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Debbie Schlussel: Zayn Malik of the Boy Band One Direction is “Pimpin’ Jihad”

24 June 2012 General 9 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Debbie Schlussel: Zayn Malik of the Boy Band One Direction is “Pimpin’ Jihad”

Debbie Schlussel has succeeded in getting herself some attention. She’s obviously a believer in the idea that any publicity is good publicity. Schlussel’s latest “shwang, wang, wang” moment came when she labeled Zayn Malik, a member of the British boy band “One Direction” a “pimp for jihad.”

One Direction’s Zayn Malik accused of ‘enticing jihad’

(The Week)

POP STAR Zayn Malik has been accused of “pimping Islam on your kids” by US political blogger Debbie Schlussel. The right-wing commentator claimed One Direction band member Malik was “using [his] influence to preach the Islamic faith” to “millions” of fans in America, listing occasions when the 1D member had tweeted about fasting for Ramadan and Allah, according to The Sun. Schlussel warned that “mindless girls” were being exposed to Malik’s “dangerous influence”, adding that even President Obama’s daughter Malia was a fan. “Keep your daughters away from Zayn Malik’s enticing jihad… He is a devout British Muslim whose family is from Pakistan,” said Schlussel. “He’s no dummy.”


  1. Poor kid. He just wants to make music. I wish people pulled their heads out of their asses before they say anything. I guess that is what people mean by “Talking out of your ass”..

  2. A pimp for jihad? Come on, I hate their music as much as the next guy, but that’s going a bit too far…

  3. ادعموا الصفحة الموالية بارككم الله

  4. She’s a bully.

  5. you are really exaggerate……

  6. NO COMMENT… she goes to the hell…

  7. “He is a devout British Muslim”
    LOL Music is forbidden in islam how can he be a devout muslim?

  8. What is the prob wid this woman!!!! Who is she to say sth like dat bout Zayn!!! I’m a Muslim and I’m proud to be one!!! Preach your own religion if u want to missy!!!!!!!!

  9. Shut up u stupid woman!!! I’m a Muslim and Pakistani and I’m proud 2 be one!!! Preach your own religion if u want 2!!!

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