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Muslim homes razed in Burma’s Rakhine state – report

15 August 2012 General 25 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


A team from the UK’s Channel 4 News gained access to Sittwe, which has been off limits to reporters for months.

They filmed an area once home to 10,000 that had been reduced to rubble.

Days of violence in Rakhine state began in late May when a Buddhist woman was raped and murdered by three Muslims [has this been confirmed? I have heard reports that this is untrue and in fact the trouble started when a Muslim man was dating a Rakhine Buddhist–Ed.]. A mob later killed 10 Muslims.

Sectarian clashes spread across the state, with houses of both Buddhists and Muslims being burnt down.

Most Rohingya Muslims have been moved out of Sittwe into temporary camps.

The Burmese government declared a state of emergency following the outbreak of violence and has since prevented foreign media from visiting the region.

However, the Channel 4 News team filmed the area of Sittwe known as Narzi, which it reported was once home to an estimated 10,000.

Local Rakhine Buddhists were picking through the debris of the houses, which had once been the Rohingya area of the city.

One man told reporters that the Muslims had set fire to their own homes in an attempt to burn down the whole community.

The UNHCR has said that about 80,000 people have been displaced in and around the Sittwe and Maungdaw by the violence.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has said that forces sent to quash the unrest were reported to be targeting Muslims.

She has called for an independent investigation.

There is long-standing tension between Rakhine people, who are Buddhist and make up the majority of the state’s population, and Muslims.

Most of these Muslims identify themselves as Rohingya, a group that originated in part of Bengal, now called Bangladesh.

Original post: Muslim homes razed in Burma’s Rakhine state – report


  1. Heartbreaking and so frustrating.

  2. first off John ur source is not authentic. secondly, r u saying it’s ok to riot and murder innocent people, because one woman was raped? u should know the whole town or the ones that have been killed have nothing to do with the rape, don’t you?

  3. So what was that pic of a murdered woman being circulated? There was a story about couples eloping.

    Fantastic rumormongering. In Mumbai they were claiming that the pic of the running Tibetan burning man was a Rohingya muslim in order to get the crowd hopping.

  4. what, this isn’t news. haven’t you heard someone threw a pig’s foot on a sidewalk near a mosque. my bad, three pigs feet. my god. the horror the horror.

    must be joe walsh’s fault. the republican machine. is fox news number one in rakhine state?

  5. “must be joe walsh’s fault”

    The smoker you drink the player you get

  6. …unbelievable…terrible

  7. I live in hotels, tear out the walls.
    I have accountants pay for it all.
    They say I’m crazy, but I have a good time.
    I’m just looking for clues at the scene of the crime.
    Life’s been good to me so far.

  8. Right Innara, his goal is to hate on Islam/Muslims no matter what happens.

  9. The followers of Islam itself will accomplish that all by themselves without any help from me.
    It’s good that you question my motives. Question even the authenticity of this info, too, if you will. But are you willing to consider the possibility that you’re all being used? What I see on this page is unquestioning devotion to whatever the moderators of this page feed you.

  10. Plus read this article:
    Then do some thorough investigation into the links between Americans Against Islamophobia,, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood and see where you stand then. You’re being used.

  11. your such a fool John, the 1st article you posted is by a muslim. and did u even read it? yes some people on facebook r exaggerating a bit by using pics that have nothing to do with the genocide. but if you read the article by Islamophobia it’s also by an authentic source UK’s channel 4. We don’t know how many have been killed, but we do know there is something horrible going on there. and it’s funny that you r questioning these 3-4 sites while you rely on “” give a break already.

  12. “

  13. m bennet,

    did you notice this article is from the BBC? strange that the jew in charge didn’t bury it, don’t you think?

  14. Pakistan has decided to let muslims use military flights to travel because of the risk if them being murdered by islamophobes

  15. 1400 year of “divine revelation” for “the religion of peace” and they can’t travel the roads with fellow muslims. sounds like a clarion call to “the truth”.

    but seriously folks:

    why is it that when there are acts of vandalism against muslims it’s a sign of islamophobia. that there is something basicaly wrong with american society. but when muslims kill people it’s not a sign of the violent nature of islam? or at least that there are some problems within islam itself. not just the people? if the republicans speech is partly to blame for the violence then why is not some of the koran and the hadiths to blame for the actions of muslims throughout the world?

    this guy is great.

    “5 – Frightening the kuffaar, humiliating them and putting them to shame.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “Fight against them so that Allaah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people,

    ya’ll better come up with some better weapons if you mean to frighten anyone. suicide bombers ain’t going to cut it. oh wait the iranians are working on it.

  16. Islamophobes succeed in preventing a group appearing at a muslim festival

    The Saudi investment in islamophobia training centres in the US will soon have this happening there too

  17. “The Saudi investment in islamophobia training centres in the US will soon have this happening there too” nah. let’s not exagerate. the whirling dervish may only live on in the west. a great irony, but don’t worry about america. we aren’t as politically correct as europe. we won’t allow parrallel sharia courts. we assimulate immigrants better than europe. we aren’t afraid to call out their craziness. and the day they attack art in a gallery, they will lose even the most liberal’s support.

  18. Yeah, you’re right Innara. It’s hard to know exactly what is going on over there, but from the numerous reports some kind of killing is going on. John you referred to followers of Islam as it? John seems to have some kind of hate vendetta going on.

  19. Innara the first article asks us to question everything we’re fed by the media. My point was that you may also wish to question what you being fed on this page. It’s not a balanced view.It’s not even half the story. This page appears to have direct links to Islamophobiatoday, which has links with CAIR who themselves have been under investigation by US authorities for their links and perceived funding by the Muslim Bortherhood. You’re being used.

  20. What is “CAIR”?

  21. Council for Asinine Islamic Rotters

  22. anon,

    i don’t think the facebook people see our comments? i could be wrong.

  23. Mike sure spends a lot of time on this site

  24. amy,

    tru dat, so??????

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