Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Vandals Attack Islamic Centre in Surrey

Vandals attack Islamic centre in Surrey

Vandals have attacked an Islamic centre in Horley. The centre on the corner of High Street and Yattendon Road was vandalised in the early hours of Sunday. Alcohol and eggs were thrown at the building and graffiti was sprayed across its main door.

A police spokesman said the graffiti was later removed by people at the centre.

Specialist Neighbourhood Sergeant for Horley Simon Ward, said the attack had “deeply upset” the town’s Islamic community. He said:

“Specialist Neighbourhood Officers from the Reigate and Banstead Safer Neighbourhood Team are assisting detectives from CID with a thorough investigation into finding those responsible. This incident has deeply upset the Islamic community in Horley who have an excellent relationship with their neighbours and others in the town.”

Investigating officer Detective Constable Dave Every of Reigate CID, said: “I would appeal to anyone who has information on this incident, or who saw anything suspicious in the area around the time the damage was caused, to contact officers as we need to catch those responsible.”

The vandalism took place  between midnight and 1.30am on Sunday. Anyone who was in the area around the time of the incident and who saw anything suspicious, or who has any other information which may assist officers with their investigation, is urged to contact Surrey Police on 101, quoting reference RB/12/6354.

Redhill & Reigate Life, 7 August 2012


  1. “Islamophobe?”

    Do you people even know what the word means?

    A “phobia” describes an “irrational fear” of something.

    It is certainly not a “phobia” when intelligent and observant people know that Islam has over a billion “slaves” to Allah; that these billion plus worship a mass murderer, rapist, pedophile, misogynist, liar and thief, Muhammad, who “Allah” supposedly declare him to be the perfect man all Muslims should emulate; obey a creed that demands they attack, conquer, covert, extort from (jizya), and murder all who do not surrender to Islam.

    It is also true that Muslims cannot be Americans. Being an American is not an ethnic or racial label. It describes a people who adhere to a particular “American creed.”

    This American creed is moral, ethical, and superior to all other creeds. As a system of political belief, that controls actions, Islam, on the other hand, is like a rabid, mindless, beast infecting all it bites with rabies. And, Muslims are ordered by the psychopaths they worship to bite all non-Muslims.

    A non-Muslim would be insane not to defend against such insanity and barbarity.

    The proper term is “Islamomisia.” That is the hatred of all things Islamic. Any rational person who does not hate Islam is a fool bent on suicide or slavery.

    Muhammad was a classic psychopath.

    I demand that all Muslims be rounded up and deported to Saudi Arabia regardless of their country of origin.

  2. Fartman,

    Well, I think everyone is a slave to the Almighty. Therefore, you can’t blame Muslims alone.

    The thuggish features you attributed to Islam and Muslims are in fact inherent to Christianity and Christians. Because, Christianity is a totally distorted version of Judaism. When the Romans were fucking Christians like hell, they were silent and sometimes protesting yet suffering heavily against the mighty Romans. But when the Romans adopted Christianity, it was a new game allowing the “Christians” to massacre others including Jews. Even, fellow Christians were not saved. The billion plus Christians worship a man (the Most Famous Jew in History) who Himself prohibited to worship idols. He is called the Son of God. Don’t make me laugh. Almighty God has to beget a son to guide mankind and He (God) is the revelation of Divinity in the form of His Son as a Man! So, do you mean that God died on the Cross?

    Their unholy missions go on unabated. Forget the golden days of European colonialism. A new wave began aside from the colonial days. How? Missionaries. Prior to making empires, there were waves of the so-called explorers, travelers, holy (!?) men to investigate the land. The first two served as the spies whereas the last was the spies and tormentors too. This has barely changed today but adopting new names: NGOs, trusts, missions, funds. The goal is not only to seduce people into Christianity but also to form Christian enclaves that would ultimately become Christian lands. I mentioned an example of India. The NLFT in Tripura, a Christian terrorist group, was being harboured by Baptist missions. The Indian government not only barred evangelism in that area but also kicked missionaries in their balls and holes out of there.

    You are right. Muslims can not be Americans. In fact, there is nothing called America or American. If something is, then it is the native tribes who had been living there for 40,000 years after migrating from Yakutsk in eastern Siberia, long before the motherfucker white European pigs even knew of such a land even existed.

    Yes, the American creed: a nation founded on looting others and calling themselves as Americans. Hey asshole, do you realize that this fucking creed is worse than the worst on earth and hell? If so superior, why do you follow a religion, that is a middle Eastern creed? Why do you speak languages that are European creeds? If you don’t realise, just look what your fucking nation has done to the world.

    Suggest the measures for all (including yourself) but native tribes of the two continents.

  3. drongo, you never mention arab imperialism, the spreading of islam by the sword, the muslim missionaries etc.

    “do you mean that God died on the Cross”

    that’s the general idea.

