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BREAKING: Shots Fired at Chicago Area Mosque

11 August 2012 General 39 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

The news of violence gets even more troubling. A neighbor with a long history of opposition to a Chicago area mosque  has fired rifle shots at the mosque wall!:

CAIR: Shots Fired at Illinois Mosque

(CHICAGO, IL, 8/11/12) – The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) said today that two air rifle shots were fired last night at the outer wall of the Muslim Education Center (MEC) mosque in Morton Grove, Ill.

The shots were heard by worshipers who were outside the mosque and were powerful enough to damage the building’s brick wall. (The Muslim Community Center (MCC), of which the MEC is a suburban branch, is the oldest Muslim center in Illinois.)

A neighbor, who has a history of opposition to the mosque, allegedly fired the shots. Morton Grove police, the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office are all investigating the incident.

“This is obviously an alarming situation that all parties are taking very seriously. The weapon allegedly used in this incident is powerful enough to kill, and the projectiles reportedly came within inches of the head of the security guard on duty,” said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab.

Rehab toured the mosque site today with Muslim community leaders, the local police commander and the assistant state attorney. He said mosque leaders and community members are cooperating with the investigation and that a variety of charges are being considered.

“We have full trust in the professionals handling this investigation. They are doing everything in their power to keep communities safe and ensure that justice is served,” said Rehab.

Earlier this week, CAIR’s national headquarters issued a community safety advisory for American mosques following other incidents targeting Muslim houses of worship in Missouri and Rhode Island and after the deadly shooting attack Sunday on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

In one incident, a Missouri mosque previously targeted by an arsonist burned to the ground. In California, pig legs were left at a southern California mosque and four teens face hate crime charges for harassing worshipers at a northern California mosque.

SEE: CAIR Asks DOJ to Probe Pig Legs Left at Proposed Calif. Mosque Site
CAIR: Arson, Vandalism at Mosques Not Uncommon (Joplin Globe)

“We are gravely concerned that we are seeing the rising level of Islamophobic rhetoric in our society translate into violent behavior,” Rehab said.

“This last week of Ramadan is the holiest week of the year for Muslims, and the shots were fired at 8:30, a little after sunset, the busiest time of the day when Muslims come to the mosque to break their long day fast and pray together,” said MEC President Dr. Mohammad Aleemuddin.

“This is a school and a house of worship. It’s a place for our families to pray and our children to learn about their world. And we are being shot at. Community members are terrified, especially children,” said Aleemuddin.

Yesterday, Chicago Muslims spoke out against scaremongering comments made by Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh in which he said that Islamic radicals were living in Chicago’s suburbs.

A diverse group of Muslims, Jews and Christians held a press conference Friday in downtown Chicago to warn against the effects of such irresponsible remarks, especially coming as they did following incidents such as the deadly shooting spree in Wisconsin.


“The incident happened shortly after the breaking of the fast. Bullets landed just inches from the security guard on duty #Islamophobia” via.@naeem_V

Source: Loonwatch


  1. Was this done with a BB gun or a Pellet gun?

  2. Criley401

    “”Was this done with a BB gun or a Pellet gun?””

    It was done by an idiot who probably does not know the difference between the two and the calibre size, take a guess if the News says the following.

    “”The shots were heard by worshipers who were outside the mosque and were powerful enough to damage the building’s brick wall.””

    A thinking person who recognizes the distinction between a BB gun or a Pellet gun may have chosen a safer method of intimidation like burning a cross in their front lawn.

  3. Well Aziz, the story says an air rifle and there are two common types. I do not see how anyone could actually hear the shot if shot from a distance and there was any noise around them at all. If it was a BB gun then more than likely it had to be cocked to shoot and that would have made very little noise. If it was a Pellet gun, they can shoot both pellets and BBs. Like a BB gun it could be CO2 powered but the shot would be quiet. Or if it is a pump gun then it has to be pumped several times to gain force behind the projectile. The pumping is repetitive and does make noise, depending on force used then perhaps someone could have heard the gun being pumped. As to being deadly, any projectile can be deadly, including a thrown egg. A pellet or BB could lodge in ones eye causing blindness in one eye or possibly causing the person to go into shock and die. I guess it could lodge itself into a artery and possibly kill a person. One must admit, however, these types of guns are not exactly the most deadly one can find. A good slingshot with a ball bearing is easily more deadly than a BB gun or Pellet gun, though I do not want to be shot by any of them.

