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US Navy to remove Muslim images from target range

2 July 2012 General 26 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
CAIR welcomes US Navy decision to end attacks on Muslim women, Qur’an.

CAIR welcomes US Navy decision to end attacks on Muslim women, Qur’an.

The US military has agreed to remove targets depicting a Muslim woman and verses from the Qur’an from shooting ranges, it was announced at the weekend, where they were being used for target practice.

“We have removed this particular target and Arabic writing in question from the range in the near term, and will explore other options for future training,” Lt David Lloyd, a Navy spokesperson, said in a statement.

The move comes after the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington-based Muslim advocacy group, sent a letter to US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta on Friday asking for the targets and religious text to be removed from a military facility based at Joint Base Fort Story on the east coast of the US.

“We welcome the Navy’s prompt action to address community concerns and hope this incident serves as a reminder that credible scholars and experts need to be consulted when designing training materials relating to Islam and Muslims for our nation’s military personnel,” CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a statement.

“This is a welcome first step, but a serious and comprehensive review is needed to deal with the issue of Islamophobia in military training,” he added.

Last year, the White House-ordered a comprehensive review of US government counter-terrorism training materials to eliminate any potentially Islamophobic content.

Original post: US Navy to remove Muslim images from target range


  1. So in the mosque scenario presumably the target will now be a girl in a bikini holding a sandwich and there will be passages from the books of richard dawkins om the walls.

  2. And what about the other branches of the military, and their training practices? What about all of the offensive images and techniques that we do not know about?

    Oh, and what about the da,age that’s already been done??

  3. I happen to be a member of the US Navy and I find this really offensive so you should back off! What about a nun firing an automatic weapon from a church. Get real!

  4. Nuns don’t hardly do that sort of thing. How about other women in “religious” garb?

  5. “…and I find this really offensive so you should back off!”

    Haha, Raidah, you think you being offended really matters? Boo-hoo! Have you ever heard of the real world? Also, I can’t determine your position, much less something furthering thought on the issue. So, you are the one who should “get real”

  6. Why is any branch of the US military even listening to CAIR?

  7. Fucky Whore,

    Just because lousy bitches like you are still living and breathing on earth.

  8. Mr Brian,

    I think Raidah has a clear position. As she says she used to work for the US navy, and does not like the dirty portrayal of a Muslim woman by the navy, her position is clear on this issue.

    Tamils have been using women as suicide bombers for decades. They killed Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi, Srilankan President Premadasa, civilians, police, military and civil service officials indiscriminately. Yet, they are not portrayed in a vicious manner like US does of Muslims. Had you showed Tamil women in this way, they would demand great punitive measures against you. And who knows, you might have been killed. SriLankan Tamils are pretty vicious as a people.

    Get some brain for yourself instead of advising others to get real.

  9. Correction,

    “Raidah not used to work for the navy but still works for the navy”.

  10. Jane and Rocks for Brains,
    No one said it was ok for Muslims to do the same. The point of the article is that if we want to say we are better than those extremists we should not practice the same. Especially if you view democracy as the only fair government.

  11. I hope the US military will now remove all targets which picture humans and all texts from the walls.

  12. a nun strikes again.


    i wonder what the verses were? 5:33, 8:12, 9:14?

    aren’t we all being just a little too sensitive. do we not want to train our soldiers, sorry seamen for real life scenarios?


    sup? dude really? the tamil tigers? so if the tigers had a distinctive dress unsimilar to sri lankans as a whole. you would find it offensive if the government of sri lanka had targets for training purposes show terrorist in such dress?

    so during ww2 if we had practice targets with blond haired blue eyed guys all the german americans would had gone apeshit?

  13. Dongo agrees with Hamas-CAIR that a picture of a Muslim woman holding a gun is far more offensive than Muslims in Mali destroying ancient mosques.

  14. Mike,

    Yes, your beloved Tamil tigers were doing so. And I would truly feel offended if anyone would be showed as negatively for crimes by a group belonging to his/her faith or ethnicity. These Tamils are British plantation in Sri Lanka. Do not you see violence committed by them and condemn Muslim violence instead?

    Do not forget the plight of German diaspora during WW-1 and 2.

