but hopefully our constitution will continue to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

    “What does this have to do with equality? Men and women are equal in the Sight of God.” but not in the sight of the law? a third isn’t equal to two thirds. want about it taking two women to equal one man when witnessing the signing of a will?
    “That does not mean they have the same roles and responsibilities.” so you don’t see how feminist might find such a statement as offensive? saying women have no responsibility to maintain their own lives relegates them to a perpetual state of childhood.
    “Equal does not mean the same!” you sure? i think that is exactly what equal means. 1 = 1.

    “However, once again, I am trying to focus on American Muslims and domestic terrorism.” so who is an american muslim? do you have to be born here?
    “The point being that we, American Muslims, are not the threat that Fox and Friends are painting us out to be.” no doubt. terrorism as a whole isn’t much of a threat. but it is a tramatic event when muslims fly planes into buildings. it captures the attention of the entire nation. much like any commerical plane crash. even though 44,000 people die in car crashes every year, one plane crash with 100 souls lost makes national news. go figure.
    “So what do you get if you take out that foreign attack on America?” so you consider 9/11 to not be domestic terrorism? so if on september 10th 2001 the fbi had arrested 19 muslims for over staying student visas, would the cry of islamaphobia had rang out across the land?
    “.03% (assuming as you did the 6 from 93)” dude 6 of 201 is 3%. don’t sweet it i’m making more mistakes today then a life time. you know waht muhammad said. i have to beg for forgiveness 100 times a day.

    but yeah if you take 9/11 out of the picture, there is almost no terrorism in america. take out mcveigh and it’s what, 33 dead in 25 years. yeah we aren’t pakistan or nigeria or even eqypt.

    “I wouldn’t.” cool becuse i’m getting drunk tonight at macdinton’s.

    btw here’s a local story you may have not heard. he’s naturalized, does that make him an american muslim?


    take it easy boss. got a kickball game to go to. i know it sounds kind of gay, but it’s co-ed. and you can drink beer while playing.

  16. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/equal

    1. Having the same quantity, measure, or value as another.
    2. Mathematics Being the same or identical to in value.
    a. Having the same privileges, status, or rights: equal before the law.
    b. Being the same for all members of a group:

  17. mike

    If you are truly interested about the state of the world being shaped by the middle east I would suggest doing some research into how the middle east got into the mess it is in. And yes, it got some help to get there. Look into the effects of colonialism, nationalism, the establishment of Isreal, wahabi’ism, the Cold War, and US foreign policy. Get a good understanding of all of that and you may start to understand the mess.

    That mistake two. 3% and 100 lashes (not 80).

    Equal vs. the same

    If woman are the same as men then they should be able to carry the same load (I am in the Army) and have to do the same standards for the APFT. But they can’t and they don’t because they are DIFFERENT. They have a different physiology. They have different traits then men. Their lung size is different, the abs are stronger. But they ARE equal. I don’t expect a society who believe that three = one to quite understand that equal does not mean the same. Can a woman be a body builder? Yes. Will the strongest woman ever be able to lift the same weight as the strongest man? No. Their are differences between a man and a woman. And there is a difference, as well, in the responsibilities of a man and a woman. Part of the reason for the moral decline of my country is do to no one knows there role anymore. The women are trying to be men rather then be equal to men. And the children think they are running the adults. Everything is flipped upside down. You said reason will prevail one day. Even at the beginning of Progressive Movement in the early 20th Century, the Middle class social reformers were turning back to religion to address the moral and social ills of the time. They saw the need for the higher values of religion.

    Your news story. No I wasn’t aware of it. But yes I would consider him an American Muslim, and as a minority (minority fiqh) he has to abide by the law of the land. If he did not like it here he should never have applied for citizenship.

  18. Rashiyd Abu Ali,

    wow, that’s a hell of a homework assignment. sure i don’t need to go back to the romans, at least the ottomans. i’m no historian by i’m familiar with the british mandate, the balfour declaration. sure you don’t want to throw nasser and pan-arabism in there? you familiar with the UN proposal for partition in ’47?