    I just think the story heading is very dramatic for the type of gun that was used and the limited potential for a lethal incident. I would arrest that “neighbor” who was shooting at the wall as he seems to have a screw loose. If the man has any other guns then the police need to seize them until, possibly, a doctor states that the man is not mentally ill such that he will not escalate.

  4. I don’t think we are very good at figuring out who will escalate.

    I see posters on other sites complaining that muslims are assaulting jews and synagogues in their areas and media putting blanket on those stories.

  5. Criley401,

    “”I just think the story heading is very dramatic for the type of gun that was used and the limited potential for a lethal incident.””

    That says it all doesn’t It, the bastards in the media should at least wait until there were some dead Muslims and real guns involved. As for the Air rifle noise factor the person could have also used a silencer but then you say they don’t make any noise and people probably don’t make exploding pellets either. I live by a rifle range and never hear a peep either.

  6. Anon,

    “”I see posters on other sites complaining that muslims are assaulting jews and synagogues in their areas and media putting blanket on those stories.””

    Do you have a news link to the story …., If it religious bigots you will find these Gods Warriors every where. I even talk to some who deny they are bigots in terms dictionary definition of prejudice..

  7. Anon,

    “”media putting blanket on those stories.””

    FOX news is known to be fair and balanced sorry to hear that.

  8. Bullets fly around the Chicago area on a daily basis. Hundreds per hour I am guessing. How do you know they were meant for the mosque? Maybe some evil Joos got in between an armed islamophile and the mosque.

  9. Moonbats,

    “”How do you know they were meant for the mosque””

    Brilliant and Intelligent question, You paint a picture of Chicago resembling Dodge city, If there was any doubt, reverse evolution is possible.

    “”The news of violence gets even more troubling. A neighbor with a long history of opposition to a Chicago area mosque has fired rifle shots at the mosque wall!””

  10. “The news of violence gets even more troubling. A neighbor with a long history of opposition to a Chicago area mosque has fired rifle shots at the mosque wall”

    That’ll learn it

  11. “A diverse group of Muslims, Jews and Christians held a press conference Friday in downtown Chicago to warn against the effects of such irresponsible remarks, especially coming as they did following incidents such as the deadly shooting spree in Wisconsin.”

    speaking of irresponsible remarks:

    [4.34] Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.

    [5.33] The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

    [8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

    [9.5] So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

    [18.74] So they went on until, when they met a boy, he slew him. (Musa) said: Have you slain an innocent person otherwise than for manslaughter? Certainly you have done an evil thing.

    [24.2] (As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day, and let a party of believers witness their chastisement.

  12. Aziz, it’s good they caught the guy. There is no excuse for his behaviour.

  13. Thanks Jane,

    We as people can do better and learn to get along, Even with bad behavior most Americans are kind and goodhearted people, for me it is disturbing to see rise of Islamophobia having personally been assaulted in a racist attack by Bikers.

    take care

  14. ccc,

    well there you go. it was a pellet gun. case closed.

  15. Aziz, I agree. Getting along is the best path. I have been assaulted many times by muslim misogynists (only verbally I hasten to add) and it is scary



    “The reason Muslims don’t like criticism is because the opponents don’t want a serious discussion. They simply want to insult.” so quoting from the koran is an insult? so seriously, you are in favor of sharia.
    “That is what leads people to commit violence against other relgions.” you sure that some of the aspects of religion don’t lead people to commit violence against others, religious or not?

    As usual, you quote a hadith out of context.” again, is it not a self contained story? what context is needed?
    “I don’t think the punishment was harsh since they were punished according to the Jewish Halaqa Law.” lol. so pelting people with rocks until they internally bleed to death, or you get a good blow to the head is not harsh? the punishment is harsh regardless of who’s “law” it is.
    “You also deceive everyone who reads your posts by not pointing out that all the people stoned during the Prophet’s life were punished after self confession.” so where in this hadith do they confess? nor do they ask to be stoned to death, to wash away their “sin”. quite the opposite, they try to hide the “divine verse of rajm”.

    “Gonna take my comment out of context?” lol. what context. historical? 2012? geographical?
    “Figured you would since you are a regular liar and you’ve done it b4.” how am i lying? when have i lied before?
    “I did not say I approve of stoning,” ok so you disapprove of stoning?
    “I said I don’t believe Muslims should judge people according to their own religion unless they want to be judged.” so now your are for suicide by stoning? i don’t want to take you out of “context”, but your reasoning is hard to follow. so you are saying that if a muslim commits adultry. they should be able to ask the community to stone them to death?
    “In this case for example if you feign ignorance.” again where do these jews asked to be stoned? again they try to hide “The Divine Verse of the Rajam”

    “You also deceive everyone who reads your posts by not pointing out that all the people stoned during the Prophet’s life were punished after self confession.” how do you possibly know that?

    here come back with something better than your tired “out of context” arguement. at least go to the “totality of islam arguement”


  17. jane,

    you should get a man to maintain and protect you. i remember when there was an article about a woman having her headscarf ripped off by some teenagers in you homeland. anon posted a link of the somali chicks beating the hell out of a teacher, i think? here’s what a muslim responded.

