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Mosque plan provokes complaints about noise and traffic – from people who don’t even live in the area

Mosque plan provokes complaints about noise and traffic – from people who don’t even live in the area

Complaints from across Sunderland have now been registered on the city council’s website against a proposed mosque.

The controversial proposal to convert an old transport depot on St Mark’s Road, Millfield, into an Islamic place of worship has sparked a heated debate in the community as to whether it should go ahead.

If the plans get the green light, they will involve the demolition of single-storey offices, the erection of parapet walls and two brick-faced columns. But many of the neighbours have objected because they believe it will result in an increase in noise and traffic.

The application, which was submitted by the Pakistan Islamic Centre, has now drawn more than 1,000 comments on the council’s website. But while many are from people who live in Millfield, there are also objections from people in Seaburn, Southwick and Hylton.

After initially submitting their plan, it is believed the application was revised to allow more room for parking.

The campaign against the mosque has also seen local politicians getting involved with ex-Lib Dem councillor Paul Dixon attending aprotest in January.

At the time he said: “All credit has to go to the residents on this and it’s been a difficult time for them to get all the objections in. People are concerned about noise, traffic and parking. There’s also the impact on the character of the area.”

Sunderland Echo, 16 July 2012

Alas for Paul Dixon, cosying up to anti-mosque protestors did him no good at all – in May’s elections to Sunderland City Council he lost heavily to the Labour candidate. The National Front also stood in Millfield ward, in an attempt to exploit the anti-mosque campaign, and got 122 votes. (Their candidate, Paul Birleson, was involved in the EDL/NF attack on an anti-Jubilee party in Newcastle last month.)


  1. My goodness there are already 3 mosques in Sunderland England plus that Illegal one on St. Marks Road. Its call to prayer during the morning wakes people and children up. I mean its an illegal Mosque what is the deal? Plus what about all the Asian Gangs that are being chased about on the streets? I mean if you oppose this Mosque publically then you have to worry about your Windows going through. No man alive should have to worry about their windows going through much less Asian Gangs being chased about on streets. It is not that I necessarily oppose this Mosque but its building causes me to worry about my own home town. What if Mosque is built near where I live and my own windows are going through and Asian Street gangs start being chased around streets where I drive and attempt to walk? Dongo, Nill, I need help. What do you think?

    Note: I do not mean to imply that children are not people, only to point out that children are a special class of people who need more sleep than adults due to their annoying nature and tendency to chase Asian gangs through the streets. I would like to thank Stephen Brown for his help in drafting my response to this issue.

  2. Criley,

    If you ask me, I suggest this mosque (which you say is illegal) must not be built anyway, anytime; and two of the previous three mosques must be removed. The reason for my first opinion is, this mosque will be a public nuisance as far as you say. My second opinion is based on the fact that it is not allowed in Islam to establish another mosque within the range the prayer call from a mosque is heard, even with faintest sound.

  3. Criley,

    That was my opinion on mosques. A mosque, may be a mosque, but when it becomes a source of problem for people especially of another faith, I believe there is no sin in removing/destroying it. Islam has such permissions.

    Now you please tell me why you are relating Asian street gangs in England while getting worried about mosques. Do the mosques shelter the gangs? If so, why don’t you ask help from the law enforcers?

  4. Criley,
    try replacing Asian with Black and see where that gets you. Makes you sound racist. As for sleep, people over 12 need at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Even without a mosque that won’t solve the problem in the least. Do your children 12 years and over go to bed by 10? Majority don’t. If they are under 12 (needing over 10 hours of sleep) regardless of the mosque they will never get enough sleep at night. That’s why we have afternoon naps, like at school. Adhan is only about a 1 minute, should I complain to every store I go to that I don’t like the secular music they are playing because it hurts my head? Your answer might be go to another store. You don’t like it move back to ur country. As u hinted earlier, you are not living close to a mosque, so the problem is not the noise its your intolerance, which spills out of corners in your arguement.

  5. They will only think and talk crap.idiots who dont take a minute to think.

  6. Theres only freedom of religon for christain and jews, in this country.. Not for any one else

  7. Haters should not prevail!

  8. Don’t they know that if a Moskva isn’t built that it will be harder for their government to needlessly spy on them?

  9. 1 MIN of the prayer call is a nuisance? We muslims cant be tolerated for 5 mins in a day?? we suck tat bad???

  10. The issues of noise and traffic are legitimate issues. Mosques should be designed with that in mind. Then if people still object, you will know they don’t have a legitimate reason and the zoning committees will have no choice but to grant the building permit.

  11. Ayman, they aren’t really legitimate issues because you know these inconsiderate xenophobes would NEVER pull this crap about a church. They used the same excuse in Camden (Australia) when they wanted to build a Muslim school.

  12. I wonder if you guys/girls are going to post the story of the Canadian Muslim man who wants Canadian women to cover up so they don

  13. LOL ok guys: My response was simply poking a little fun at Stephen Brown and his response to the building as he lives in the area. This Mosque is in England and does not concern me at all. Please simply read the comments in the Sunderland Echo within the link given by the article itself. I am sorry for any misunderstandings, I sort of assumed most would read the link.

  14. @Chris Pecci, a quote from this very page: “The problem is not Islam or Christianity – or religion. The problem is extremism. Whether you are a religious extremist or a secular humanist extremist, extremism of any flavor is what we must defeat. The real war is not between Muslims and the West, the war is between extremists (from any background) who all share the same methodology of hate, demonization, and exclusion, against moderates (from any background) who are united in the methodology of dialogue, understanding, and respectful coexistence. That is part of what makes Islamophobia so misguided an endeavor.”

  15. @Chris. You seem to enjoy trolling this page. We are all against extremists of all religions.

  16. wtf people

  17. Who needs more Islamic fortresses, or “rabats” as they like to call them….???

  18. Islam is the problem. Muslims are just the first victims of the mind virus.

  19. ^^bigot trolling pro-muslim site to boost his ego.

  20. wtf is with people

  21. The real war is between secularists and theocrats.

    The call to prayer – forget about it, screaming from a building in the age of clocks is absurd.

  22. I don’t see what the problem is here. There will be no external calls to prayer, and weddings won’t even be hosted there! If people can put up with the noise of Church bells ringing every Sunday and every time a couple gets married, I don’t see why they should protest against a building that is silent and built for prayer; a peaceful act.

    Also, for those worried about their children and the safety of their homes, nobody, not even extremists will dare hurt anyone near the Mosque, as it is a place of worship, and therefore is meant for peace and tranquillity.

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