  15. My Fucky Whore,

    Has Hamas or CAIR condoned the violence in Mali? No. I have always been against destroying religious buildings/architecture. In 2007-8 in a northern district, when Muslims tried to takeover an ancient Hindu temple named the Temple of Kantojiu, I myself protested that and signed a petition against the culprits. I was one of the team members who helped save the temple. So, how could you accuse me of having condoned the brutish acts in Mali?

    Are you having too much menstrual blood? And too much menstrual heat therefore? If so, I as a hellhound, won’t fuck a cheap, lousy, stinky slut like you.

  16. dongo,

    when did i say i loved the tamil tigers? i think you missed my point totally. so what should these targets be wearing? this is naval training. we are fighting two wars in islamic countries, where women wear burqas and nijabs. the men wear very non-western style head wear as well. but i guess it would make more sense to have the women targets in bikinis or pants suits and the dudes in bremuda shorts and backward baseball caps or maybe swim trunks with no shirts?

  17. Mike,

    May be partially but not totally. When you said “sup? dude really? the tamil tigers?” as if you don’t know Tamils doing these. You know when a Muslim sneezes and you don’t know Tamils using women as suicide bombers? And you pretend to be unaware?

    However, it does not require a post-doctorate in astronomy from Harvard/Yale/Cambridge/Oxford to understand the hypocrisy of the West when they suggest for peaceful resolution conflicts in Sri Lanka, ask the Lankan government to account for the so-called war crimes against the Indian implanted Tamils in Sri Lanka, yet the West continues to use brute force against mostly civilians in Pak-Afghan borders, the freedom fighters in Kashmir, Central Asia and Caucasus, Mindanao are terrorists with every bad name and epithet given by the media and baseborne writers and self-proclaimed scholars.

  18. dongo,

    no, i’m not pretending anything. i’m familair with the tigers use of suicide bombers.

    sorry the rest of your comment eludes me? keep in mind i’m a simpleton. so the west is killing people in kashmir? we, the west are certainly killing people on the afghan pakistani border. not sure we are killing mostly civilians, but maybe so. is the caucasus a referance to chechyna? you consider russia as the west?

    again the point of a kill house is to train our poeple in a real world scenerio. to differenciate between friend and foe. so i would hope that the hostages as well as the hostage takers are wearing attire appropriate to the region. the point of the target is not the headscaf, but the gun in her hand.

    i’ll google “Mindanao” totally unfamiliar.

  19. Mike,

    Geographically, Russia is a nation spread in both ASia and Europe. I did not say the West was killing people in Kashmir. But the freedom fighters in these regions are always termed as insurgents/terrorists/butchers/extremists/fundamentalists/jihadists whatever negativity can be ascribed from dictionaries existing or invented. Why? Just because they are Muslims and are fighting non-Muslims or Muslims aided by non-Muslims. Why has South Sudan or East Timore become independent? Because they are Christians. They were not called terrorists. Now you may cite Bosnia. But here you have to look at the political game. Not only the Muslim Bosnia became independent, but also other non-Muslim states came into being from the former FRY. This might have been a sledgehammer blow to Russia but its restored economic might and military confidence have helped omewhat offset this debacle. You may also see former Soviet bloc states have also joined NATO. Please note, I do not condone Russia for any reason whatsoever.

    You see the movies from US and India: everywhere you will find these fighters in demonic fashion. In Russia, whom the Pagan Mongols brutally fucked for about 250 years, are no problem. The problem arises with Mongols/tatars converting to Islam although when they converted to Islam, Russia had almost become free from Mongol rule. But in Russian literature the Muslim Mongols/Tatars are the villains, not the pagan Mongols. How could they be either? The Russians did not have the balls at all to stand up to the Mongol ferocity. Yert they do not mention the far brutal massacre of Muslims in Caucasus and Central Asia who were not Mongols alone but Turkic and Persian as well.

    Please do not say you are a simpleton. The way you write bears witness that you are quite sane and attentive a person. You are very prompt in quoting Quranic and Haadis verses. How can you call yourself a simpleton then? Don’t tell me to believe that.

    Mindanao is in Philippines, a bastard country of the Celto-Germanic leftover Spaniards.

  20. Mike,

    Well, that thing is no stranger for Christians. When Jews were treated all villainous, then perhaps they would bed depicted as such like Muslims today. US has no romance with non-Muslim Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, N-Korea. Will US navy dare depicting them as Catholics/Orthodox/Buddhists holding a gun and then use them as target practice?

