Sunday, May 16, 2021   

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The Onion: Michele Bachmann Thankful No Americans Died In Sikh Shooting

7 August 2012 General 28 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

From the Onion

WASHINGTON—In response to the shooting death of six Sikh worshippers at a temple in Oak Creek, WI yesterday, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) offered a public expression of her thankfulness that no Americans had been killed in the rampage. “It’s a relief and a blessing that not a single American died in this event,” Bachmann said of the incident that claimed the lives of six Americans who practice the Sikh faith. “All of us can be grateful for that. Had the gunman targeted a church or synagogue, this violent act could have been much, much worse. There’s no telling how many Americans might have died.” Bachmann concluded by calling on citizens nationwide to direct all their thoughts and prayers to the family of wounded police lieutenant Brian Murphy, who was shot multiple times while rushing to help victims.

Original post: Michele Bachmann Thankful No Americans Died In Sikh Shooting


  1. Really?

    The Onion is a satirical site.

  2. Agree with Jane. It’s a satirical article, and I don’t think it should be posted on Islamophobia Today.

  3. See such distinctions are lost on sharia lovers. They’d be ever happy to peddle their victimhood theories.

  4. Are you people idiots? The Onion is a parody newspaper. You should be ashamed of yourselves for this! You don’t care about the victims! You liberal and Islamic fascists only care about blaming everyone but the person responsible! You should apologize for your smear campaign!

  5. The Onion has fooled people before, it is not funny anymore.

  6. This is fairly irresponsible…Recently a lot of the posts have become of less quality.

  7. The onion is fun to read but for people who do not know what type of paper it is they can be fooled into believing what it says.

  8. Suckshito,

    I was right about your hypocrisy. Now here where a Christian racist bitch has made an eqully racist comment, you a bastard are finding fault with Shariah lovers?

    Did shariah lovers rape you, motherfucker lousy pig?

  9. Asslifter Dongo, Islam is not a race. You are the bitch and you support Muslim rape gangs in Europe. Why are Muslim asslifters like you so obsesses with gay sex even though Islam kills gays?

  10. Fucky Whore,

    When Muslims and Islam are bashed, the earlier are often termed as a race. And you don’t come to teach me what I should say and what not. I have told you that I am not a bitch but a dog. Where are Muslim gangs committing rape in Europe? Rape is a crime and my job as a lawyer is to prevent it. And asslifter, howa, pretty good title. When you beg before the lord, you attain the same position. So, you are an asslifter too.

    I am interested in books, cigarettes, wine and intoxicants; neither sex with women nor men. Hence, if you say that there are Muslim rape gangs in Europe, then you can’t accuse me of being infatuated with gay sex. Mevertheless, if you don’t like me to fuck you, I am ready to enter molten iron into your holes and then seal those with quicklime.

  11. Drongo, you need to lay off the drink

  12. Drongo, you should move to Lebanon, I have found the perfect job for you

  13. Dongo, you do realize the article is not true do you not? The woman never made those statements. The article is a joke meant to be funny.

  14. Dongo

    You don’t get it do you ? I suggest some meditation and yoga 🙂

    Why should a satirical piece be presented here amidst other news (though opinionated but real events) without a clarification note ? what’s the objective of the Admin/ team of “ISLAMOPHOBIA” ? Is it not to misguide some non-knowledgeable muslims to think negatively about an individual, or perhaps even a nation/ race? If you still don’t get it, I’m openly alleging that Islamophobia team is pushing an Islamist/ Sharia (and hence non-secular)agenda. Has the bulb gotten lit ATLEAST now ?

    Lawyer ? from the al-mullah-e-kaboom school I guess? Ivy league in Islamic nations ? Kewl.

    Stop oinking and start conversing. I’m happy to be corrected. There’s so much to learn & un learn. Sharia should stay out of non-Islamic countries. And Islam should stop seeing the world as dar-ul-islam and dar-ul-harb, the latter as the lands to be conquered.

    What is YOUR connection with sharia lovers ?

  15. Some scholar has put forth that the dar-ul concept is bida and should be discarded. i do see signs that some muslims are trying to work it.

    I didn’t know whether they were an Onion victim or not. Some people detest it because it can start crazy rumors.

  16. “molten iron into your holes and then seal those with quicklime” i can’t stop laughing….dongo you’re great.

    what is really ironic about this post is that this website has criticised others for reposting articles from the onion as fact. go figure.

    speaking of liars and being “fairly irresponsible”.


    sorry if i missed your response. but how did you respond to my accusations of your lies?

    “Sharia should stay out of non-Islamic countries.” sharia should stay out of all countries. it’s terrible law.

  17. I dont know Mike I think Dongo drinks too much coffee and mixes it with 5 hour energy drinks. He gets a little extreme.

  18. he kills me. i can’t wait to see his response to earthman1. the bowels and hot metal should be in full effect.

  19. Here is a story that has been slightly changed to mirror the tenor of the article displayed in this posting.:

    Two young Islamic boys, ages 6 and 7, did thousands of dollars worth of damage to a Loudon, Tennessee Baptist Church. They used toys and crafts, food for needy families, and their own urine and feces to deface, defile, and destroy everything they could reach. When cornered by police the two boys shouted Allahu Akbar and attempted to blow themselves up using bicycle tire pumps. While being led away by police the youngest boy kicked the officer, called him a Porky Crusader and demanded a Grape Juicy Juice.

