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Pamela Geller of AtlasShrugs: Bus Ads Inspired by Ayn Rand’s Racist Views of Arabs and Muslims?

15 August 2012 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Pamela Geller of AtlasShrugs: Bus Ads Inspired by Ayn Rand’s Racist Views of Arabs and Muslims?

“If you mean whose side should we be on: Israel or the Arabs? I would certainly say Israel because it’s the advanced, technological, civilized country amidst a group of almost totally primitivesavagesAyn Rand (1979, The Donahue Show)

Pamela Geller so adores the “objectivist philosopher” and author Ayn Rand that she gave her blog the name Atlas Shrugs, in homage to Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged.” Is it then a coincidence that her most recent hate campaign contained the text: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”? Geller’s chosen description almost exactly parallels Ayn Rand’s statement regarding the conflict in Palestine, with the exception that she cowardly omitted who she intends by “savage.” As you can see from the quote above Rand described the conflict as one between “civilized” Israelis and the “savage” Palestinians and Arabs.

There is no doubt in my mind that in light of these facts the AtlasShrugs/SIOA/JihadWatch ad campaign is a racist and Islamophobic one. So far the ad campaign has run in New York and is running on buses in San Francisco. New York’s transit authority (MTA) initially refused to run the ads,Geller sued and won on free speech grounds. San Francisco has admitted that it fears being tied up in litigation and has decided to allow the ads even though they contradict its policy on “political advertisements.”


This is not Geller’s first foray into bigoted advertising campaigns.

The looniest blogger ever is a big fan of advertising her bigotry and hate of Islam, Muslims and Arabs on buses, taxis and other forms of transportation across the United States. Previously, Geller and Spencer teamed up for an advertisement campaign that claimed the pretense of helping those who want to “Leave Islam,” but weren’t able to out of “fear.” In reality, her message was not one of help but hatred, as was well covered. Geller’s aim was to defame American Muslims as an oppressive community that was secretly holding an untold number of former Muslims who want to leave Islam hostage.

These bigoted endeavors are generally attempts to gain publicity by Geller, but just ignoring her will not do–not this time.

Geller and Spencer’s recent ad campaign in the name of their hate group SIOA portrays Israel as “civilized” and its critics as “jihadists” and “savages.” The campaign is in response to advertisements that call on US citizens to tell Congress to stop sending aid to Israel, such as this one:

I believe this to be a worthy message and agree with it, but even if you don’t, even if you disagree with this advertisement on political grounds, to react as Geller and her ilk have is abominable. In characteristically hyperventilating and loony verbiage Geller and Spencer consider such advertisements to be not only “anti-Israel” (which they aren’t) but “anti-Semitic” and “genocidal!” Such a dilution and abuse of the very serious term “anti-Semite” should not only be condemned but countered by all those who expose bigotry, especially national Jewish organizations.

Geller claims that her ads are not about hate, and that the “savages” she is talking about are “suicide bombers,”

Because any targeting of innocent civilians is savagery. Mothers and children on a bus are targeted, and that is savagery. Kidnapping and murdering is savagery. The U.S. does not conduct war that way, and neither does Israel [this is a lie, which we have proven over and over–Ed.]. Now, there is sometimes the accidental death of civilians, which is far different than the targeting of innocent civilians.

The truth is Geller isn’t referring only to suicide bombers. She is putting forward a type of double-speak. Geller is reaffirming Ayn Rand’s racist position on Israel-Palestine, this is why the language is so similar between the two.

You will never hear Geller condemn Rand. I hope Geller gets questioned about this striking parallel between her ad and her hero and idol, Ayn Rand’s words:

(h/t: magicredpil)

A local ABC affiliate in San Francisco has some good coverage on the ad campaign and reaction from  residents and San Francisco’s city transportation (Muni), Geller makes a cameo as well:

There is a petition calling for the ads to be stopped. They seem to have a good case considering the fact that Geller’s ads are steeped in implicit racism and bigotry against a whole people and community.


  1. Calling for the destruction of israel (as many muslims do) is an act of savagery.

  2. Pals asking for reinstating the 1967 borders. So does that mean if they hadn’t been attacking Iz all this time and losing territory, those borders would be there today?

    When they saw they were losing by attacking, why didn’t they change to a passive non violent strategy to make Iz look like the villain aggressor and thereby gain support?

    Unfair to call them savages, everybody plays the savage sometimes. I don’t think anyone should be placed in the subhuman category. Muslims are doing that to the rest of us.

    Muslims are detested for their riot politics. Attack, attack is not always the best idea. Let’s go burn the Godhra train! Their leaders are responsible, let their leaders learn something.

  3. “Unfair to call them savages”

    I agree, however to call for the destruction of Israel is a savage call. Not all palestinians call for that of course.

  4. The words and deeds of anti American Muslims committed on a daily basis justifies the hatred against these vermin. The vitriol and hatred spewed by these anti Christian scum around the world reminds me of the same anti American hatred spewed out constantly by the Japs. My how things changed dramatically overnight after we dropped two Atomic bombs on. They sure came to “Jesus” real fast just like the Muslims will do soon.

  5. Jane and Anon,

    Yes, calling for the destruction of Israel is a nasty thing. And I have no problem calling Muslims worse than subhumans (even if that is the grand mufti of Kaba) who call for this gruesome act.


    The Godhra train burning case was probably revealed not to be a Muslim crime. The Indian government published a report on this. Even in late August 2012, Indian Hindus killed 4 Muslims in Assam by kicking them out of a train.

    G Callous,

    If someone is vermin, it is you, the self proclaimed Americans. Have you forgotten how your forefuckers got here? How they settled here? How they continue to eat other’s flesh and drink others’ blood? Well, if you do not want to realise, I should cite just three examples: 1) Vietnam war–the Americans fucked ruthlessly by the Vietcong. There was everything used but A-bombs but was not enough to bend the Congs; 2) Cuba continues to call US a imperialist hound but US can do nothing but howl and foul; 3) The Americans being fucked very hard by some cheap thugs (US and the West’s pigs, the Shitalibans) in Afghanistan. On 20-21 August, they even struck the plane carrying US Army chief and forced its grounding.

    If I am not wrong, you probably point to using the A-bomb on Muslims, a proposal set by Tom “Sa””Tan””Fuckedredo”. It is because of the bombings on Japan that prompted the USSR to develop its own nukes. You may have used those on Japan, but trust me, as soon as you use that on Muslims, there will be a worldwide blooddbath. The US empire may be in very deep waters, if not sinks. And I think your leaders do not have the will to take such a risk.

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