    “Get a good understanding of all of that and you may start to understand the mess.” that could take a lifetime.

    lol. yeah i’m familiar with the physical differances between men and women. “I don’t expect a society who believe that three = one to quite understand that equal does not mean the same.” who thinks three = one?

    “And there is a difference, as well, in the responsibilities of a man and a woman.” see that is where i think you will upset alot of modern western women. but you would fit right in with “the promise keepers”. you remeber them? i think they are still around, just not filling the stadiums they oonce did.
    “Part of the reason for the moral decline of my country is do to no one knows there role anymore. The women are trying to be men rather then be equal to men.” so you’re no fan of lesbians? well i’m no fan of the progressive movement.

    thank you for your sevice.

    you must not be a fan of the kinks either?

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  19. 3 = 1….oh shit, just got it? the trinity. that’s funny.

  20. There are non trinitarian Christians. In fact i believe that Islam was invented by non trinitarian, non marian Christians who were perhaps chased out of their original home and became entangled with the arabs.

    The koran is a compilation of their thought, Bible stories, bits of Bible verses – sometimes one sees a portion of a verse – arab ideas and odd bits of science.

  21. Hmmm. Interesting theory anon. But I have my own. The same God that reveal His Message to previous biblical Prophets also reveal His Universal truth to Prophet Muhammad (SAAW), thus the similarities (same Source). Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) 1) could not read to be able to have access to written materials (even if he could historians agree that the bible (Latin, Aramaic or Hebrew) was not translated into Arabic until some time later) 2) Prophet Muhammad did not encounter large groups of Christians and Jews until after the migration (13 years after the start of his mission) 3) the Qur’an is in pure Arabic with such subtleties and profound usage that it became the standard bearer for the entire language to this day (even Jews who want to know the meaning of old Hebrew words turn to Arabic to glean possible meanings). This means it was not from a foreigner 4) the Qur’an was reveal over the course of 23 years in response to the spiritual needs of the community as they arose. That is 23 years for someone to say, he was being helped I saw him get this from so and so, or I’m helping him, or his source being found, or etc. None of which happened (obviously).

  22. I thought he knew a bishop, first wife Khadija was a Christian and he had a scribe writing for him.

  23. It looks like non trinitarian thought to me, part of the Arian heresy maybe.

    The portion of it that describes the comings and goings with his wives looks like a journal.

    God does not introduce himself with the forms used in the Bible.

    It is more logical to think Jesus was crucified than that he was replaced.

  24. He(SAAW) met a monk when he was 8 or 9. His wife Khadijah’s cousin was Christian, not her. She took Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) to see him when he first receive revelation. Her cousin said that if he would be alive when Muhammad’s people would turn him out he would support him(SAAW), but he died shortly after that. So, where exactly is he(SAAW) getting 23 years of revelation from?

    But it that’s your theory on it, that’s on you. You and I are both waiting to see who is more rightly guided.

  25. Rashiyd Abu Ali,

    you have a theory as to why in 23 years of “divine revelation” god didn’t outlaw slavery? why not outlaw slavery with jesus’s prophecy, or moses or abraham, or adam him self?


    any theory as to why jesus didn’t make slavery haram? how about when peter supposedly cut the ear off the high priest’s slave during jesus’s arrest. (don’t know why peter is carrying a sword?) why not while healing the ear say, “thou shall hold no man or woman in bondage”?

  26. Mike, you can spend all day asking why God did or didn’t do all sorts of things. If you think of God as a man in the sky, running the universe as if it were an office, you are more apt to do that.

  27. Although Islam does not outright outlaw slavery it does encourage the freeing of slaves. Freeing them for the expiation of sins, if they become Muslims, etc. And it says to feed them with the food you eat, and cloth them with the clothes you wear. So it fostered an certain attitude of mercy towards slaves, unlike “christian” slavery. But at the end of the day slavery is slavery, and it is distasteful. It was a part of life at the time of all Prophetic revelations. But nothing says you HAVE to have a slave, just how to treat them with kindness if you do. Sorry. I know that’s not the answer you are looking for but it is what it is. You will have to ask your Lord for His reasoning?

