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Muslims Stoning Christians in Michigan? Not quite…

3 July 2012 General 46 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Alan Noble, Christ and Pop Culture

Earlier this year I wrote a excruciatingly detailed feature article describing how Wretched TV had deceptively edited footage of some Christian streetpreachers at the Arabfest in Dearborn Michigan in order to portray the Muslims in attendance as violent, bloodthirsty foreigners. I pointed out that the “Christian” preachers were led by Ruban Israel, a notorious street preacher (who was and is not supported by or connected to Wretched TV) who went to the festival specifically to agitate and incite the Muslims. If you look at unedited footage of the event, it’s clear that the “Christians” were inciting Muslims to hate, which, of course, never justifies violence, but it does explain why it happens.

I bring this up because it’s happened again. Ruben Israel returned this year to the Arab Festival and once again incited the festival goers to scream and yell and throw trash. Although Wretched TV did not report the story this year, it was picked up by The BlazeAmerican VisionAmerican ThinkerFrontPage Magazine, and other, smaller conservative websites.

Each of these reports has included and cited a YouTube video edited by The United West, a group “dedicated to defending and advancing Western Civilization against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of Shariah Islam.” Good journalism would demand that these sites check their source and consider possible biases, but, for whatever reason, these conservative news sites report on the event as if it the video was an accurate representation of what occurred. But it was not. Not at all. Here’s United West’s video:

wish I had the time and energy to point out every deceptive edit in this video and all the manipulative ways in which this event was reported on, but I don’t. So here’s a short list, and if you’re interested in seeing more, watch the unedited, hour long YouTube video of the incident. Watch carefully. It looks a lot different if you’re paying attention.

1. The United West video (See here) and many of the reports on this incident either claim or insinuate that the police did nothing to stop the kids from throwing trash at Ruben and his friends.

However, in the unedited video, you can see the police interviene oncetwice (note the police dragging a kid off at this point–something none of the articles mention), thricefourse [sic] (note that this appears to be another arrest or citation? Again, never mentioned in any of the reports I listed), and I’m not going to bother looking for more examples.

Bottom line: the video lies/misrepresents the truth and each of these reports, either in ignorance (in which case they are examples of bad journalism) or knowingly repeats this lie or fails to challenge it (in the case of The Blaze).

2. Muslim adults repeatedly work to calm down and stop the kids from yelling and throwing trash. In fact, one, apparently, Muslim man stands in front of the Christians, protecting them from the angry crowd. Does this mean Islam is a religion of peace? Nope, it just means that this man (as well as many others in the video) wanted to prevent violence from happening. Does the fact that the “mob” of kids threw trash and possibly a piece of concrete mean that Islam is a religion of violence? Nope, it just means that some kids got offended and angry.

If we want to discuss whether or not Islam is inherently violent, we need to look for evidence elsewhere.

3. The video edits out the part where Ruben Israel explains to a police officer that they have a pig head on a pole because Muslims are “petrified” of pigs and so it “keeps them at bay.” No really. He says that. Can you understand now why a group of Arab kids might feel threatened by these predominately white, Christians coming to their cultural festival to shout at them that they are going to hell and that their religion is a lie? Get a bunch of kids together, mock their beliefs, try to ward them away with a pig head on a stick, yell at them, and no matter what religion they are, don’t be surprised if they start throwing trash. That doesn’t in any way justify their action, but it does explain it.

4. As you watch the video it is clear that the police helped protect the Christians when they could. Could they have done a better job? Perhaps. It’s not clear from the video how many people were in attendance (I believe it was around 100k) or how many officers were available to help out. But it is clear that those officers did in fact intervene and protect the Christians several times.

5. It is also clear that this group of Christians was almost entirely focused on angering these Muslims, forcing the police to protect them after they had incited violence, and complaining over and over again about their rights and how they were being persecuted. What on earth does this have to do with lovingly sharing the Gospel to lost people? How is a preoccupation with asserting your rights honoring to God?

6. In United West’s edited video (which has over 440,000 views in three days), they show a clip of an adult Muslim telling the kids to either jump the Christians or leave. What they cut out are the shots of this same man pushing kids away from the Christians, trying to disperse the crowdmultiple times. By cutting these shots out, United West has given the impression that this adult was egging the kids on to violence; when in actuality, he seems to have been calling their bluff and trying to get them to realize how foolish they had been acting….