    Or did/would US forces dare depicting Hitler/Mussolini as target practice in Catholic garb?


  21. csbsf,

    i love ya man. you are a fountain of knowledge. your knowledge of geo-politics and history is expansive. i’m not only a simpleton but a bit drunk right now. but let me see if i can “manipulate” your posts.

    yes i know russia expands over both europe and asia. but it’s not considered the west. at least not here in the west. part of istanbul is in europe, no one considers turkey to be a western nation. and they are a NATO member.

    first you say “West continues to use brute force against mostly civilians in Pak-Afghan borders, the freedom fighters in Kashmir” does that not mean kill? “brute force”? then “I did not say the West was killing people in Kashmir.” ok, but that isn’t the way i read it.

    “But the freedom fighters in these regions are always termed as insurgents/terrorists/butchers/extremists/fundamentalists/jihadists whatever negativity can be ascribed from dictionaries existing or invented. Why? Just because they are Muslims and” you sure they aren’t labeled as terrorist because of their tactics? so no non-muslims are ever labeled as terrorist. come on dude. you know better than that. not to get into the whole tamil tiger thing again, but they are/where labeled as terrorist in the west. the IRA. ETA. the maoist in south america and in your part of the world are labeled as terrorists. the shining path. the sandinistas. november 17th, or is it 21. i can never remember, the communist greeks.

    “Why has South Sudan or East Timore become independent? Because they are Christians. They were not called terrorists.” dude, i wouldn’t pretend to know every detail of ever situation in the world. maybe they where the population being brutalized and not the ones attacking, terrorising the “others” within their nation. or maybe just good marketing of their cause. i still don’t get why the palestinians do what they do. i know you hate ghandi, but they should follow his non-violent example. hey there’s some non-christians getting a country.

    “You see the movies from US and India:” i know you mean “a person” when you say you. but i don’t watch india movies. unless i’m in an indian restuarant. i find the music annoying. bollywood sucks. i guess it’s a cultural thing.

    “everywhere you will find these fighters in demonic fashion.” checkout rambo III. he fights along side the afghan mujahidin.

    as for russia literature i’m extremely ignorant.

    “US has no romance with non-Muslim Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, N-Korea. Will US navy dare depicting them as Catholics/Orthodox/Buddhists holding a gun and then use them as target practice?” probably not. but they might depicte them in olive green. maybe wearing a hat with a red star on it.

    sorry but i think you are missing the point. there may have very well have been targets/cutouts of women in islamic garb not holding a gun. the point of these kill houses is to enter and identify the bad guys as oppossed to the friendlys.

    also, now that you got me thinking i re-read the article. i think the stink is over the koranic verses. not the headscarf. re-read it. it says “We have removed this particular target and Arabic writing in question” note particular and writing.

    it’s all about the non-sense that a koranic verse written on paper or cardboard is sacred. don’t shoot a hole in it. what do they do with the targets after they are used? do they dispose of them “properly”. you know my opinion of holding books and buildings or paper and cardboard as “scared”. that cair is protesting the target because it has koranic verses, is because they realize some muslim might find out about it and go crazy and shoot a bunch of people. making things harder on muslims in america. it’s like cair petitioned the supreme court to remove the statue of muhammad from the supreme court building. it is meant as an homage to him being a great ancient law giver. but given some muslims fanaticism about idolitry, they may try to blow up the building.

    always fun talking to ya. you have a good day. beautiful weather here. a great irony, because there is a huge heatwave hitting us and florida is cooler than much of the nation. go figure.

    go rays.

  22. The civilians in these various have been massacred for years now without much notice or caring. Only when US or other entity is involved does it suddenly become an unbearable atrocity.

  23. Mike,

    If you manipulate my writing, I won’t object. But I personally do not do this to others.

    I am not a wise man. I am a dullard. My scores in maths and science got me deeply troubled in schools and college.

    Mike, there are non-Muslim terrorists just like Muslim terrorists. But for the non-Muslim ones, there are various sympathetic terminologies and their faith is never brought into smearing them whereas the opposite is always done on Muslim ones.

    There are two sets of terms: European Russia and Asiatic Russia. Now, Europe is definitely West. And Russia is in Europe. Similarly, Turkey has two sections–Anatolia and Thrace. They mean European and Asiatic Turkey. I guess you could enlight me on this.

