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Fire Bomb Thrown At Local Home

16 August 2012 General 33 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Panama City police are investigating what appears to be a fire bombing in the Forest Park area.

It happened about 3:45 Wednesday morning at a house on Timber Lane in phase-1 of the subdivision called The Woods.

The owner’s son said he heard a loud noise outside of his bedroom window, looked out and saw the ground below on-fire. He called 9-1-1, then put out the fire.

Police say they smelled gasoline and found what appeared to be a broken and burned mason jar, lying on the ground below the window.

The home is owned by a local medical professional named Aziz Ahmad. 5-adults were inside at the time.

Ahmad’s son, Muhsim talked with us. “This could have burned down our whole house. This could have killed everyone inside, which is a very dreadful thought. Something like this shouldn’t happen to anyone in this community.”

Panama City police and the State Fire Marshal’s office are investigating the case as an arson.

But a Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization called the Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling on the F-B-I to investigate the incident as a Hate Crime.

Original post: Fire Bomb Thrown At Local Home


  1. Best to find out the motive before deciding if its a hate crime or not – unless every criminal act against people or property is to be investigated as a hate crime

  2. jane,

    don’t hold your breath on people here to wait for the facts. tried to link the islamophobis today article but this site appearently doesnt want its old articles repsoted here for some reason. tried a space between the dot com. still didn’t work.


  3. mike, sometimes people do bad things because they are bad people. I read today about 5 muslims gang raping a woman in Colorado Springs – is CAIR asking for the FBI to investigate it as a hate crime?

  4. http://www.google.com/search?q=islamophobia+today+Nasish+Noorani%2C+who+was+born+in+Pakistan%2C+was+slain+while+she%2C+husband+Kashif+Parvaiz%2C+&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1&rlz=1I7ADFA_en

    there does seem to be a plethora of mosque/muslim related attacks this ramadan. i would say the summer has some part to play. kids out of school, longer days. the heat, my god the heat. and once the ball starts rolling.

    then again i remember during clinton’s administration there was a spat of rural black churches getting burnt in the south. everyone thought there was some concerted effort by white supremacist. turned out it was the pastor buring their own churches down.

  5. counterjihadknight.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/hello-america-muslim-gang-rape-has-arrived-in-colorado/

    She works nights, foolishly went out at 1:30 am to talk to some men looked like they were about to fight.

    They have been going on and on about this in Sweden, Norway etc.

  6. I am NOT blaming her for being raped.

    Couple yrs ago someone was burning those little 1 room country churches in AL proved to be some boys from Methodist College doing it as a prank. Methodists mortified.

  7. My neighbor was murdered because he walked up to 2 men arguing. One of them shot him thinking he was someone else. Gee, I thought he was Fulano…..sorry.

  8. “there does seem to be a plethora of mosque/muslim related attacks this ramadan”

    There does, and any attack is wrong.

  9. I can’t help but shake my head they call us terrorist and then throw bombs at our houses ??? so who is the terrorist in this case?

  10. Oh, crap! That’s my home town! Jeez. Way to represent. :/

  11. and i know this family! they are so peaceful

  12. This happened in my hometown. I am upset about it….My parents are cared for by a Muslim doctor and I am concerned for his safety as well as my parents’….when is this madness going to stop?

  13. “My parents are cared for by a Muslim doctor”

    I don’t think I have ever known the religion (or otherwise) of my doctor

  14. If kuffar had raped a muslim girl it would be a hate crime. If muslims have jumped kuffar, it is just crime.

  15. “They have been going on and on about this in Sweden, Norway etc.”

    i used to date a chick from sweden. she said some arab immigrant came to her villiage in the early 90s. the swedes were shocked by the misogonist behavior of the boys.

    i was going to say don’t to jump to the conclusion these guys are muslims. there once was one million christians in iraq. but given the number of mohammads in the group, seems likely. also them might not be guilty. but the internal injuries and the blood on the walls doesn’t look good for them. looks like this kid ramandon has royally screwed himself. he better beg for american jail as opposed to deportation to iraq. looks like he is in a book detailing his help against insurgents. he’s as good as dead if sent to iraq. made we can ask the swedes to take him?

  16. The swedes have been interviewing muslims on TV asking them what do they think they’re doing, they say it is natural male behavior.

  17. well what did the iman of the largest australian muslim organization say after there was a rash of gang rapes by muslim immigrants? something like “if you leave uncovered meat out in the alley, don’t blame the cats when they come eat it”.

    you need to rethink your “I am NOT blaming her for being raped.” i doubt she was properly “covered”. maybe her cleavage was spreading mischief?

  18. No, I think she was foolish for trying to cope with men who looked like they were having a dispute. Seems to me a stranger walking up to that situation often becomes a victim. Go in house and call police.

    Just guessing here, but I bet that in climates where women are often infertile and there are regular famines, inhabitants don’t develop cultures and religions with finicky dietary laws and neurotic chastity.

  19. yeah anon, i know what you meant. you’re old school. don’t put yourself in that situation. she is partial to blame. i’m wonder what it was that these guys had on hand to knock her out with the lemonade?


    maybe this chick in colorado springs didn’t want to succumb? but even gwen knew to put on long sleves and a headscarf when she played malaysia. or was it indonesia? i wonder if she played this song in a muslim country?

    Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
    I’m exposed
    And it’s no big surprise
    Don’t you think I know
    Exactly where I stand
    This world is forcing me
    To hold your hand
    ’cause I’m just a girl, little ol’ me
    Don’t let me out of your sight
    I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite
    So don’t let me have any rights
    Oh…i’ve had it up to here!
    the moment that I step outside
    So many reasons
    For me to run and hide
    I can’t do the little things
    I hold so dear
    ’cause it’s all those little things
    That I fear
    cause I’m just a girl.
    I’d rather not be
    ’cause they won’t let me drive
    Late at night
    I’m just a girl,
    Guess I’m some kind of freak
    ’cause they all sit and stare
    With their eyes
    I’m just a girl.
    Take a good look at me
    Just your typical prototype
    Oh…i’ve had it up to here!
    Oh…am I making myself clear?
    I’m just a girl
    I’m just a girl in the world…
    That’s all that you’ll let me be!
    I’m just a girl, living in captivity
    Your rule of thumb
    Make me worry some
    I’m just a girl, what’s my destiny?
    What I’ve succumbed to
    Is making me numb
    I’m just a girl. my apologies
    What I’ve becocme is burdensome
    I’m just a girl. lucky me
    Twiddle-dum there’s no camparison
    Oh…i’ve had it up to!
    Oh…i’ve had it up to!!
    Oh…i’ve had it up to here.

  20. See that bit about my neighbor up there? He was a man, he was killed because he ran up to strangers having a fight. They mistook him for someone else.

    I also think those girls in Perugia had foolish living arrangements.

    If we want to make the world safer we should quarantine the men, as Golda Meir once said.

  21. Yes, I’m old school. I am also alive.

  22. “If we want to make the world safer we should quarantine the men, as Golda Meir once said.”

    no doubt. lol. i slay myself.

    you ever watch anthony bourdain? he went to saudi arabia with a viewer one episode. he was eating at a fast food chicken joint. there was the family section and the single male section. the single females used the family section. yeah they segregated the men. who would think that golda meir would argee with the wahabbists? lol. maybe we should demand better behavior out of our males as opposed to demanding our female not drive or go out at night or that they cover themselves head to toe?

    but yes putting yourself in a bad situation is always a bad idea. i was in ybor city 20 years ago at about 3:30am. this guy was slapping a chick around in a parking lot. i went over and yelled something like “what the fuck you doing.” he put a gun in my face. the really funny thing was the chick yelled at me to mind my own business. lesson learned. shit i remember when there was some car jackings taking place in south florida in rural areas at night. they where standing in the road waving cars down, acting like they needed help. the police chief came out and said if someone is standing in the road at night, run them over.

    but i do feel bad for you ladies. so much to fear. then again i was lost in the woods one time and we came across some shotgun shell casings. and the first thing that popped in my mind was the movie deliverance. i got a pretty mouth.

  23. Unfortunately the lastest numbers tell us that in the wonderful USA 1 out of every 3 women can look forward to being raped in her lifetime. What does that say about Americans in general? And the value that men and women place on the women of this country? Men who rape should be killed. Period! We teach other how to treat us…its time we stop this insanity and just get rid of all the perverted, sick men in this country. But what can u say about men who act like animals and watch porn or go.to those clubs. What a sick, demented society we have where men act more like animals and boys then actual MEN! And also…it won’t get any better until women stop being the victim. We have to let our men BE men and stop enabling them to act and be immature and women need to stop acting like they are men also. The roles are reversing and turning this society upside.down and creating lots of confusion.

  24. Aaishah, or the US could allow rape like it is allowed in islam. That would solve that problem eh?

  25. How much better the islamic society where the women are wrapped in fabric and executed or lashed for being raped, and the men screw each other.

  26. Wake up, how many rapes go unreported in places where women are punished for being raped? The biggest consumers of pornsites are in the ME.

  27. Aaishah,

    i guess it depends on how you define rape? i think your 1 in 3 number is attually for sexual assualt. not that that is ever acceptable. but anyways. america claims no divine revelation. do you even know your own sunnah?

    Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): 0 Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning al-‘azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid-conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Mes- senger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

  28. “Men who rape should be killed” is that in the koran? surely your god would have said so. such a serious thing not to speak directly to it.

    [4.15] And as for those who are guilty of an indecency from among your women, call to witnesses against them four (witnesses) from among you; then if they bear witness confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens some way for them.

    and as for those who are quilty of rape among your men….???????? strange uh?

    [24.2] (As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day, and let a party of believers witness their chastisement.

    (As for) the rapist…..?????????
    truely bizarre?

    the last prophet wasn’t very thorough. don’t you think? or are you a prophet. you do know women can’t be prophets according to the god of abraham.

    sorry can’t find any offical statistics out of the muslim world. here’s an antedote for ya.


  29. the hate is coming from the evangelical pulpit…remember the fire bombings of churches

  30. black chrches by kkk but u neva know its inspired by the islamophobe who are zionists

  31. “black chrches by kkk but u neva know its inspired by the islamophobe who are zionists”

    There’s probably a zionist under your bed, right now, go and check.

  32. aaishah,

    “it won’t get any better until women stop being the victim.” what does that mean? rape victims should stop being victims? you make no sense?

  33. oh i get it. if you wrap yourself in a burqua, and don’t leave your home, or if you do, and you’re raped don’t go crying that you’re a victim. it’s your own fault.

    that will bring the numbers way down. if no woman claims rape, there will be no rape. you’re a fucking genuis. are you serious?

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