Read the rest here >>

Original post: Muslims Stoning Christians in Michigan? Not quite…


  1. “it’s clear that the “Christians” were inciting Muslims to hate, which, of course, never justifies violence, but it does explain why it happens.”

    “once again incited the festival goers to scream and yell and throw trash.”

    seriouly, someone can “incite” you to scream and throw trash. muslims are funny. it’s like printing cartoons can “incite” you to kill. how about burning a koran “explains” why a muslim would riot? kill kill kill. it’s not my fault, i was “incited”. doesn’t that “explain” it?

    FUCK MUHAMMAD. oh shit. i didn’t incite you to kill me, did i? FUCK CHRIST, that would explain it.

    don’t offend the muslims. it’s a license to kill in their minds.

    “Muslim adults repeatedly work to calm down and stop the kids from yelling and throwing trash.” they probably should have taught them about freedom of speech long before now.

    “It is also clear that this group of Christians was almost entirely focused on angering these Muslims,” it appears it doesn’t take much to anger muslims.

  2. Many years ago a group of Nazis applied for a permit to march through an area of holocaust survivors in the US. People were outraged and tried to block the march. The ACLU stepped in on the side of the Nazis saying the march was a free speech issue.The march went on thanks to the ACLU. People responded to this insult by dropping their membership in the ACLU not by stoning the Nazis.There is no excuse for the stoning of the marchers in Dearborn however provactive they were. Let’s see if the ACLU or another civil rights group steps in to sue Dearborn and the people involved in the stoning.Dearborn has already been sued once for violating the first amendment free speech rights of Christians.

  3. You can be damn sure if it were Christians pelting Muslims, the ACLU, Democratic Party, Eric Holder, and CAIR would be demanding hate crime charges and filing lawsuits.

  4. The argument against the Nazis was that they had forfeited their right to expression by doing the Holocaust, ww2, etc. The ACLU was taking bizarre cases back then trying to give insane people the right to live on the sidewalk.

    This game in Dearborn is potentially dangerous. Spencer says a muslim was arrested on counts of murder for trying to run over these Christians with a vehicle.

  5. Mike Hera,
    bigots will be bigots. Mike, really?
    “Get a bunch of kids together, mock their beliefs, try to ward them away with a pig head on a stick, yell at them, and no matter what religion they are, don’t be surprised if they start throwing trash.”
    That’s not a bit much?
    Your comment:
    FUCK MUHAMMAD. oh shit. i didn’t incite you to kill me, did i? FUCK CHRIST, that would explain it.

    Wow, real intolerance and hatred in those words. So Muslims throwing trash in response to aggression means they want to kill you? Sounds like a normal response to me. Sounds like you got real upset by the article. Did the article incite hatred in you? Your comment makes u just as bad as any Christian or Muslim during that event. WHOO u wanna kill us…I will report your comment to the authorities and see what they think about it.

    U seem to have trouble understanding. They weren’t stoned, they were garbaged. Really, its not justified? I go into a room full of black ppl and yell nigg** and get my assed kicked. Were their actions not justified? They started it! Guess Christians will always defend their own.

  6. Hera,

    There was nothing I found after searching google for 3.5 hours as per your bullshit advice. It proves clearly you as a liar indeed and your purported reality a falsity.

    How could you know they were Muslims? There are Christian islamophobes who will gladly do so to harass Muslims. Remember the Norway attacks? First it was blamed on Muslims. But who was it? A Christian in fact.

  7. Hera,

    I found some sites that Christians are doing the dirty tricks.

    a)Passio: The Gay Jesus Porn Film (GBG] Atheist News: Passio: The Gay Jesus Porn Film godbegone.blogspot.com/2008/07/passio-gay-jesus-porn-film.html

    b)XXX porn – Jesus banging aisan girl .mpeg torrent – Video torrents …

    c)PornJesus | And verily, I bring you Free Porn!www.pornjesus.com/

    d)Porn Star Erica comes back to Jesus, http://www.guardianangel.in/…/183-P-Popup-Porn-Star-Erica-comes-back-…shows a cartoon of a sexy lady being hugged from behind by a saintly figure, dressed and appearing to be in similarity with Jesus.

    e)Michael Ruse, “Jesus as an openly gay man”, The Guardian, 4 April, 2011.

    f)BBC News – Sir Elton John says Jesus was super-intelligent gay man, news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8523538.stm, 19 February, 2010.

