Monday, June 14, 2021   

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Anti-Islamic activist dumps $100 K into Tennessee primary

Anti-Islamic activist dumps $100 K into Tennessee primary

A new super PAC targeting a Tennessee House primary has raised all its funds from a board member of a local anti-Islamic conservative group who is also the one-time finance chairman of one of the candidates in the race.

Citizens 4 Ethics in Government registered as a super PAC with the Federal Election Commission on July 2. Its first disclosure, filed today, shows that it has raised all of its $105,000 in funds from Andrew Miller, the owner of Nashville-based Healthmark Venturesand a conservative activist who helps lead the anti-IslamicTennessee Freedom Coalition. The group has spent more than $30,000 so far on the 6th Congressional District primary contest between incumbent Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) and tea party activist Lou Ann Zelenik.

Zelenik, who has made opposition to the building of an Islamic Center in Murfreesboro, Tenn. a major issue in her campaign, was the executive director of the Coalition before leaving to run for congress.

The Coalition lists opposition to the growth of radical Islam and the promotion of “cultural cohesion” among its goals, among other conservative causes. In April 2011 the group hosted Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders as a speaker; Wilders is known across Europe for his anti-immigration and anti-Islamic politics. He has called for the banning of the Quran and called Islam a totalitarian ideology rather than a religion.

OpenSecrets blog, 20 July 2012

Zelenik’s “Where I Stand” statement includes the following:  “I will work to stop the Islamization of our society, and do everything possible to prevent Sharia Law from circumventing our laws and our Constitution.”

Not that Diane Black’s line on these issues is a whole lot better. Her response to the recent court decision to allow Murfreesboro Muslims to occupy their new centre was to criticise the DOJ for intervening in the case: “Christians’ rights to freedom of religion are violated frequently and the Obama Justice Department doesn’t come rushing to our aid, but they will meddle in a local zoning matter to promote Islam.”

This didn’t prevent Zelinek from denouncing Black for adopting a pusillanimous attitude towards the Murfreesboro Islamic Center.


  1. People believe all kinds of things and support many different issues. The fact that a group that is perceived to be Anti-Islam donated money to a campaign is not that big of a deal when it supports a candidate with a public Anti-Islam stance. I am sure a Pro-Islam group will eventually donate money to a candidate with a Pro-Islam stance at some point. Of course we may have to read an article stating “Pro-Islamic Activist dumps 100,000 dollars into Tennessee Primary”; upsetting people on the other side of the issue. In he end this is a battle of Ideas, the American people will support the concept of freedom of religion and the right to worship as one chooses. For the time being, however, Islam scares many people due to its fanatics who are willing to kill themselves and others to advance their goals. Actions which color the entire religion for many people. I am sure in comments I will hear the mantra “What About Christians” well Christianity is well established in European and Western culture and it does not inspire fear as most people are familiar with its teachings and understand the language it is being preached in. Islam does not meet this standard, yet, and until it does there are going to be problems be they just or unjust.

  2. Islam is a tribal supremacist political scheme, similar to that of the Js and Gs in ww2.

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