    Read more:

  20. (Jane),

    Why should I? “Dulce et decorum est pro patria morti”—-Mother and Motherland are superior to heaven itself. And I don’t need to lay of drinking. Smoking and drinking kept me alive in my days of distress. I have that much honesty not to betray these useful elements. Sorry, I can’t comply with your advise.


    If it is satiric, then so be it. But this bitch has been habitual to make such comments, just like the pig bin Laden could not even breath without killing innocents. I don’t like energy drinks because those what I get in my country have very little alcohol and hence not enough to intoxicate me and help me forget my pains. Your post that you gave at last, may be from a hate blog. I may be wrong, but from the sentence “Two Islamic boys, shouting Allahu Akbar, vandalising a church, kicking a police officer, abusing him”…. suggests so. You said that the story was changed slightly. But how can two boys so young embark on such a gruesome act?


    I do get it. You are an eternal hypocrite (like your Aryan [?]ancestors) with Islamophobia ingrained into your damned, shit-filled brain which does not exist at all.

    If a satirical piece has been presented on this blog, complain it to the blog runners? Why bark here? You can realise how damaging such a sensitive news can be. If you still do not get me, I suggest you that the bulb has already been lit; with regards to your hypocrisy and hate, I also suggest you insert that bulb into your rectum and try to lit it from another power supply. The bulb has to be 5000 watts. You will be enlightened enough.

    Yes, a lawyer, from London City University with LLM.

    You stop your shits and start behaving like a normal human. No, you are not happy to be corrected, and you will never be corrected let alone being happy to be so, because you are an Indo-Mongoloid pig. And you and your ilk should stop speaking shit.

    I have no connection with Shariah lovers or haters whatsoever.


    I am not great. And if you say that Shariah should stay out of all nations as it is terrible law, then I should say you are intervening into others’ freedom of conscience. If they want to implement it in their own countries, what is wrong in that? But I should say that they must not demand it in non-Muslim nations. Remember, the pig Raymond Davis was relieved with the help of sharia law. No modern law saved him as according to modern law, he should have been executed or at least sentenced for life. I also did not like the Scottish government relieving the psychotic pig Megrahi. Why should such a mass murderer be freed? In shariah law, he would have been hanged or beheaded. What do you suggest for such a mass killer? Releasing or punishing?

    I told you earlier that I did not want to kill you. Why are you howling on me about killing you? Do I seem to be a killer to you?

    What is earthman1 btw?

  21. Dongo the boys were not Muslim, but what is so sad is that they actually did vandalize a church with their urine and feces and they were both below the age of 10. I linked the article so if someone took to much offense they could click on the link and get the true story.

  22. Criley,

    I noticed your mention of the word “slightly changed” and I wrote it. But remember, the boys had no previous records of such disgusting acts whereas the above bitch does have and she is on a rampage to mar all Muslims in US government.

  23. dongo,

    sorry for the confusion. but when i said “he kills me” i meant as in “you’re killing me”. which means you are cracking me up, as in making me laugh. again our english is worlds apart. didn’t mean to accuse you of wanting to do me any bodily harm. as for davis and megrahi, not the least bit familiar with them. but i’ll google.

    “And if you say that Shariah should stay out of all nations as it is terrible law, then I should say you are intervening into others’ freedom of conscience.” so you would be in favor of a society allowing cannabilism or human sacrifice as a matter of “freedom of conscience”? so if a nation truely believes that god wants black people enslaved, because of the curse of ham, that nation should be allowed to enslave black people, you know as a matter of “freedom of conscience”? how about marrying 10 year old girls, well postpubesent and consenting of course? or maybe without consent and prepubesent, if “freedom of conscience” can’t be challenged.

    you’re killing me dude, i can’t stop laughing.


    ah, the guy who shot a couple of pakistanis. why did sharia “relieve” him. wasn’t that considered self defense?

    megraphi. googled it and a bunch of linkedin names come up. scottish? you talking about the guy who drove the car bomb into the airport in endinborough or the lockerbie bomber?

  25. Mike,

    It is clear that he did not kill in self defence. Had he, this would not create such a tremor in US-Pakistan relations.

    Megrahi is the Libyan psycho pig, i.e. the Lockerbie bomber.

  26. Mike,

    He was released according to Shariah as he/his sponsors agreed to pay the dead’s relatives the compensation money. And trust me (your choice), the Libyan pig would have surely been beheaded or hanged under Shariah. Because, I believe neither he/his sponsors could pay the required money for the damage he inflicted.

  27. “It is clear that he did not kill in self defence. Had he, this would not create such a tremor in US-Pakistan relations.” how do the tremors have anything to do with the actual situation? so he just decided, i’m going to shot these two guys for no reason? always possible, just not very likely. the tremors come from an american killing pakistanis. regardless of the facts. the government in pakistan must “save face” with the mob. come on you are in asia, you know all about saving face. the government is constantly playing a balancing act between: keeping american aid money coming in, and we aren’t puppets to the americans.

    what does a tremor in diplomatic relationships have to do with anything?

    so what did the 20 UN members in afghanistan have to do with terry jones burning the koran? yet they are dead. there is little logic on the sub-continent or in central asia. don’t ya think?

    little is “clear”

  28. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is
    added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

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