  8. Hera,

    There is no fucking shit on earth called Judeo-Christian values. Jews and Christians do not worship the same God. Jews are strict monotheists whereas Christians are trinitarians. Jews even hate to utter the name of Jesus. The Rabbi Roi Margalit in an interview said that “for us Jews, even to utter the name of that man is a grave sin as he himself is considered as a deity by some people.” (www.yeshiva.org.il). Jews call Jesus a false messiah, a bastard and His mother Virgin Mary as unchaste whereas we Muslims not only pay very high regard to both of them but also there is a Sura named Sura Maryam in the holy Quran.

    The things you mentioned are not confined to Judaism and Christian and are found in other faiths and ideologies too. Some of them are even from secular ones. I have no wish to go to Pakistan as I am fine in my country. But you first go to a psychiatrist and then to a moral correctional facility about learning to speak truth which might increase your weight. Or else you will remain a cheap, lousy liar as you have always been.

  9. A muslim, drunk from his kafirophobic scriptures, is always on the look out for non-muslims to attack.

    The fast dwindling native non-muslim population % in islamic nations is proof.

    Islam is not a religion. Make no mistake….it is a doctrine that aims to change the economics, politics, governance, social and individual laws/ values back to 7th century arabian ways.

  10. Suckshito,

    Are you a dirty Indo-Mongoloid hybrid? You are. And you are a bugger indophile as well.

    Islam is a religion, not a sex-murder-deception-brutality cartoon like your faith. And who is attacking whom, probably has not entered your indophile craphead. in that case, I suggest you to consult a mental asylum. If it does not work, you better request the law enforcers to jail yourself. Even that if does not work, you better leave the world as soon as possible, you scum.

    If Islam is not a religion, then what about other faiths? Uppercaste Hindus erased the Indus valley civilisation. The BJP, VHP, RSS now say that the native Americans are Hindus because one of the most hated bastards of history, Christophucker Columbastard named them as red Indians. B G Tilak in his book “Arctic Home in the Vedas” wrote that Aryan Hindus came down to earth from the heavens and landed in the Arctic circle; from there they spread to the world and India. For India, they had divine edicts to colonise it. So, don’t you see violence? Wherever Christian missionaries went and go alongside imperialists by this plea or that, native people’s faiths are at stake.

    For your kind information, Arabian life of the 7th century is no more existent. They have shifted to 21st century style and in some cases, e.g. in brutality, greed, hatred, conspiracy, carnal pleasures have surpassed their bastard Western Fathers whom they have begotten themselves.

  11. Aikido,

    To see what Islamic fundamentalism can do to a society. Here are some fascinating pictures of Afghanistan in the 1950s and 1960s, before the Taliban corrupted the country. Notice how much more modern and progressive Afghanistan was in the 1950s then in the 1990s and beyond.

    Once Upon A Time In Afghanistan

    ‘Given the images people see on TV, many conclude Afghanistan never made it out of the Middle Ages. But that is not the Afghanistan I remember. I grew up in Kabul in the 1950s and ’60s. Stirred by the fact that news portrayals of the country’s history didn’t mesh with my own memories, I wanted to discover the truth.

    ‘Remembering Afghanistan’s hopeful past only makes its present misery seem more tragic. But it is important to know that disorder, terrorism, and violence against schools that educate girls are not inevitable. I want to show Afghanistan’s youth of today how their parents and grandparents really lived.’

    – Mohammad Qayoumi


  12. it is true that in metropolitan areas the muslims were leading a more or less civil, modern existence back then. The chopping and hacking went on in rural areas, done by the ignorant. I remember stories of clinic people being slaughtered.

    So now the country has come to the city.

  13. I think what happened was that the fundies realized no one was practicing Islam in their approved manner, and big money got behind that attitude.

    There were also a lot of neglected poor people and you know what the Bible says about that.