    “here is the video of leicester story. we can see that the boyfriend fights back hitting those somalian gang. its far more different from boys harrasing an old woman:”

    7 December 2011 at 2:37 am

  18. Mike, I remember that incident, it was an appalling example of cultural relativism.

    Happily I don’t need a man to look after me, I am more than capable of looking after myself when faced with the sexualy repressed muslim males I encounter.

    Have a look at this lovely site:

    Such friendly people

  19. Non muslims are not supposed to hit back. It is disrespectful to the superior muslim beings. That is actually the attitude.

    i remember Rhea’s boyfriend drunkenly defending her. Everyone involved had been drinking.

  20. “Non muslims are not supposed to hit back. It is disrespectful to the superior muslim beings. That is actually the attitude.”

    I don’t hit back, I just at look them with pity.

  21. Mike I will not waste my time posting extracts of the Old-New testament or Torah-Talmud as examples of responsible language, like “Gentiles are animals” or rape,Kill women etc

    Jane Misogyny is unfortunately is not unique or restricted to Muslims I have also witnessed Muslim women abused by Muslim and non Muslim men.

    Such statistics are also unfortunate.

    There is so much love here and coming together of minds it is nice.

    Have great day

  22. jane,

    i think anon is talking about the boyfriend. although i think he doesn’t hit them because they are women. doubt he knows that they are muslim, or rather that he isn’t supposed to hit muslims. but i don’t think he is much of a fighter to begin with. seeing the way he falls down.

    yeah, who was the mufti who called the olympics obscene? but he must be taking the koran out of context. of course it maybe hard to be a gymnist who doesn’t swing her legs. or a judge you has to lower their gaze.

  23. Rhea’s bf clobbered them in a drunken sort of way, and was cursing them when the police arrived. A policewoman shook her finger in his face.

    I well remember how the first Somali girl ran up to Rhea smiling and began attacking her. The judge did not jail them because they used the “we wuz drunk” excuse which apparently works in UK.

    Amazing that the UK cursing mother on the bus was whisked off to jail for her speech, but the Somali girls walked free.

  24. No sense nattering over picayune air rifle incidents. Unless something was burned to the ground, or someone was really assaulted, pass it by.

  25. aziz,

    “Mike I will not waste my time posting extracts of the Old-New testament or Torah-Talmud as examples of responsible language, like “Gentiles are animals” or rape,Kill women etc” cool. because the bible is full of irresponsible language. no one denies that. well maybe the christians do. not sure how. ask criley, he’s a christian. but you confuse me. isn’t the “god” of the old testement the same “god” of the koran? obviously you aren’t sunni, but do you follow any hadiths? isn’t yahweh/god/allah/the god of abraham all the same being? isn’t the old testement “divine revelations” to the muslims? isn’t abrahm (despite his treatment of hagar), moses (despite his geneocide), aren’t all the old testement prophets, prophets to muslims.

    so we are in agreement? let’s aip (abandon in place) these ancient texts. you can keep them around as amusments for future generations, but seriouly, who would believe that this is “the truth”?

    at least he is somewhat consistant over thousands of years.

    [7.178] Whomsoever Allah guides, he is the one who follows the right way; and whomsoever He causes to err, these are the losers.
    [7.179] And certainly We have created for hell many of the jinn and the men; they have hearts with which they do not understand, and they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear; they are as cattle, nay, they are in worse errors; these are the heedless ones.

    speaking of people as cattle:

    Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.

    The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.

    Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,

    The heart that is not in love will fail the test.

  26. A great link, mike. May all these types have free speech and explain to the world just what Islam is all about. Tiny minority of extremists, my foot.

    Big riots in Mumbai lately.

  27. yes we keep excellent stats in the west. how about in the islamic world? did you see the bangladeshi guy who cut his wife’s fingers off, because she went to law school? the afghan husband and mother-in-law who strangled the wife for giving birth to a third daughter. how about the grand mufti of saudi arabia saying it is ok to marry 10 year old girls? how about your prohoet marrying a 9 year old? how about the australian iman who blamed the rape victums. what did he compare they to? uncovered meat. don’t blame the cats, if you leave uncovered meat out in the alley. see all i can do is post anecdotal evidence. i doubt islamic nations keep true stats. what do you think?

