Saturday, July 24, 2021   

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French Muslims protest in Gennevilliers against Islamophobia

French Muslims protest in Gennevilliers against Islamophobia

Press TV reports from a demonstration in Gennevilliers against the sacking (since withdrawn) of four Muslims workers at a summer camp run by the local authority. They were dismissed on the grounds that their fasting for Ramadan supposedly made them unfit to carry out their duties and they represented a threat to the safety of the young people they were supervising.

Gennevilliers has a Communist mayor, Jacques Bourgoin, who initially supported the sackings, and his position was strongly supported by the far-right Front National who stated: “Those who oppose this wise decision are making a mockery of the principles of safety and secularism.”

Press TV inteviews Marwan Muhammad of the Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France who explains: “We have a hardcore anti-religion front in France. So we have of course on the right wing your traditional racism, anti-Arab anti-Muslim hate, which clearly says that Muslims and Islam don’t belong here. But you also have on the left-wing side of the political game an anti-Muslim front that is coming from a different angle. It is coming from the angle of secularism.”

As the statement by the FN spokesperson indicates, Marine Le Pen’s party is increasingly hiding its ugly racism behind a secularist rhetoric previously associated with the left. A large section of the French left, meanwhile, has been led by its narrow and dogmatic interpretation of secularism to justify the sort of discrimination against the Muslim minority that wins them the applause of the far right.

Marwan adds: “This type of discrimination is happening in every sort of situation, in the working environment, at school, at universities, in restaurants and cities. So Islamophobia as a phenomenon is not stopping because the mayor changed his decision, and that’s why we’re here today.”


  1. Press TV is a propaganda arm of Iran, one of the most repressive nations on earth and one of those most keen to push the “islamophobia” agenda of the OIC

  2. Europeans, grow some spine. Tell these Sharia lovers that if they want Islamic laws, they should leave Europe. Period.

  3. hey Indo-Mongoloid bastard fuckshito,

    Whaere the hell are you from? These people are just protesting a sacking, not demanding shariah. I think someone of these people raped you. This is why you are angry with them. Wa, I forgot to tell, Arjun was a transvestite courtier at the court of his enemy for long years. You are sustaining that trend/practice.

    Brahmin motherfucker, get a titanium carbide hellstuff totally pushed into your asshole and continue twisting, you bastard.

  4. And where were these “activists” when Mohamed Merah went on his rampage?

  5. Question Dongo, if Sharia was in effect here what would be the punishment for the people who ran the camp?

    One thing I cannot understand is why Racism keeps being brought up. Islam is not a race, in fact many races practice Islam. How is this a word that keeps popping up? Are people that do not like Christians raciest? I understand it when it comes to Jews as they claim to be a race. I have never liked Moonies very much, does that make me a raciest?
    I will now wait for a civil and well moderated response to this question.

  6. “titanium carbide hellstuff totally pushed into your asshole” what happened to the tungsten carbide. allah’s carbides no no limits. lmfao.

  7. The word racism keeps popping up because the muslims desire the mantle of the racially persecuted and they have divined that racist is supposed to be a word that brings instant guilt to the presumed target.

    Nowadays it just bounces off people so another word must be found.

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