Sunday, July 21, 2019   

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Article Archive for July 2012

Group Of House Republicans Stand By Islamophobic Witch Hunt
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Despite criticism from leading Republicans over their attacks on a notable senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a group of House Republicans conducting a witch hunt on government officials supposedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood are doubling down on their accusations.

A German Judge Bans Judaism, Islam
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A Cologne court has decreed that a child’s circumcision is “bodily harm” and thus verboten. Unless the German Bundestag intervenes, which it has pledged to do, about four million Muslims and 100,000-plus Jews will have to practice a central part of their religion in the catacombs of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy Theory Comes to Edmond, Oklahoma
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There is a controversy in Edmond involving the expansion of a local mosque. The small mosque, which has been in Edmond for 20 years, sits across from the University of Central Oklahoma. Officials have requested permits to expand the building to five times the size it is now.

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn: Republican Senator Facing Election Jumps on anti-Mosque Bandwagon
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State Sen. David Storobin has joined the hopeless fight against a mosque being built in Sheepshead Bay – a battle that’s been repeatedly quashed in the courts and has left political insiders believing that the newly minted legislator is more concerned with winning votes than helping mosque opponents

Reyhana Patel: Can You Be a Muslim and Politically Active Without Being Called an Extremist?
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Last week, prominent Muslim commentator Mehdi Hasan argued that fear-mongering and negative stereotyping of Muslims in public life has spun out of control.

Colorado Muslims Mourn Batman Victims
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AURORA – The Muslim community in Colorado joined thousands of fellow Americans on Monday, July 23, in mourning the victims of a shooting spree at a crowded midnight movie. “We are part of this community,” Dr. Ashraf Azeem, a local pediatrician, told Reuters.

‘What?’ Confused 911 caller outs NYPD spying in NJ
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A building superintendent at an apartment complex just off the Rutgers University campus called the New Brunswick Police 911 line in June 2009. He said his staff had been conducting a routine inspection and came across something suspicious.

A Muslim Community, Tarred Again
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In 1995, I was a student delegate at the United Nation’s 50th Anniversary conference on religious harmony held in San Francisco. We began by reciting verses from each of the world’s major faiths, including an Islamic prayer that was listed as the “Mohamedan Prayer.”

Islamophobia and the Republican Party
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by Robert Grenier, Former CIA station chief Robert Grenier heads ERG partners, a financial consultancy firm

“Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness… Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”

Burma’s monks call for Muslim community to be shunned
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Monks who played a vital role in Burma’s recent struggle for democracy have been accused of fuelling ethnic tensions in the country by calling on people to shun a Muslim community that has suffered decades of abuse.