  14. They’re called CRUSADERS. f*cking animals that they are … I’m sure Jesus (peace be upon him) would be similarly offended at the sight of a Pig’s head while the guy wears JESUS on the shirt – considering Jesus never ate pork.

  15. Would you hire a plumber who claimed that your leaky faucet could only be fixed by completely replacing all the pipes in your house? Would you switch from satellite TV to cable because the cable guy told you satellite technicians were burglars? Would you hire the electrician who said one of your light switches wouldn’t turn on because the company that supplies your electric is evil? Then why would you vote for ANYONE who would exaggerate the facts, demonize their opponents, or lie to your face to get your vote?

  16. This makes me very sad. Unbelievable how amazed that guy sounds!

  17. Look at his shirt. Jesus written in Hebrew? He is a crypto-Jew.

  18. Still, if free speech incites you to violence you do not belong in a free society. Bottom line and that goes for hippies who hate crime against NAZIs.

  19. Sorry Rob, but if someone walked into a christian church with a pig’s head on a pike and proceeded to shout defamitory remarks about Christ and his followers, calling them pedophiles and infidels, I can imagine that he’d get a violent reaction from SOME of the church-goers.

    And this is what happened in MI, SOME of the Muslims reacted. Clearly not all or most.

  20. typical xtians. xtianity is good at one thing hiding ts bloody history and claimng that its true message is love. just as the aztech inca and myan civilizations ask the 6 million jews ask 200 million+ african slaves ask native americans ask 200k dead iraqis about that love xtian animals talk about

  21. Rob, not everyone is made the same. Everyone has a different way of handling things. Some lose their temperfor minor things, some stay calm and peaceful. Thus the differences. Can’t blame the whole lot if some showed anger.

  22. They are not typical Christians, just like suicide bombers are not typical Muslims. Christianity preaches love and tolerance. You are falling into the same trap, Ahmed Sheikly. Violence is unacceptable, regardless of the provocations. Unless they were physically attacked, they had no right to throw stones. Words and a pig’s head on a stick does nothing to hurt me. However, if one of those Christians laid a finger on me, rest assured, he’d be leaving the festival in a body bag

  23. I don’t think Rob was blaming the whole lot.

  24. Ahmed, just what Umar said 🙂

  25. Gee, they walked into a cultural festival acting like ignorant malicious assholes and people got angry. Who could’ve guessed? I wish I was suprised about the deceptive edits, but I’m not.
    I’ve been to the Arab Festival. It was basically a bunch of carnival rides, fair food, music/dancing performances, and families with little kids.
    Nobody could give half a crap less wether I was Christian, Muslim, or none of the above. The vendors sold me my tickets, I rode the rides, made small talk with a couple of 20 somethings who were trying to wrangle a collective crowd of kids together and generally acted exactly like every other festival/faire crowd ever.
    Maybe that’s because I didn’t wave pig bits at them or call them names….

  26. I didn’t read anything about Christian behavior. That zionist douchebag is anything but Christian.

  27. I am a Christian and I do not support this at all. The peace of God be with all of you.

  28. Carl: This was on a public street not a private church.

  29. Of course they were baited. It’s like on a personal level if someone gets all pissy and sensitive about names we will torment him relentlessly with words. Free speech is protected, words cannot physically hurt you, and this is a cornerstone of our American republic. Learn it or leave.

  30. Watch the whole video, not the one edited by the religious nuts. They started out insulting the muslim religion, and inciting the crowd. They got what they came for; video of the poor christians being harrassed by the crowd, edited to make it look like they were innocent. For the record, I’m an atheist, and think all religions are too dangerous for modern times.

  31. It’s called common decency. I don’t see a point from the so-called “Christians” who were inciting the crowd. Do they think that Jesus would be proud of them?

  32. Way to dodge the issue, Rob-o. Yes, they were on a public street, in the middle of a cultural festival for Arabs. Yes, they have the right to free speech. The significance of the fact that they were ACTIVELY TRYING TO INCITE THE CROWD TO VIOLENCE for the benefit of their cameras seems to be completely lost on you. As is the fact that most of the crowd DID NOT actually attack them, and, in fact, ignored them.

