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Murfreesboro Mosque Granted Temporary Occupancy Permit

7 August 2012 General 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post











NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – A temporary occupancy permit has been granted for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro after a final inspection on Tuesday morning.

Mosque leaders hope to hold evening prayers there as early as Friday.

Officials said it could take a few days before a permanent certificate of occupancy is issued.

Recently, members of Grace Baptist Church put up several white crosses along Bradyville Pike, alongside the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

They said the crosses are a statement of their Christian faith and their feelings towards the new mosque. Officials for the Islamic Center said they aren’t upset, and believe they must love their neighbors.

Opponents have spent two years trying to halt construction of the mosque for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. In July, a federal judge ruled the congregation has a right to worship there as soon as the building is ready.

The 12,000-square-foot mosque will replace a smaller one that’s been used for 30 years.

Opposition to the new mosque has included a lawsuit, a large rally, vandalism, arson and a bomb threat.

Original post: Murfreesboro Mosque Granted Temporary Occupancy Permit


  1. Any saudi money involved in its construction?

  2. Jane, its all local money.

  3. How can it be all local money? Very few muslims locally they said. Supposedly that is what touched off the furor.

  4. anon, Islamophobia is what touched off the furor.

  5. Islamophobia springs off the words and actions of ;the muslims, it is not something invented out of the air.

  6. “Jane, its all local money.”

    Fair enough, have they published accounts?

  7. Is this pic the finished building I wonder. One of the things being said is that it is only the first phase of the proposed project.

  8. ast,

    so if it was saudi money, would you be against it? so how many muslims are there in murfreesboro Tenn? how do you know that the money is all local?

  9. I have read that there are 45 muslims in the congregation that built this thing, and that this pic represents only the first phase of the project.

    On TV locals saying that persons who had lived/worked in Saudi etc. were in the protest.

  10. I am going to admit I am clueless on this issue. Let’s just suppose it is supported by the Saudis and the Muslim population is only 45 people. Now the 12 thousand square foot center becomes even larger, what are they going to do with it besides pay massive heating and electric bills? Are people worried that its going to become a center of terrorism within this part of the United States? Or are they worried that they may start some type of school in the facility? I am as knowledgeable and appalled by Islamic activities all over the world, but what does this center have to do with any of these activities? I agree that anything could happen but it’s doubtful that anything of a nefarious nature will happen or is being planned to happen on this site. If it does I am sure the activities will be uncovered.

  11. anon,

    so what if it is saudi money? i don’t know of any restrictions on foriegners owning land in america. we weclome foriegn investment all the time. remember when the japanesse where buying up alot of american assets. didn’t they buy rockefeller center in the 80s?


    we allow BP to build things in america. even after their little spill.

    the real issue here is the tax exempt status for religions. it’s crazy and needs to be removed.

  12. They have a right to build it. It has stirred up the community. They think it is going to be used as a fort or barracks or terrorist motel. They have to wait until such a thing transpires, though. The locals are suspicious.

    There is a muslim fantasy going on that the US will turn or be forced to turn to Islam, and they want to be ready. The muslims are delusional.

  13. “so what if it is saudi money?”

    So a country where freedom of religion is illegal, where sharia is the basis of its laws (where they behead “sorcerers”)and where women are considered male property is spending billions abroard spreading its poisonous ethics and morals – yet objecting to it is considered as islamophobic?

    That’s why there is an anti-shariah movement – because those saudi billions aren’t paying for western ideals, they are paying to try to replace them with the horror of saudi ideals.

  14. most the time you criticize anything in islam, they cry islamophobia. or they call you ignorant, or hateful or a bigot. oh well. but don’t you think it is better to have them build their centers and try to assimilate them into the larger culture? so you don’t think western ideals can stand up to “its poisonous ethics and morals”?

    “they are paying to try to replace them with the horror of saudi ideals.” better to keep that money above board. don’t you think? let them build their mosques and “prayer rooms”. easier to keep an eye and ear on them.

    as for anti-sharia, i’m all for keeping all religious laws out of all courts. of course your angelican bishop didn’t do you any favors, trying to maintain his own power structure. or are you not british?

  15. I have no issue with mosques being built in the UK. However I think accepting saudi money to build them is an act of gross hypocrisy.

    How easy is it to keep an eye and an ear on them? Any suggestion that anybody is keeping an eye and ear on them is greeted with howls of protest and the usual accusations of islamophobia. A documentary in the UK called “undercover mosque” uncovered a lot of hate speech (calls to bomb indian businesses, killing jews, women as defective, advocating pedophilia etc) – of course some muslim groups screamed islamophobia and labelled it anti-muslim.

    The Archbishop of canterbury is a fool

  16. Don’t know about UK but US is perfectly capable of saying it isn’t surveilling when it really is. Sure they’ll squawk about being spied on.

    Don’t drive it underground. Don’t threaten their speakers as Geller did either. Let them speak.

  17. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/dispatches-undercover-mosque/

    let them speak, amen

    you’re not sweet jane, are you?

    What in the world ever became of sweet jane?
    She lost her sparkle, you know she isn’t the same
    Livin on reds, vitamin c, and cocaine,
    All a friend can say is aint it a shame?


  18. Besides the 45 official members, the WSJ says several hundred muslim families and students are in the area.

  19. Maybe they’re not the same kind of muslims.

  20. The Sods would be building sunni mosques. We probably have a goodly number of amadiya and others who have fled the sunnis.

  21. Anon, Ahmadis have it tough in the UK, there is a campaign of hate being waged on them by muslims, with their businesses being targetted. And when they want to build a mosque the local muslim community is very vocal against it, see this example:


    “Imam Saeed, 65, from the Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre, added: “We are happy the right decision has been made. It would have been a public nusiance and is a relief.””

    The people who scream “islamophobis” the loudest are often the most intolerant.

  22. Oh, we will get into it deeper. I can see a future of various groups attacking houses of worship just like what goes on in the muslim countries. Their plague is here.

  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordinance_XX

    “The United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities has called on the Commission on Human Rights to “call on the Government of Pakistan to repeal Ordinance XX.”[4]”

    leave the muslims “freedom of conscience” alone. you can’t go around calling yourself a muslim while claiming the second coming of jesus has already happened. allah commands vengance on the blasphemers. it is right and proper under sharia to punish those who “spread mischief”. check out 5:32.

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