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Forget Stealth: Bold, Brash Graffiti Jihad Comes to Boston

18 August 2012 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Forget Stealth: Bold, Brash Graffiti Jihad Comes to Boston

by Ilisha

There is probably a terrorist in your lunchbox right now. Seriously. Well, maybe not an actual terrorist, but a stealth jihad symbol or doohickey of some sort for sure. Trust me. They’re everywhere!

If you’re skeptical, just ask the citizens of the iconic American city of Boston, Massachusetts. When a70-foot-tall mural  entitled, The Giant of Boston, was recently revealed in Dewey Square to promote a show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, some of the more keenly aware observers immediately recognized a “threat” to the public order:  Graffiti Jihad! 

In recent years, stealth jihads have been popping up hither and tither on a regular basis, but as you can see, there’s really nothing “stealth” about this bold, brash, in-your-face jihad-inspiring monument to terrorism. Apparently sensing a juicy opportunity for faux controversy, the local Fox News affiliate invited responses on Facebook, posing the question:

“This is a new mural on a Big Dig ventilation building. What does it look like to you?”

Some of the replies (here and here):

“Mooselim protected by Obama!”

“towel head”

“a Muslim woman in a head scarf holding an AK-47 in her hands”

“[It looks like] the wife of a terrorist”

“Taliban fighter”

“a tribute to [President Barack] Obama’s birthday”

“Finally a building worth crashing a plane into”

“a slap in the face to all those who lost someone on 9/11 & another slap in the face to our military who is over there risking there lives”.

“I’m going down there tonight and painting an American flag over it”

So far no one has painted an American flag over the mural, and secret Muslim US President Barak Obama is apparently remiss in sending a thank you note for his birthday tribute. Mr. President, Os Gêmeos are waiting!

Is there a bomb in that satchel?

Is there a bomb in that satchel?

Os Gêmeos (“The Twins” in Portuguese) are identical twin artists from São Paulo, Brazil. The twins claim their work is inspired, not by Osama Bin Laden, but by Brazil’s budding hip hop culture, and that their distinctive style of art is an outgrowth of street graffiti. Apologists have suggested the masked subjects they depict could be spray paint artists avoiding fumes and evading authorities, who tend to take a dim view of scrawling art, no matter how lovely, on the sides of public buildings.

Other artwork by the twins, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, may seem like peculiar fare for apparent “Islamists,” laced with nudity and otherseemingly incongruent themes, but savvy “counter jihadists” will quickly recognize this as mere taqqiya. Check out the damning piece of “art” to the upper right: Spray paint bandit or keffiyeh-clad suicide bomber?

This apparent jihad-loving duo  isn’t content to keep their Graffiti Jihad confined to one place either:

As they build upon these monumental gallery projects across Brazil, Europe, and the rest of the world, Os Gêmeos takes their exhibitions in new directions that incorporate their love of theater, spectacle, musical performance, and sculpture. All the while, they continue their graffiti-based practice of murals and street painting, bringing that joy to people who will never visit one of their gallery or museum shows.

Then, as now, graffiti’s great strength was, is, and will hopefully remain, its ability to cross boundaries of culture and background like no other art form. For Os Gêmeos, that boundary crossing took the form of an art freely mixing the traditions of graffiti with their mutual fantasy world; all taking shaping since the mid-1980s amid the gut-wrenching pain and pants-melting bliss displayed on every São Paulo city block. As Os Gêmeos continue their ascent as the greatest artists the graffiti and street art movement has ever produced, the simple qualities of joy, caring, rage, and empathy ring through their work, rooted as ever in a love that began at conception. —Caleb Neelon

Rooted in love? Crossing the boundaries of culture and background? Clearly this Caleb Neelon is a fawning, leftist dhimmi. The twins themselves had this to say:

“…We believe that when you paint and put something in the street, museum, gallery, video—whatever—this touches somebody. People need time machines, they need to fly, to feel love, and we love to make that and give that to everyone for free. In exchange, we have so much to learn from life. We just bring back the way that we played when we were kids. When we were four or five, we were building things, destroying toys, and reconstructing them into others. What we do today is the same. Making sculptures is one way that makes people touch and feel in three dimensions, because everything we paint is a piece of the movement. It’s like a movie, everything is a frame from this one long film.

