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San Antonio Muslim Family Targeted on Fourth of July

6 July 2012 General 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — It was America’s birthday but for one family July Fourth was no party. It was a nightmare for a Muslim family who said someone spray-painted the word “terrorist” on their home Wednesday morning and it didn’t stop there.

The family said on Wednesday night someone rang their doorbell and started banging on the front door.

The family told police they also heard fireworks being thrown at their door.

San Antonio police are investigating the incident as criminal mischief, but the family, who is of Pakistani heritage, wants more done. They are asking for the FBI to get involved.

The San Antonio Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on state and federal law enforcement authorities to get to the bottom of this possible hate crime. On Thursday, the same civil liberties group called for an investigation into a suspicious fire at a Missouri Mosque.

The family moved to the United States in 1978 and they have lived in the home near NW Military and Hunters Green for the past 18 years. They said their home has been targeted twice before. In November their home was burglarized.

Aside from the two recent incidents, the family says they have not had any problems. They say they don’t know who would commit such a hateful act.

Original post: San Antonio Muslim Family Targeted on Fourth of July


  1. Wow!

  2. Wow!

  3. Well done americans

  4. I feel like a bum…

  5. Shame on the ppl who did this!!!

  6. home of the brave

  7. More of our brave “American Christians” at work…

  8. home of da nuts who did tat to em folks

  9. This is ridiculous. When will these idiotic, ignorant , and stereotypical hate crimes come to an end?? This is America. People all over the world come here for a better life and this is what it has to offer?? Just because they are of Pakistani heritage dosen’t mean that they are terrorists. It’s like saying that if your American you legitly eat McDonalds every single day. It’s like saying that because you are Hispanic you are automaticly Mexican. To all of you thinking that this was cool, go read a book or something, you might actually learn for once. Stop it with the ignorance and stereotypes.

  10. @Diane, it will never end, hard cold truth

  11. Disgusting behavior.

  12. It may never end, but it should and we need to speak out against hate and stereotyping loudly and clearly!

  13. “They said their home has been targeted twice before. In November their home was burglarized.

    Aside from the two recent incidents, the family says they have not had any problems.” whose the editor here? twice before, but only two total. am i missing something. is this the new math?

  14. “They say they don’t know who would commit such a hateful act.” Well, the answer to that is any Muslum in any country to any known Christian.

    Prove me wrong. When yours is a religion based on hate, what do you expect?

  15. Robert, show me the daily or weekly headlines about Christians killing Muslims. Islam is having a problem because so many of its members are engaging in hateful acts including Murder using Islam to justify their actions. I admit Christians do commit hateful acts but most do not do it in the name of their religion. It’s pretty easy to see how Muslims treat Christians just look in the middle east or some African nations. I would say that many of them would have been a lot happier if a Muslim had simply written on their home rather than burning them with their families inside. Robert how can you see the hate in other religions when you are blind to your own?

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