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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Smear and Loathing

23 July 2012 General 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post










Jon Stewart skewers Michele Bachmann’s witch-hunt against Huma Abedin.

Original post: Jon Stewart: Smear and Loathing


  1. Let’s see, skewer Michele Bachmann for doing her job. She didn’t start the witch hunt, the Center for Security Policies did. Huma does in fact have ties to the Muslim brotherhood like it or not. What’s the big deal anyway? She should have nothing to worry about. Right?

    The New Jersey man that threatened her was a Muslim man by the way.

  2. Making baseless accusations is her job?
    So wait a minute, Abedin’s father, who is dead, used to know a guy who MAY have had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. So what you’re saying is she has ties to the MB through her dead father? You are a fucking idiot. I cannot wait until your party disappears, just like the Whigs

  3. US Army, you seem to be an expert on this? My father is also dead and I am still very good friends with his buddies and his brothers. What does being dead have to do with it you retard.

  4. The attacks against this woman seem pretty lean. She is not responsible for what anyone in her family did or believes, she is only responsible for her thoughts and actions. Being a Muslim given her position, and rearing as a child she has, probably, been exposed to a number of views from a wide ranging group of peoples. Knowing such views, I imagine, makes her better at her job advising our Secretary of State. We are, most likely, lucky to have such a woman available to serve our country.

  5. Huma’s wedding, marriage, even appearance, etc. don’t seem very MB or muslim to me. The wedding a farce – the Big Dog himself married them, Huma in a short sleeved gown.

    Back when the Big Dog was prez, it was said that if you got mixed up with the Clintons and their friends, you stood a good chance of eventually being involved in a scandal or crime.

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