We also believe in God and in [His] writing, and sometimes we represent that in our work. Brazil is a very spiritual country, around 89 percent are Christian, and most of that Catholic. This came from Portuguese colonists, and the Evangelists. There are also the African religions that we call Afro-Brasileiros, people from the northeast of Brazil. In Brazil you find all these religions and the mix of religions, people of faith. Sometimes we represent a small church in order to show the belief of the people and how they trust in God…

This is either sophisticated taqiyya, or we’re looking at a couple of leftist dhimmis. Which could it be? Perhaps we can glean evidence from another project, named–gasp!–The PigThe pig in question appears to have an distinct “down with the Empire” antiwar theme apparently loved by jihadists and their leftist dhimmi allies alike, but a pig is a curious choice for a jihad mascot. A closer look at the pig’s belly from the proper angle yields a clue: It reads, “Occupy USA.”

Lefist dhimmis it is, folks.


  1. Non story.

  2. Amusing nonsense. Brazil is brazen. Gave the world the thong bathing suit.

    They are getting their 15 minutes of fame.

  3. now your badmouthing the thong? OMG.

  4. “Mommy, why is that lady’s butt naked”

  5. seriously? the old, how do i explain that to my child? how about the truth. because that is the bathing suit she chooses to wear. it’s just a butt. everyone’s got one.

    or if you think you should fool your kids as long as possible. try this one. well honey, i think she has rickets, which is a vitamin d deficiency. and you need sunshine to metabolize vitamin d. so i think her doctor has prescribed that she gets as much sunshine as possible.

  6. I do not care what they represent or do not represent, neither show much talent in the way of art. The one is Boston is an eyesore and should be removed. I find it hard to believe that anyone even supports it being there.

  7. ccc,

    if it’s not norman rockwell, it’s not art, right? i take it you are no fan of warhol. definately not mapplethorpe. you and the muslims may have quite a bit in common.

  8. I read that Maplethorpe had a collection of private porn that he would not have shown to the public.

    Some of the moral ideas of the muslims are in keeping with those of other faiths. Some of their ideas are simply tribal markers.

    I like your rickets excuse for public nudity.

  9. I agree with you Mike: if it’s not Norman Rockwell it’s not art. I am sorry it just looks awful. I have seen those other artists and I like some of their works. However, Their works are not blown up into giant Murals and placed in a spot where they must be looked upon daily. Picasso made a interesting comment to Dan Rather during an interview (I think it was Rather). Rather asked him what it was like to be Picasso. He asked Rather for a dollar bill. He then asked Rather what it was worth. Rather said a dollar. Picasso drew a picture on it and gave it back to him and said “Now it is priceless”. This exchange from Picasso could have meant many things, but I took it to mean that people are just a little silly in what they may consider good art and what they place a value on. Of course he could have just been pointing out he was the King Midus of the art world.

  10. well considering one of his works that he did put on display was a self portait with the handle of a bullwhip shoved up his ass, i can only imaging what his porn collection would consist of.

    dongo, what do you think of mapplethorpe? ya’ll seem to have a mutual obsession?

    ccc, i was being sarcastic about the rockwell thing. i don’t remember who it was, but i was referancing a liberal who once said that conservatives believe rockwell was the last great american artist. not that i’m a big fan of warhol or mapplethorpe or even lichtenstein or pollock. interesting that you bring up picasso. his cubist period maybe partly to “blame” for the movement away from realistic painting. the mural’s proportions are somewhat cubist, in influence. certainly not realistic. the fingers are all wrong, the arm is crazy long. and unless she is supposed to represent someone with fetal alcohol syndrome, the eyes are all wrong.

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