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South Carolina: Vandals Smash Islamic Centre’s Window with Ashtray

South Carolina: vandals smash Islamic centre’s window with ashtray

Someone threw a large outdoor, concrete ashtray through a window at the Islamic Center of South Carolina on Cherry Road in Rock Hill, causing $1,200 in damage.

The center’s director told police that sometime between 11 p.m. Monday and 5 a.m. Tuesday, someone threw the outdoor ashtray at the front of the business into a storm window, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Most of the mess was cleaned before officers arrived, the report states. Officers saw that the window was badly damaged, but still holding together.

Police did not find the ashtray but did notice the ashtray’s sand sprinkled in front of the window. There were also several cigarette butts scattered along the window, the report states.

Herald Online, 6 July 2012



  2. i think i thought i saw you reason. but that was just a dream.

  3. Some narrow-minded idiot, no doubt.

  4. My thoughts and prayers for peace and understanding.

  5. See, once again we see the dangers of smoking.

    Just a couple of questions. If the ashtray was thrown through the window, then why was the ashtray not found as it would have been inside the building. If the ashtry did not go through the window as the window was damaged but holding together then what mess was their to clean up? I have no doubt the window was damaged but the story is a little thin or poorly told.

  6. ccc,

    perhaps the author recieved an american education? yeah it’s totally contridicts it’s self. but that in often the case amoung the abrahamics. clearly the ashtray bounced off the window and remained outside the structue. it’s a $1,200 window. tempered glass no doubt. well their is labor cost on the install as well.
    “but holding together then what mess was their to clean up?” the ashtray itself. and the sand and butts that hadn’t been cleaned yet.

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