    No, I said the West was using brute force against civilians in Pak-Afghan borders. About the Kashmiri freedom fighters, there was a lack of semicolon in my writing. I will correct that next time.

    If the strikes by drones and use of military force are so powerful against “Muslim” terrorists, why are civilians dying at wholesale rates and “Muslim” terrorists continue to thrive? May be because Pakistan is sheltering the earlier. But as civilians are killed by Muslim terrorists and the terrorists are given “Muslim terrorist” title then the West must be given the “Christian terrorist” title because they are doing the same crime.

    Have the communist Greeks been termed as “Orthodox Christian” terrorists though communism is a godless system? Or the Tamils as “Hindu” terrorists? The IRA and ETA as “Catholic Christian” terrorists? KKK as “White Protestant” terrorists? No.

    About movies, please also watch True Lies, Death before Dishonor, Black Stallion, Ishtar, Executive Decision. You may also read a book/writing by professon J. Shaheen, “Reel Bad Arabs”. Even TV serials/series do not spare Muslims whenever they can.

    About depiction of US rivals I told, you can see your depictions are political ones, but when it is Muslims, their faith is the first object to demonise them.

    The US navy may have removed the writing and statue but there is anger on both sides, i.e. Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Muslims say why the navy used this. The non-Muslims say why the navy removed it. Pretty complex situation to handle. If there is a target practice session, use Laden, Zawahiri, Zarqawi, Awlaki who were real criminals. For the navy, I ask, if they knew that such a move would definitely raise controversy, what was then the need to take this step?

    Muslims are totally barred to depict any picture of Prophet Muhammad or any Prophet. Hence, Shia’as do some depiction, They have many differences from Sunnis but one thing is clear. No Muslim will worship at a photo of any Prophet including Muhammad.

  24. Nobody should have to watch Ishtar again. Zarqawi is a great target. What a demon. He filled banana boxes with heads, 6 heads per box. Muslim heads.

  25. csbsf,

    “If you manipulate my writing, I won’t object.” i haven’t manipulated anything. no need to. you speak the truth of your convictions. that is scary enough. i believe you when you say you would sooner die then destroy/”desecrate” a mosque or koran.

    “their faith is never brought into smearing them whereas the opposite is always done on Muslim ones.” the northern ireland conflict is often portrayed as catholic vs protestant. don’t know about “always”. but yeah when you fly planes into buildings for no appearent reason, it’s hard to put a label on it. when an american in conneticut trys to blow up times square becauase, well i don’t know why…..explain it to me. when you scream alluh akbar as you shoot people, when you put out videos quoting the koran and hadiths, it might lead to your religin being linked to your actions.

    when you say you will kill americans “god willing” your religion might get rolled up into the label attached to ya.

    “About movies, please also watch True Lies,” that’s hilarious. i almost typed, don’t watch true lies in my last comment. lol.

    “KKK as “White Protestant” terrorists? No.” of cousre they are. think you missed that one. but i also think the klan is now excepting catholics. they are getting desperate appearently. it’s funny because the other day a show on the radio played the outgoing message from a klan organization. it was all about the israelis attack on the uss liberty in ’67. it said that they expected obama as a muslim to stop the cover up. strange bedfellows.


  26. Mike,

    You got me wrong again. I said I would like to be killed by perpetrators (using the building as a shield) than desecrating the building itself.

    Don’t be so scared, I am not taking you/anyone here with me to death. If I go, I will drag myself, none else.

    Mike, I mentioned movies besides True Lies. These movies ain’t hilarious. However, at the end of True Lies, there was a credit rolling saying the film did not intend to hurt the sentiments of any particular group/faith/community. What a hypocrisy! All through the film, there is anti-Muslim sentiments but the film says it intends to hurt none. The same can be said of other movies too.

    Yes, when the IRA clashes are broadcast, their identity is not given as Catholic terrorists; the same is true for ETA as well.

    And of course, KKK is not labeled as White Protestant terrorists. They are called white supremacists though they are as equally murderous and despicable as Laden, Taliban, AQ.

    Moreover, politics does make strange bedfellows. The US was apparently against India in the 1965 Indo-Pak War. But secretly it had been assisting India against Pakistan, a close ally of the US. These double-dealing in nothing new or exceptional for the US.

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