  4. Jane,

    Darling, I did mention. I hate the Muslim imperialists like I do the non-Muslim ones. In fact, the concept of hereditary dynasty is totally banned in Islam. The caliph is a custodian of the state and people regardless of their faith, race, skin colour but not a master/muscleman/policeman. But the Umayyids started the the concept of hereditary dynasty and it continues to date in Muslim countries, particularly in Gulf nations.

    Truth eventually comes out. The bastard Muslim imperialists are sometimes praised even by non-Muslim rulers who have no sympathy for Muslims or Islam. But see, the European bastards are often condemned by their own kind. Now you may say me that Muslims are blind of their own faults and so they do not condemn their imperialists. For your information, the Umayyids are condemned by Shias and Sunnis alike. Caliph Harun ur Rashid is condemnable to Shias. Shias don’t even consider any of the caliphs legitimate but Ali. You may now say these are intra-Islam divides. Not likely. Caliphs of the Umayyids were condemned for their brutality against the Zoroastrians. And caliph Harun was condemned for his treachery against the Umayyids and helping the Franks in deposing them. But to Chiristian historians, he is a revered figure for his aid to weaken the Muslim presence in Iberia.

    If you take a look at my posts of May-June-July 2012, you may find some truth to my claim that I hate Muslim imperialism. And Islam did not spread by sword always unlike Christianity. Had it been and resorted to trickery and sword, Muslims should have been ruling Central Asia (from Siberia up to Volga), the Iberian Peninsula and India.

    Now come to Muslim missionaries. Well, what’s wrong? Muslim empires are history. They can never come up with an empire again. Now what’s the problem with the Christian ones is that they help sustain the Christian plan for global domination. You can see that in non-Muslim India, where Muslim missionaries came, still have their shrines and mausolea. Muslims and non-Muslims go to those places alike. Why? Because in their lifetime, they were really good people unlike the Christian ones who in exchange of some services seduced people to Christianity and thus paved the way for Christian imperialism which has assumed today the form of creating Christian lands in non-Christian countries.

    Hold on Jane, you claim to be an atheist. So, when I condemn Christians, Christian missionaries and Muslims, why does it spark you?

  5. Jane,

    God can’t die. Because He was, He is and He will be. That is why He is God. And one who has died, can not return from the grave or the other world.

    This is called the “Field Marshal” Idea.

    I also doubt your claim that you are an atheist. Because you, like many others here, are always busy in finding faults with Muslims and Islam. And you once said that “they play their game, we play ours” in regard to Christian missionaries converting people en masse. So, it is totally doubtful of you being an atheist.

  6. dongo,

    that’s earthman1. i’m extremely disappointed. not a single hot poker up an ass referance. did you stay away from that just to upset me? don’t worry it’s my fault, shouldn’t have foreshadowed that. anyways:

    “And one who has died, can not return from the grave” so you don’t believe in the miracle of lazarus? though allah gave his prophet jesus the power of miracles?

    “or the other world.” wait, wait, wait. i’m confused AGAIN! i thought that according to muslim mythology, jesus didn’t die but was lifted up to heaven, waiting to return from the other world to this world? to fight along side the al-madhi?

    don’t pay the ferryman
    don’t even set a price
    don’t pay the ferryman
    til he gets you to the other side

    dongo, did i hear right on the radio? the petshop boys were in the closing ceremony? that’s the best they can do? now that’s funny. my, how britania has fallen.

  7. “God can’t die.”

    So your god isn’t omnipotent? I guess we already knew that given he is unable to change his mind about not sending another prophet.

    “Because you, like many others here, are always busy in finding faults with Muslims and Islam”

    This site is about muslims. I point out faults where I find them, you are perfectly at liberty to argue against my points if you wish although your abusive, self loathing, style makes it rather difficult to understand you.

  8. Mike,

    I am not surprised at your willful blindness and pretended stupidity. If you are talking about me not criticising my own kind, I must say it is typical of yours. I did criticise and still do; have you forgotten that I told when Jews/Christians would get money, they would spend it for industry and education whereas Muslims would do for lavish mosques and palaces? I also told that why should Muslims pray for the Abbasids to be blessed with God’s mercy as they conspired with the Franks to depose the Umayyids in Iberia? And Caliph Mustasim Billah was dancing with pretty girls while drinking wine during the Mongol attack on the Abbasids? Do you forget that I always address bin Laden as a pig/dust bin Laden/swine/bastard, the Taliban as Shitaliban and the Ottomans as Shittomans? Don’t you see that I am utterly disgusted with the fatherfucken son of a dirty sow Megrahi? Do you notice? Probably not. Because that will hamper your mission of lies.

    If you need where on this blog I wrote these, I beg some time from you for the references, as from 14-22 August, I will be again in prison. But don’t worry, I’ve always been true to my words and will provide you with the references.

    Yes, Mike the one who has dies can’t return from grave/the other world. But, in case of holy men this may be possible. On Jesus, we believe He didn’t die and was lifted up instead. He will return. And His fighting alongside Al-Mahdi, well, we believe it, but don’t know exactly when that will happen. I wish I would be alive because I would get more clients.

