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Pat Robertson Blames Atheists And Those Who Hate God For Wisconsin Temple Shooting

7 August 2012 Huffington Post 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Pat Robertson Blames Atheists And Those Who Hate God For Wisconsin Temple Shooting

On the morning after the tragedy in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson placed the blame for the shooting at the Sikh Temple on atheists and those who “hate God.”

“…people who are atheists, they hate God, they hate the expression of God, and they are angry at the world, angry with themselves, angry with society and they take it out on innocent people who are worshipping God…”

According to The Christian Science Monitor, the alleged shooter has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a 40 year old Army veteran who the Southern Poverty Law Center claims was a one time leader of a racial supremacist band.

It is unclear what, if any, religious convictions Wade Michael Page might have had.

But Robertson was convinced that the act was committed by those who ‘hate’ God, regardless of who their target is this time.

“Whether it’s a Sikh temple, or a Baptist church, or a Catholic church, or a Muslim mosque – whatever it is – I just abhor this kind of violence, and it’s the kind of thing that we should do something about,” Robertson said on The 700 Club.

However, Rajwant Singh, chairman of the Washington-based Sikh Council on Religion and Education, told the Associated Press he believes the attacks took place out of ignorance.

“This is something we have been fearing since 9/11, that this kind of incident will take place. It was a matter of time because there’s so much ignorance and people confuse us (as) being members of Taliban or belonging to (Osama) bin Laden.”

So what can you do to prevent such attacks?

Robertson’s advice is simple: “Well, you talk about the love of God and hope it has some impact.”


  1. I am an atheist and i dont hate god. God doesn’t exist so how could I hate it?

  2. Robertson’s ignorance is showing. Again. Still. Since we don’t know whether or not the shooter believed in God (or any god) and since Sikhs and Muslims do believe in God, I don’t know who he’s blaming for this (or any) act of domestic terrorism.

  3. He does seem to be a particularly stupid man

  4. I do not watch him but he is not stupid. The man is vilified by various sites because of statements he makes. In this case he is trying to tell the people who watch him that violence is never the answer regardless of who the violence is against. Its one of the statements that demonstrate he does not hate Muslims or people of other religions and to attack them is sinful. He has people that watch him that also could have extreme views, his statement may help curb the potential of some violence as he is considered a leader, and many people listen to him. So regardless of what you think of religion give the man some credit for trying to do the right thing.

  5. ccc,

    if he isn’t stupid how does he claim, those that don’t believe in god, “hate god”. it clearly makes no sense. not the brightess bulb. although he has amassed a fortune. goes to show you the genius of some religious people.

    so what about the article about him advising the chick to destroy her roommates buddha? also, i guess he doesn’t advise people to kill, he leaves that up to his god. didn’t he say that the earthquake in haiti was god induced? you know, because they made a deal with the devil. are you seriously defending pat robertson? how about oral roberts? jerry falwel? jimmy stewart? creflo dollar? how about john hagee? who was the fag in colorado? ted hagert?

  6. LOL, mike: as I stated I do not watch the man because I generally do not agree with him. I do think as the man has gotten older his intellect has gotten duller, but that does not make him a bad man or a hateful one. Anyone who attributes any catastrophe to God’s judgment is a little bit bonkers. How can anyone even pretend to know the mind of God. Of course, you do not think there is a God so any statement acknowledging his existence seems silly to you. I had no idea he wanted someone to destroy someone else’s property, that’s a little over the top. All I said is that he was trying to lead his followers away from violence, which is a good idea as he may have some crazy ones. By the way, you forgot to mention Earnest Angly and his Healing Line. He was my favorite to watch as a kid, the entertainment value of his “YOU ARE HEALED” was as good as Robin Williams any day of the week.

    The only TV evangelist I really like is Billy Graham, and I realize he has had his problems. But he is human like the rest of us and makes mistakes both small and large. Overall I think he is a good man who tries to set an example for others. As to the others in your list a couple may be sincere but religion is a good area for con men to pick over and generally a rich preacher asking for money is a major turn off for me.

