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Mosque opponents file federal motion to stop Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

31 July 2012 General 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Opponents of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro filed a motion in federal court Monday claiming that U.S. District Judge Todd Campbell accepted “false allegations” in affirming that the controversial mosque can continue its opening process.

Attorney Joe Brandon, who has represented mosque opponents in the past, said he was vexed that federal courts intervened in a local case.

Brandon said the only way to properly conclude the dispute is to provide the public with adequate notice about the mosque, making mosque advocates restart the approval process.

The motion also questioned whether Islam qualified as a legitimate religion.

Brandon requested a hearing for the injunction sought.

Original post: Mosque opponents file federal motion to stop Islamic Center of Murfreesboro


  1. I’m pretty sure no one would get this upset over a minor error in book keeping such as insufficient prior notice. And why wouldn’t Islam qualify as a religion? with over a billion followers world wide, a distinct doctrine, etc, if Islam doesn’t count as legitimate, what does?

  2. Man, these people really do not want this Mosque.

  3. siyajk’ak,

    “with over a billion followers world wide,” i never know why the number of followers has anything to do with anything?
    “a distinct doctrine” wait… wait… wait? i thought islam had diverse doctrines? so when it suits you islam is monolithic, but when it suits you it is diverse? so what is the “distinct doctrine”?

  4. I wonder if this pic represents the final mosque. Supposedly it has a large barracks to furnish an armed enclave.

  5. These hillbillys might aswell give up they can’t stop this masjid from being built because the Muslim brotherhoodhas penetrated the highest levels of the government & our sercet Muslim ruler obamah Will make sure one just like it goes up all across the USI the
    united states of Islam

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