  28. Anon,

    When Christians kill humans, that is friendly fire, involuntary manslaughter, mentally ill—everything. When Muslims do the same, they are Islamic terrorists. When Muslims are abused, that is free speech. When they protest with violence, that is terrorism and intolerance; wait “islamic intolerance and violence”.

    And the “riots” resutled when police baton-charged the protestors who were protesting the massacre on Muslims in Assam by the Bodos who are outsiders there yet claim that they are the indigenous. So, what wrong did the protesters do?

    You said that I had a tungsten fetish. If you need one tungsten rod (thorny, heated red)to enter into your holes because of your bigotry and hatred (because as you say, when Muslims commit any crime, that is their fault but when they are being tortured and imprisoned for no cause, that is their fault too.), go to anyone who trades in these. You may further choose tungsten/titanium carbide ones.


    I do support you on most issues you posted in here lately. You can see that the clerics were mostly influenced by Wahhabi ideals. Again, I have to tell you that the age of Aisha is a topic of continuous debate even among Muslim scholars. For your kind information, marrying very young children was not uncommon in those days. In many parts of India, child marriage is still prevalent; most are non-Muslim. The Inca kings used to marry their own sisters for keeping their bloodline intact. Yes, in Bangladesh, the criminal has been punished. But he did not do it for being Muslim, but has a long record of non-religious crimes. He is a drug addict as well. About the Afghan case, they are devoid of common sense and decency towards women. Hold on: why can’t we term such people as mentally sick?

    In the west and the rest of the world, many women are tortured and live a hellish life. In the west, many women are prostitutes; what life do they live? When their youth and beauty are gone, do they receive any honour or are they able to live a normal life? No. Men are allowed to keep as many extra-marital relations as they can but the westerners always find polygamy of Muslims as offensive. Starting from the primary schools, female are given bad looks: prom night, school queen, college queen, date, fashion show—-everything in the west has become moral and status symbols worldwide. But when women are forced to do anything agaist their will by non-Muslims, that barely makes news. But when Muslims are the perpetrators, the media behaves like that of sharks in feeding frenzy. In East Europe and South America, many women are getting into prostitution. Are they victims of the “Muslim Mafia”?

  29. Anon,

    Hey shithead, how about stuffing chromium carbide rods into your holes? These are very tough and anticorrosive which means they will stick to your holes long after entering. I will also use sandpaper as condom, petroleum and gunpowder as lubricants, a cellphone as a timer. When the enterings are complete, I will give you a miscall to the cellphone inside your holes after every five minutes. You please choose the brand. But I am happy that you can’t accuse me of using Shariah here, nor any religious code of punishment. Because, these things just came into my British law educated mind and do not exist anywhere in the religions including Islam.

  30. It is not whether something was an accepted practice or not back in whatever ages. It is about having the character and courage to stand up against bad practices even if they are popular (eg: the PRINCIPLED stand taken by some in the US against slavery).

    When a man is crowned with “PERFECTION” or “PROPHET-DOM” , the expectations to take such PRINCIPLED stands are high, as are the COURAGE and CHARACTER needed for it. When those are missing, all those claims around greatness become hollow.

    Practicing Muslims would do better to stop blowing the “PERFECT religion, PERFECT book, PERFECT Prophet” trumpet and accept that their religoin is as much man made (or man adulterated) as every other religion. With this enlightenment will come an acceptance of the world where religious laws can sleep easy in books while laws, well debated and voted for govern us.

  31. Too much right-wing violence.

  32. Too much right-wing violence.

  33. d-go,

    well thank you for your support.
    “You can see that the clerics were mostly influenced by Wahhabi ideals.” ok. so then why do you not see why people like anon and jane and criley and myself (not to groups us all together in thought or philosphy0 are concerned about funding for all these mosques being built throughout america. don’t you find it strange that there has been a 76% increase in mosques in america since 9/11. and that some of them seem quite large, especially compared to the local muslim population. as you say, when muslims have money then spend it on lavish livestyles and places of worship and not education. what muslims have the biggest surplus of money? the gulf states. now the UAE is building palm islands and the tallest building in the world. did they ever start that apartment building that was going to move the apartments around. that was crazy/lavish?