  7. “Earnest Angly and his Healing Line”, the short pasty white guy with jet black hair and a whinny southern accent. i think i remember seeing him in africa “healing” people. yeah he was funny. or is he still alive? you probably never watched the “hour of power”. was the crystal cathedral foreclosed on a few years ago? shows some national growth.

    “The only TV evangelist I really like is Billy Graham, and I realize he has had his problems.” isn’t he dead yet?

    “Anyone who attributes any catastrophe to God’s judgment is a little bit bonkers. How can anyone even pretend to know the mind of God.” careful that could be considered blasphemy by some.

    While on the road to Makka for pilgrimage the wind blew so hard that ‘Umar asked: “Can anyone narrate to us something [from the Prophet] about the wind?” None of those present could answer. When news of this reached Abû Hurayra, he rode up to ‘Umar and said: “Commander of the Believers! I was told that you asked about the wind, and I myself heard the Prophet say: ‘The wind is a spirit from Allâh. It brings mercy and it brings torment. Therefore, when you experience it, do not curse it but ask Allâh for its goodness and seek refuge in Him from its harm.’”

    keep this in mind next time a tornado comes through.

  8. Billy Graham is still alive but ill.

    How the heck do you come up with all these verses Mike? For someone with no belief in God I think you read more religious text than most people who do. Here is what the bible says about the wind:

    “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

    I have no Idea how this fits into what was being discussed but there it is.

  9. He even puts the little house over the second a in Allah. He’s got an arabic font, too. Really making a study of it. Or maybe…. maybe… I know! Mike is a closet muslim!

    How bout this verse:

    The world is black the world is white
    It turns by day and then by night.

    Not even Jimmy Buffet lives the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle anymore, Mike.

  10. ccc,

    that’s from wiki, you know because i’m 15 years old. after reading the minnesota mosque/islamic center article i googled the guy’s name they want to name it after. i thought maybe it was a rich dude who died and left them the 2mil to buy a building. after i had wondered where the money is coming from. looks like he is a companion of muhammad. looks like the shia don’t hold him in very high regard though?


    a closest parrothead? i’ve never been but i have a bunch of south tampa peeps who go every year to his concert in tampa. they say it is a serious drunkfest. speaking of accent marks over letters. your drinking is passe’ comment was way off. we are at a 25 year high with alcohol consumption in america. must be a regional thing.

    changes in lattitude
    changes in attitude


    don’t no the reason
    stayed here all season
    got nothing show but this brand new tattoo
    but it’s a real beauty
    a mexican cutie
    how it got here i haven’t a clue

    now tattoos are passe’. but there is more ink running around then ever.

  12. I went to a JB concert in Tampa years ago he announced he could no longer drink, health reasons. i do like some of his songs.

    Tattoo fads come and go. This one may last longer due to better techniques. They used to meld into blue blobs. Imagine a bunch of old codgers at nursing home covered in ink.

    Have you run into the full horror of US health? The iniquitous behemoth of the US health care system must be revised. Why don’t they nationalize the insurance companies in a gov health plan? I can understand them not wanting to destroy such a huge item as the insurance industry.

    Just wait until the sunni/shia/amadi/jews conflict gets going around here. We cannot import, we cannot have, people who hate like this.

  13. I knew a girl who matured at 9, she proved to be sterile.

    Young people may live for a few years in hedonism, but most people snap out of it. The demands of work and family.

    I saw foul cursing start in the 70s. Have met people, esp young people, speaking what T. Wolfe called the f–ks–t patois.

    Living together might go on, due to tax laws and divorce trauma.

    I despise those stoking race conflict, and i don’t want muslims jumping on their selected targets either.

  14. Divorces statistics are skewed by people getting 5-6 divorces. Or maybe I just live around people who don’t split.

    I see things changing. The 70s are gone.

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