    You seem to wish to characterize all Muslims as intolerant in a way that other groups aren’t. Your characterization is demonstrably wrong. Your belief that the Muslim world is made up of irrational and predictably violent people contributes nothing to advancing the cause of peace in the world. In fact, it results in things like a decade of war, the attack on civil rights at home, spying on American citizens, suspension of habeus corpus, and Gitmo. Like what you see? It’s what you’ll be leaving to your kids.

    Muslims are no fucking different from any other group. They’re people who want to live in safety, who want their kids to grow up healthy and educated, who want to get along with their neighbors and prosper.

  33. M Bennett,

    you still don’t seem to UNDERSTAND. in america you are free to speak your mind. hateful or not. and no, just because you yell nigger in a room full of blacks, they still have no right to punch you. guess you have never heard the saying, your right to swing your fist ends at my nose. here’s another one for ya. sticks and stones may break my bones, but names with never hurt me. do they not teach arabs that? perhaps they are taught to fight in the cause of allah. maybe these kids thought they where doing what they were taught to do.

    “Wow, real intolerance and hatred in those words.” they are just words dude. they can’t hurt you.
    “So Muslims throwing trash in response to aggression means they want to kill you?” first what “aggression”? second….hey hey hey, you’re taking me out of context, i said: [seriouly, someone can “incite” you to scream and throw trash. muslims are funny. it’s like printing cartoons can “incite” you to kill. how about burning a koran “explains” why a muslim would riot? kill kill kill. it’s not my fault, i was “incited”. doesn’t that “explain” it?] you do understand that people were killed after both of those events.

    “Sounds like a normal response to me.” sounds like you are a true muslim. so what would your normal response to me burning the koran?
    “Sounds like you got real upset by the article. Did the article incite hatred in you?” lol. no i don’t have enough passion for anything as intense as hate. certainly not over words.
    “Your comment makes u just as bad as any Christian or Muslim during that event.” no i didn’t throw anything at anyone. so what was in this trash. you do understand that glass bottles are considered deadly missles. but even if it was just hot dog rappers, sorry probably not that, corndog sticks, no not that. so what kind of trash is generated at an arabfest? hey a well thrown kabob skewer to the eye could leave a mark. i’m just having fun with ya.
    “WHOO u wanna kill us…” no i don’t what to kill anyone. or throw trash at them. i want you to understand what freedom of speech means in america.
    “I will report your comment to the authorities and see what they think about it.” that should be hilarious. let me know what they say. they can subpoena me at:

    michael malzahn
    2211 3rd av n
    st. petesburg, fl 33713

    wait, are these american authorities? you don’t mean the iranian autorities. may get a fatawa on me.

    take hera’s suggestion and read up on the skokie Illinois ruling.

  34. It’s America, everyone has the right to be an asshole, they call it free speech.

  35. Rob, his T shirt says ” Jesus is our God.” Christian message on an extremist’s chest.

  36. Sad that someone is so insecure in their religion that they feel the need to seek out and assault another. If their true Christian goal was to convert people I think they need a new strategy. -_-

  37. What is WRONG with people

  38. Too bad I couldn’t go this year. They’ve been picketing these festivals for years, knowing full well that it’s an ethnic pride gathering, not a religious ceremony. They want us to be ashamed of being Arab. I personally think some skulls should have been thumped, no other celebration of culture gets the level of abuse and harrassment the way Arabs do. We’re tired of it, really.

  39. Does anyone else find it ironic that he’s sporting a Jewish name, a Christian shirt, and a pig’s head? Does he not realize Jews also forbid the eating of pork as well as the bible does?

  40. They think it’s ok to eat pork because they claim that J.C. established a new covenant that replaced all the old laws. But the Christian message in Hebrew makes no sence at all.

  41. In that case they’re a separate religion than Judaism and don’t need to claim alliance with Jews or include the OT in their holy book. Yea and the Hebrew thing’s confusing too, if not insulting. Islam is closer to Judaism in doctrine and practice than Christianity.

  42. They have “new testament only” Bibles now.

  43. I looked up the preacher— he’s Hispanic from Los Angeles. Self-taught fundamentalist and anti – gay, too.

  44. I know it’s not the place to talk about it but this is the reason I believe what I believe.

  45. Are you implying that looney tunes like the guy in the article make it hard for people to believe in anything?

  46. mr. bennet,

    any word from the athoriti yet?

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