    yes, we are all well aware that child marriages WHERE common thoughout the world. incest as well. the pharohs thought of themselves as gods, therefore they only married gods. the european royals married their cousins. the problem arises when some muslims (not you)will not be self critical. sysjakak (however you spell that) and marcelo both said on this every site that there is nothing wrong with marrying girls. that kind of blind defense of muhammad is what worries some of us in the western world. also, the willful blindness as to the problematic verses of the koran is worrisome.

    personally i have no problem with polygomy. muslim or mormon or otherwise. i also have no problem with polyandry. or if you want to have multiple wives who also have multiple husbands, that doesn’t bother me either. or have children out of wedlock, i don’t care. as long as you take responsibility for your children, you can structure your family anyway you like. gays, lesbians, fine with me. my only rule is “you breed em you feed em”.

    as for problems of the west. obviously we have many. our culture is constant changing, sometime for the better, sometimes for the worse. but we try to honestly address our problems and come to a concensus as to how to solve them. but a concensus is often hard to reach when you have 300 million people. i personally am a libertarian. so i would legalize prostitution and drugs. but in a vast minority on that one. at least in america. so you would solve prostitution and female body image problems by what? simple, just put all the women in burqas. that might work, but i don’t think it is going to fly in the west. freedom can be messy. but most of us in america are willing to accept some mess with our freedom.

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin

  34. I think Dongo needs to be banned from all Industrial Zones.

  35. Aikido Arjun,

    such hatered. you must be white.

  36. I support you on this. Yes, you all are “concerned” about funding for all these mosques being built throughout America. But then you should also be concerned about the funds being channeled worldwide to promote evangelism and in turn create Christian lands. I have told you about the crises in NE India involving Christianity. Don’t you find it stranger that in the NE Indian territories, in SW and SE Bangladesh, Nepal in fact in entire south Asia evangelism is spreading like wildfire? In Brazil, a staunchly catholic nation? These churches and so-called missions have more than enough money than the governments themselves. Promote faith, its ok. But when political ambitions are intertwined with that, that is a threat.

    Well, the religions are so well established that can not be criticised. None has the guts or will. But about prophet Muhammad, I think we better keep quiet; not trying to silence anyone, but because the marriage age of Aisha is still hotly debated among Muslim scholars themselves. If S and M have blindly defended the child marriage here, that is their fault. But you must remember that the marriages were in vogue worldwide then; in some places of the globe, they still are. I must admit that I also do not understand the Quran, because it has some very tough to explain verses. For example, in one place it says there is no compulsion in religion. Somewhere else it says that Islam is the only accepted faith to Allah.

    This is why I don’t want to have wife, let alone wives. In Islamic acceptance of polygamy, the rules are: 1) one must have the ability to sustain them; 2) the permissions of other wives must be secured; 3) there should be no discrimination among wives. But I don’t want wives because I won’t have the ability to perform the first rule. I have had enough with ladies, God forbid my marriage.

    Yes, legalising prostitution is no sin. But please remember that most women do not want to live a hellish life like that. Some women do have problems that force them into prostitution but what about others that are openly doing this? I have sympathy for them because when their youth and beauty are gone/ they contract some disease, are they given the same attraction and sympathy? Probably not. I would have no problem marrying a pretty looking prostitute if I had the ability as I think she would be much better as a wife for her brutal experience with life; she would probably also love me more than a common woman. But for my earlier experience with marriage, I have no courage to do that.

    I do have problem with nude women as I think it is affront to their dignity. Why should a woman do such obscene things? If a woman is forcefully stripped, is that a good deed? No. The criminal will be punished for that. Similarly, you may know that when a woman is nude or exposing, that surely creates a trouble. One Brazilian female model had a lascivious photo on a hoarding in some busy highway in Brazil. The lady was very very beautiful. But that billboard caused many road accidents as drivers would often give crazy, hungry look at the lady’s photo. Under public demand, authorities brought down the hoarding. So you can see that this was done for public safety. Now, if some women are walking nude on a busy street, they may be sexually harassed. They may create public nuisance. Some reserved people may also kill them. What is the need to create so much disturbance?

    Thanks for your wish to legalise drugs.

  37. Criley,

    Please do not interfere into my livelihood. I completed my honours with industrial law and a good chunk of my income is derived from that. So, I may not be barred from industrial zones. Also, the companies I work for, will not probably get a lawyer cheaper than myself.

  38. yeah, great, muslims can demolish other people’s places of worship and others should actually respect them? good on yer, go shooting all muzzies, and bombing mosques. we will have world peace

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