    Petshop boys are always my favourite band. I like them. I don’t know who is going to fall or rise. Britain was once the most powerful nation on earth. Before them, there were the Spaniards. Before them, the Muslims, Byzantines, Romans, Persians and many more. None survived the wrath of time. Let’s wait and see.


    How can you say that my God, his God, their God, our God? There is only one God without a second. Do you need to stuff this message into your nonexistent brains?

    If God was, is and will always be how can and why should He die? Jesus (PBUH) was a human being and a very important prophet, not God. We believe that He will return someday, have marriage and children and will die a natural death. So, how can He be God? Moreover, if He is God, how can He be at the same time the Son of God?

    You don’t need to understand me. I don’t crave for you to do that. I am self loathing, abusive, difficult style person? Fine; what about others here? Just take a look at your own dual standard: you claim to be an atheist yet busy with finding faults with Muslims and Islam and when I speak against Christian crimes, you get angry. You always bark about freedom of speech but when someone criticises you or protests your injustice on them, that is terrorism. You continue to spew filth on Muslims and Islam on a site about Islam and when I write against you, you threaten me that Christian sites and satellites are watching my every move.

  9. “How can you say that my God, his God, their God, our God”

    Because many people have beliefs in many different gods. Your god isn’t the christian god and the christian god isn’t the jewish god and none of those gods are the gods of 1000s of different religions. I don’t have a god so your god can’t be my god.

    “If God was, is and will always be how can and why should He die? Jesus (PBUH) was a human being and a very important prophet, not God”

    A lot of people believe otherwise. However if you believe in a omnipotent god then you believe your god can do anything – dying and coming back to life would be easy for an omnipotent god. Maybe you believe in a rather limited god.

    “when I speak against Christian crimes, you get angry”

    I point out your hypocrisy when you spit hatred at christians but don’t mention the muslims who do exactly the same thing.

  10. d-go,

    “I am not surprised at your willful blindness and pretended stupidity” thanks dude, for the good laugh. you know my “blindness” is god’s fault. he has cursed me.

    “I did criticise and still do; have you forgotten that I told when Jews/Christians would get money, they would spend it for industry and education whereas Muslims would do for lavish mosques and palaces?” i remember. you are often critical of muslims. didn’t you even say that the Umayyids corupted the teachings of muhammad? but see i think the teachins of muhammad are the root of the problem. the koran and the hadiths are poorly written and sometimes terrible examples to set.

    one think that has always perplexed me, is why would god send his early prophets and his “last prophet” to such a sparsly populated part of the world? why not china? india? what about the poor western hemisphere. god seems to have totally neglected them until he sent colombus to teach them christianity. how ironic? how about send a prophet in the information age? your god needs a better PR firm.

    There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  11. i remember when you called the umayyadis bastards. so does the internet that god created. well, all gore invented it, but let’s not split hairs. lol…..i kill myself.

    “Not probably. Because in the Muslim ruled Indian subcontinent, these crusading bastards came in 1498. The earliest was the Celto-Germanic (Portuguese) Bastard Da Motherfucker (alias Vasco Da Gama) whose ancestors had long been fucked by the bastard Moors of Africa and even more bastard Umayyads. It is also claimed that before arriving at the port of Cullicut (a famous port in South India), BDM attacked an Arab passenger ship, looted it, killed all on board, set it alight and sank it. I don’t know about it and need authentication therefore.

    12 June 2012 at 10:04 pm “

  12. Mike,

    Thanks. God’s fault, umh, I did not get that. If He has cursed you, you must not be sad. Because, He has cursed me more than yours. I lost a bid to become the vice-president of a lawyers’ association and that caused me a heavy loss of my security money— 200,000 USD.

    The teachings are not; Muslims are as they do not follow those properly. Two examples: when they did follow, they were not in such wretched conditions like today’s. You may criticise me; but one thing you may notice that they did not migrate to non-Muslim lands like today’s and create so much problems. Another is, British PM Lord Gladstone said in the parliament taking a copy of the Quran in his hand that “So long as Muslims would follow this book, we will never be able to take them totally down”.

    Contact God, secure an appointment and then present your proposal.

  13. Jane,

    Another flop from you. You accuse me of hypocrisy? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The saucepan should not call the kettle (or cattle) black. I have said that I am not religious but respect all faiths. But you said you were an atheist; if so, why do you point a faith’s followers committing devilish acts? And I hope I showed my respect for Christianity when I told about a southern Irish saint would often save me from my father’s brutal torture. For Judaism, I think I told that when I met an accident abroad, I needed blood. One of my Jewish friends (a female) donated her AB(-) to me. Let me inform you: when I got a scholarship from London City University, the teachers, staff, examiners were all Christian, not a single Muslim. Did any Muslim institute grant me any scholarship? No. Now, if you say that LCU is a Muslim institute and I secured a scholarship through Hamas conspiracy, I have nothing to say.

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