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Muslims in Politics: Islamophobes’ Worst Nightmare

18 July 2012 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Muslims in Politics: Islamophobes’ Worst Nightmare

by Garibaldi

Muslims make up 1 to 2% of the population in the United States, a number which is reflected in their limited political clout. This fact however does not hinder the Islamophobia Movement’s growing fear and anxiety about Muslim advancement in the political realm. LoonPolitics, as has been clearly demonstrated over the years, is a central feature of the surreal world of anti-Muslim bigotry.

One could be forgiven if while reading Islamophobic blog headlines one actually thought he or she was reading a chapter heading of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, or Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, or maybe even the Arabian Nights. President Barack Obama is still supposedly our first “Mooslim-in-Chief” according to AtlasShrugs’ Pamela Geller, JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer and a “healthy chunk” of Americans. Even after several House hearings on the subject, conspiracy theories about the insidious world-wide octopus known as theMuslim Brotherhood infiltrating all branches of the government are regular political parlay with prominent politicians such as Michele Bachmann. Former terrorism supporter and current Chair of the House Subcommittee on Homeland Security, Rep. Peter King is due to hold his millionth hearing on the supposed “pressing” issue of the radicalization of American Muslims. I can go on and on but you get the picture.

So why are Islamophobes so anxious? Why do they feel the need to pre-empt Muslim political advancement in the United States–at any and all cost? Is it a fear of phantom Sharia’ Law replacing the US Constitution? Is it a fear of the Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Quran replacing the King James Holy Bible as part of the canon of English literature? No, these are not the true reasons for their fear. As one of the godfathers of Islamophobia, Daniel Pipes put it at an American Jewish Congress convention, “the presence, and increased stature, and affluence, and enfranchisement of American Muslims” is “dangerous.”

Pipes was speaking in the context of how such a scenario would “affect American Jews,” but his statement holds true with nearly all Islamophobes; they believe Muslim advancement in American life will challenge their agendas.

Almost anytime a Muslim is elected to congress, appointed as a judge, a city councillor and/or an advisor expect immediate Islamophobic backlash. Reverberating across the looniverse will be hundreds, if not thousands of blogposts and opinion articles, each one mirroring one another’s talking points.

Remember Rep. Keith Ellison and the manufactured “Koran swearing-in controversy?” Islamophobes were in a twist over Ellison putting his hand on the very same Quran Thomas Jefferson owned; un-American they claimed! Rep. Andre Carson recently faced a barrage of accusations about “stealth jihad” and slanders that he wanted public schools to teach the Quran–all because of a misunderstood and decontextualized four sentence quote ripped from a 15 minute speech. Who can forget when Judge Sohail Mohammed was appointed to a state bench and the immediate hysterics from Geller and company claiming Sharia’ Law had penetrated New Jersey–Gov. Chris Christie responded in bewilderment, “Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all, it’s crazy!” There was also the ACT! for America campaign that targeted a Muslim Fulbright Scholar and Business professor, Parvez Ahmed appointed by Jacksonville’s mayor to a Human Right’s Commission–according to many the anti-Muslim bigotry was an embarrassing episode for the City of Jacksonville.

So it is not surprising that Islamophobes once again got bent out of shape when anti-Loon Ahmed Rehab was recently announced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as part of an advisory committee on immigration issues (h/t: FernandoA).

The anti-Muslim Islamophobic websites would have us believe that Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former civilian volunteer with the IDF, appointed a “Hamas-linked” operative as an advisor! Most of the recycled headlines in the looniverse read, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Appoints Hamas-Linked CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab to Advisory Committee. Yes, you read that right, a former volunteer with IDF, now the mayor of one of the largest US cities supposedly appointed a Hamas-linked individual to his advisory committee. That’s as surreal as Islamophobic stupidity gets. I mean I know they pack a lot into those deep dish pizza’s in Chicago, but there ain’t nothin’ in those pizzas that would make Emanuel, ever, appoint a “Hamas linked advisor!”

The well worn anti-Muslim smear and slander campaign (they never provide real evidence of Hamas links) against Rehab seems to have fallen on deaf, or at least unsympathetic ears, as good judgement generally sees clear through Islamophobic BS.

The most ironic and surreal part of all this is the true missed terrorist link: Mayor Emanuel’s own father,  Benjamin Emanuel was really a member of a terrorist organization, the Irgun, but for Islamophobes such a link would never be an issue.

Updated Edit 7/18/12: As commenters pointed out Mayor Emanuel was not a member of the IDF, but a civilian volunteer. His father’s name is not Ari (Emanuel’s brother) but Benjamin Emanuel, who was a member of the Irgun.


  1. The headline about Ahmed Rehab mentions that he is associated with HAMAS linked CAIR. Not necessarily that Rehab is linked to HAMAS. The Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial exposed CAIRs links to the terrorist hate group HAMAS.The information about CAIRs links to HAMAS is a matter of public record.

  2. Islamists’ worst nightmare: Being called out for having ties to a group like Hamas-linked CAIR or Muslim Brotherhood apologist ICNA.

  3. paranoid much? stupid bigots

  4. I just find it interesting that there are a lot of people in the government that are pro israel, and put there concerns over the our american concerns, and make it feel like we have to deafened them, when they can defined there selfs. I also find it interesting that they can’t accept the fact that there are American muslims, and only want to make it hard on us.

  5. Women and black folks faced the same sort of fight before and they won! Muslims should stay strong in the face of bigotry. The truth eventually prevails.

  6. Ahh, now the truth comes out. I’ve been making a list of people who are Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer, etc. believers. I guess that includes Hera.
    “The headline about Ahmed Rehab mentions that he is associated with HAMAS linked CAIR. Not necessarily that Rehab is linked to HAMAS.”

    Saying he is linked or associated to Hamas or saying CAIR is linked or associated to Hamas is the same thing, a false accusation.
    Pamella is a habitual liar, which you can’t seem to understand. She is funded by the Zionists. U know Zionists? Ever read the Elders of Zion?

    If you read newspaper articles carefully you would know that trial was bogus. They simply provided food, clothes, shelter, medical supplies and education to the suffering people in Palestine and other countries as well.
    Israelis blockade of trade has driven Palestinians to starvation. They live destitute lives. The UN also demanded that the Israelis stop violating basic human rights and move back past the 1967 boarder. Something the Israelis have refused to do to this day. Hamas was formed over 20 years later due to this suffering because the peace process at the UN is a sham because the USA does not condemn the Israeli army. Why is Hamas labelled as a terrorist group when they have been murdered, driven from their homes, and denied re-entrance for over 60 years? Double standard much?

  7. Hera,
    One more double standard is Bachmann. She knowingly sent money to terrorists groups in Iran. Maybe you already heard? She supported and received money from these terrorist groups. But we give her the benefit of the doubt. Pointing fingers at CAIR even though their intentions were for providing food and medical aide. Don’ trust them? Obvious bias.

  8. If you read anything, Bennett, you would know that the Elders of Zion are bogus.

  9. Palestine was not a country, it was a province in the Ottoman empire.

  10. Muslims have earned a much worse reputation than women or black people. The US has a considerable population of those who have been running away from the persecutions of muslim govs. for years.

  11. M Bennett,

    I don’t know about Bachmann but HAMAS is a designated terrorist group. Under US law,it is a crime to give such a group ANY material support even if it is “just” for “food and medicine”. The US Supreme court reaffirmed the illegal nature of such terror group support in a recent ruling.No group that supported the terrorist KKK would be acceptable in the US even if only to help the KKK provide “food and medical aide”. The same standard is applied to CAIRs support of the terrorist hate group HAMAS.

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