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Muslim Youths Again Targeted with ‘Love Jihad’ Hate Campaign in Kerala

26 June 2012 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Muslim youths again targeted with ‘Love Jihad’ hate campaign in Kerala

by Abdul Bassith MA (

Thiruvananthapuram: The Hindutva sponsored “Love Jihad” hate campaign against Muslim youths in Kerala has surfaced again after a brief lull. The campaign had already caused serious wounds to the communal harmony of the state and campaigners were back to their den soon after Kerala Police lodged cases under section 153 against websites of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and five other Hindutva websites on charges of pressing on with the hate campaigns even after court terming it baseless and Police reports rejecting any such allegations.

But a Malayalam weekly named Kalakaumudi having majority subscriptions in regions other than Malabar has now resumed the hate campaign in their recent edition of 10th June citing unauthentic central intelligence agency reports. The Hindutva websites too have now taken up this campaign and are altogether busy reviving those earlier terms like “Love”, “Romeo”, “Black Money”, “Land Mafia” in order to suffix “Jihad” with it.

Earlier more than any of those Hindutva websites it was the mainstream news dailies in Kerala, seemed keen on publishing such imaginative stories of ‘Muslim Jihadis’ pretending love towards Hindu and Christian girls to convert them to Islam. It still needs clarification on whether they took up the news from Hindutva websites or these websites took up exclusives published by these Malayalam news dailies. The news dailies, their weeklies and fortnightlies though published police clarifications and the court order calling “Love Jihad” allegations baseless in inner page columns, were never ready to make a confession. The media hate campaign brought about a situation where each and every movements and gestures of a Muslim youth in a campus or his work place was watched with suspicion by other community members.

The Kerala home ministry has taken a note of these latest allegations put forward by the Kalakaumudi weekly, which in its cover page says “Every month 180 girls are getting converted in Kerala”. The home ministry is concerned regarding conspiracies and attempts from a few corners to disrupt the already deteriorating communal texture of the state by spreading such rumours and unauthentic reports. The weekly on publication underwent a high demand and within a day copies were sold out.

Earlier on an exclusive scoop regarding – Muslim specific cyber surveillance in Kerala – the Kerala govt had accused the Madhyamam weekly, of ruining the religious harmony of the state. Madhyamam actually had only published the list of 258 email addresses belonging to Muslim journalists, students and politicians in Kerala, out of the 268 email addresses, the Kerala Police intelligence snooped into by even baselessly associating them with the banned SIMI. There wasn’t even a petty case registered against any of these individuals. Then instead of taking actions against those Police officers involved in the email snooping – the Home ministry then under the control of Chief Minister – was rather keen on witch hunting the weekly and the ones who leaked the news for it.

But now with the Kalakaumudi weekly again publishing unauthentic reports on “Love Jihad”, which the court and the Police had earlier ruled out, terming them as obvious attempt to destabilise the communal texture of the state; the Kerala govt is now under a deep silence and they are yet to consider it as one ruining the communal harmony of the state.

Police affidavit clears Muslim youth of love Jihad allegations
Accompanying this report, a few complaints have been registered against Muslim youths in some Police stations and Home Minister Thiruvanjoor Radhakrishnan said that any such complaints brought into the notice of the Home ministry will be examined. He said that bringing in so much sensationalism, emotions into the issue will disrupt the communal harmony and he noted that the “Love Jihad” campaign has been rather more rampant online.

One such complaint was by a Kshethra Samrakshana Samithi [Temple Protection Committee] worker named Unnikrishnan, who filed a habeas corpus petition at a court in Kerala accusing a Muslim youth named Haris of kidnapping his daughter to convert her to Islam.

The Kozhikode Police Commissioner G Sparjan Kumar in his affidavit before the court said that the girl was keeping relations with the Muslim youth since last six years. Their relation started when she was a school going girl and when he was working as a Bus conductor on her school route.

“Allegations like the youth is having links with Muslim communal organisations and that the girl has been kidnapped as part of their agenda to convert her, are mere doubts of a Father, who is an active worker of Kshethra Samrakshana Samithi”, said the Police Commissioner in his affidavit. The affidavit further noted that Unnikrishnan too got married to a Christian girl after similar love affair, and it was to her, this daughter was born. The court allowed the petitioner to give his arguments against the affidavit before 26th of June. The case will be again taken for hearing on 26th June.


  1. NYT said Hindutva was seizing hindus who had converted to Christianity and forcing them to drink cow’s urine.
    Mmm! That’ll change their mind!

    This conversion racket involving young girls is done by muslims as well.

  2. Why is that you mooselimbs create problems, war, murder, unrest, wherever in the world your numbers are sufficiently high??

    The higher the number of mooselimbs the stronger the killings and the unrest!

    Why is that?

  3. Yeah Anon, the forced conversions really show why there is only 20 million Christians living in the region. Yeah their religion teaches them that its ok to forcefully convert non Muslims. Just like atheism supported Hitler and Stalin. Ur bigotry is old and shows you lack intelligence. Perhaps I should associate Christianity with pedophilia based on the Pope? Or maybe high domestic violence in the US with Christianity? Reason ppl don’t like atheists is becuz of comments like yours. You claim to use logic and reasoning but you associate everything bad that happens with religion. Your arguement isn’t logical or based on reason. It’s built upon hatred. The thing you claim is only associated with religion.

    Easy rom,
    Most ppl like to associate the violence in the world with the Middle East because they are Muslim countries. Wrong. It is because the American government sends the CIA to cause unrest in Middle East countries. Yeah u might think this is a conspiracy theorist, but listen first rant later. The CIA took down the democratic leader in Iran and replaced him with the Shah in 1953. Reason they gave for doing it? Well, they had reason to believe the democratic leader supported Communism. There were also more plus benefits for the overthrow. One for oil. The oil wealth was distributed between America and Britain. Two. To places missiles and weapons towards communist Russia. Many more examples with the CIA can be seen in other Muslim countries, like Egypt (Rise of Mubarak), Iraq (Rise of Saddam), Indonesia (yeah,most populous Muslim country). They also got involved in African countries like the Congo, or in South America like Chile and Cuba. So why are the majority of Muslim countries so violent? Because the US was involved in overthrowing the majority of Muslim countries and replacing them with leaders who did not support Communism, no matter how bad they are. Perhaps you should look up more history of all the leaders coincidently being assassinated in these Muslim countries.
    Remember Vietnam? Ever wonder why 1/3 of the Ameican soilders were heroin addicts? Cuz the locals who grew it were actually helped by the US government in exchange for military services. Starting to understand why some 20 thousand Vietnamese were executed by our government?

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