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TYT: Did A Tea Party Leader Say ‘Jews Shouldn’t Be In Government’?

30 July 2012 General 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Did Wes Harris, founder and chairman of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party, say that that there is ‘no such thing as a moderate Jew’ along with other outrageous anti-Jewish statements? No, he made outrageous statements about Muslims which is apparently fine with many on the right. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains.

Original post: Did A Tea Party Leader Say ‘Jews Shouldn’t Be In Government’?


  1. what’s with all these tea party/muslim brotherhood articles. i go on vacation for a couple of weeks and the whole site falls apart? nuts battling nuts for the top nut spot. well, no one can take the top spot from the suicide bomber. watchout for these hateful and bigoted words from this guy. but don’t worry about sharia or muslims bombing times square or the “perfection” of the koran.

    anyways, has anyone been following any news of interest? we are stinking it up at the olmypics. our top female gymnist didn’t even make the cut.

    but of course the muslims are crying about it being during ramadan. and of course they’re whining for special accomadations continue. how is it i keep hearing that don’t want special treatment, yet they sue over, well we don’t have to review all the lawsuits again? do we?

    none the less it looks like saudi arabia will continue their dominance of ice skating, swimming, gymnastics, etc. jk. don’t worry the iranians will take some medals in wrestling.

  2. well Mike, I would guess that she will get choked during the contest. I am sure she would rather compete without the scarf but her country leaves her no choice. If I was a competitor I would take advantage of her wearing the scarf.

  3. I think you missed the article comparing a Christian prayer group in the Capitol with the Muslim Brotherhood. I think Annon and I were the only to commment on the article. It was a little silly.

  4. This type of hate speech can be heard all around the US….in fact this bigotry against Muslims has been carefully nurtured by people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer Daniel Pipes and their sheeple.

    Consider one year ago last week, 22 July 2012, Norwegian mass murderer Andres Breivik committed the crime that he’d developed in his 1500 page manifesto where he frequently cited the rantings & writings of anti-Islamist American Robert Spencer 64 times at great length. The work of Bat Ye’or[ is cited dozens of times. Along with neocon blogger Pamela Geller, He wrote of his admiration for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders and Henryk M. Broder. The Jerusalem Post describes his support for Israel as a “far-right Zionism”. He calls all “nationalists” to join in the struggle against “cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

    That a radical extremist Tea-bag party member– in financially crumbling Arizona- would be spewing this racist nonsense is unsurprising – it’s quite clear that these hateful people use “divide and conquer” hate rhetoric bouncing between rants against ethnic groups and in favor of ‘wild west justice’ showing candidates firing rifles & talking tough– but NOT ONE PEEP about the fact that ARIZONA is in deep deep fiscal trouble, on the brink of bankruptcy.

    Using racism as a deflection from focus on reckless legislative failures and irresponsible tax -revenue slashing for years and years is an old tactic. The worse things get in Arizona the louder such racist rants seem to get….Divide and conquer tactics should set off alarms in “rational” public discourse..encouraging people to ask: “what are they deflecting this time?”..imo.

  5. Silly articles like this tend to peeve me. The bad thing is that such conspiracy theories are floating around about ANY religion. It’s unnecessary to bring in tactics such as “they didn’t do it to the JEWS”.

    That said, I agree with Miriam in that such hate fests tend to grow more common when the economy turns down. The reality is most elected officials don’t know anything they can do to fix things, or at least they don’t know anything they WANT to do…so they target ethnicities and religions etc to blame for the crisis and position themselves as “defenders of the nation” against Mexicans and Muslims, or 50 years ago, Communists, or before that, Jews and Anarchists.
    As far as the female athletes from Saudi Arabia go, I do feel bad for them due to the restrictions they face imposed by their conservative government. However, some athletes, such as the judo contender, chose to wear the hijab due to their personal beliefs. In such cases, hopefully accommodations can be made with modern hijab designs.

  6. Miriam,

    looks like food stamp recipients are the problem. you can’t have almost a sixth of the population not pulling there own weight. you bredd em you feed em. don’t know if they are white, black, mexican, asian, or muslims. but that is ridiculous. let the poor die. it’s called natural selection. it nature’s/god’s design.

    btw, you don’t have to say in my opinion, it’s a tautology. we all know what you say is your opinion.

  7. Miriam,

    “radical extremist Tea-bag party member” do you even know what “tea-bag” is refering? that’s pretty dirty language for a muslim. maybe you should check it out on the urban dictionary. i’ll give you a clue, a man’s scrotum is involved. and that from the mouth of the mother of jesus. you might want to watchout for genitalia references. before you know it you will be in the lake of fire.

    siyaj k’ak

    “However, some athletes, such as the judo contender, chose to wear the hijab due to their personal beliefs.” so you have interviewed her? how do you know that? you keep making statements that you don’t know to be true.

    so you are all for Anarchists? and welfare recipients?

  8. So Miriam, whose rantings and writings do muslim terrorists cite as their inspiration?

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