Saturday, July 24, 2021   

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Picnic Held to Support Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

Picnic held to support Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

Sunday in Murfreesboro, people of all faiths gathered in support of a new Islamic center struggling to open on Veals Road.

A picnic at Barfield Crescent Park was meant to be a morale boost to the Muslim community who have seen protests and legal complications surround the controversial building of the mosque.

“I’m really happy if they donate money to help build the mosque because I really want to have a better mosque,” said 10-year-old Lian Sader.

“The freedom of religion is the right of everyone in this country,” added Zulfat Suara of the American Muslim Advisory Council. ”I feel like that’s something the people of Murfreesboro should be entitled to.”

Speaking from Kingdom Ministries Worship Center, Pastor Darrel Whaley said he is part of a large opposition to the new mosque.

“I know that God loves the Muslims as much as he loves me,” Whaley. “The problem is Islam and what Islam brings to a community. You can look all around the world and see what Islam has done and is doing.”

WSMV, 9 July 2012

See also “Large crowd gathers for ICM picnic”, Daily News Journal, 8 July 2012


  1. The only thing I have read that makes any sense on this is that the locals are suspicious because there are very few muslims in the area. They think the enormous building will not be used as a mosque but something else.

  2. The pics of it so far are only a tiny part of it. It will be a truly huge building, built by Saudi money i suppose, in an area where there are few muslims. I have seen posts from other areas saying similar things have happened elsewhere – a substantial building constructed, but very few using it.

    The saudis will flop eventually.

  3. Right Anon,
    They are building it big for another reason…maybe an Islamic teaching room for non Muslims to visit and learn about Jesus (PBUH)? If they had a virulent reason for building a mosque they would make it small and inconspicuous. The fact that they are making it big is probably because they expect outsiders to visit. And it is more costly to build a small mosque then reconstruct later into a big mosque when the Muslim population increases. Long term savings. Saudis? Doubt it. CAIR or ISNA? Probably.

  4. Learn about Jesus? You slay me, Bennett! I think it is based on the fantasy of the population turning muslim. Also they are in a religious zone with a large baptist church beside them and the rule says the mosque should be bigger and grander than any non muslim place, right? Gotta make them feel subdued!


    “The racial makeup of the city was 79.85% White, 13.89% African American, 0.28% Native American, 2.69% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 1.88% from other races, and 1.38% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.53% of the population.”

  6. How many people attended this “Picnic”? Did we get pictures of them? names? addresses? Licence plates? Does anyone have a taped audio of what they discussed during this gathering? Does this Lian go to a public school or private school? Has he attempted to start a religious club, invite other children, and attempted to share his beliefs? Is he homeschooled and thus are his beliefs and teachings being held back from society and scrutiny? Does this boy Pee sitting or standing? Who can I contact to get answers to these questions? What do I do with these answers if I get them?

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