  28. “Freeing them for the expiation of sins,” yeah i’ve heard that. that’s why i need to start grabbing up a couple of hundred slave. my plan is to free them one per quarter for the rest of my life.

    “And it says to feed them with the food you eat, and cloth them with the clothes you wear.” yeah i’ve read that hadith, where abu bakr wore the same clothes and ate the same food as his slaves.

    “unlike “christian” slavery.” lol. some christians say the bible comands that you free your slaves after 7 years. others think black people are supposed to be enslaved because of the “the curse of canaan.” go figure. all these divine prophets from thousands of years ago. and still so much disagreement as to what they are saying.

    but perfection allows for what you call distasteful? you don’t find that strange? sorry if you feel in a corner again. but it is hard to defend the indefensible.

  29. “but perfection allows for what you call distasteful? you don’t find that strange?”

    This life is not meant to be perfect. Perfection in the fullest sense comes in the Hereafter. Islam is the perfect religion in an imperfect world. No religion will lead to a perfect society because man is man. He will find a way to mess it up. Man makes mistakes, he sins, he is tempted. Man’s perfection in this life is to turn to God sincerely and ask for forgiveness (so hold onto your 100 slaves). No religion saves man from war, disease, poverty, worldly death, loss of love ones, captivity. That is not goal of Deen. It is to teach you how to have a relationship with God, instill patience, imbibe high moral character, and deal with life as life is (sometimes cruel and unjust).

    “sorry if you feel in a corner again. ”

    Well, I guess I’m in the corner, even though in two other posts I told you that the IF was a hypothetical. But I’ll get comfortable there. Any other questions?

  30. “Islam is the perfect religion in an imperfect world” ok boss.
    “Any other questions?” tons dude. but i’m headed to the rays game. maybe if i’m not to drunk after the game i’ll post a few higher in the rotation. sorry if i missed the IF in your sentence. but as you can see my reading comprehention skills are lacking. i still don’t get how a perfect religion would allow for the enslaving of people. anyways the saudi’s had a slave market until 1962, and mauritinia didn’t outlaw slavery til like 1983? but still widely practiced. ok, one more question. so mankind came up with a better law than the perfect religion, than god’s divine revelation?

    thinks that make you go uhm.

  31. Tis is totally fake and don’t believe it. I am alejandro gonzalez and I did not attack these guys beacause they were just Muslims the cops turned he story around because I was being a pain I’m the ass with them. Yeah what I did looks and was bad. But here people owed me money during a business we had together And I caught the worst end of the bargain it’s ok. Ill beat this case because its no a hate crime one bit. I love any religion and any color so people. I’m not racist one bit. They barley had a cat scratch on there face. I should’ve punched the, and knocked them out but I brought a little piece of lass for protection and had to use it to escape they can play this out to be something is not this is 2013 and this happened in 2012. It’s not 1993. Who the hell is Islamic phobic now a days that’s ridiculous. I am ashamed of the general public to think this is ok to have a field day with this and post this on the my post website and this which is even worse makes me sick. I am ashamed that this is even legal. i did my punishment for the crime and I shouldn’t have to look back at it anymore. Especially on the Internet. Ill beat this case because not only am I not ill or homeless but I am not a racist. I went to college and I’m going back for my associates and bachelors in criminal justice. I mean this ridiculous. I am an awesome kid and any of my friends will tell you Ido not act in this manner In public and especially for no reason. Ill rather fight before I stab. I won’t cut your face with my nails ill use a broken bottle it’s the bronx better then getting shot with a fun. If you owe me money you’re gonna pay mein blood simple. No more selling red bull or cigarettes to these guys. Ask them how much I was bringing them in. No one cares about these guys. Not an excuse to kill them but there assholes period. And I know every Muslim is not like this I have Muslim friends. I had so much product I was selling it to three different stores. They didnt want me to eat when I was hungry well I don’t want you to eat while your hungry either. Thank you for your time. Email me for any questions on the situation. Redstormlax11@hotmail.com

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