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Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is ‘A Muslim President Who Hates Farming, Hates The Military, Hates The U.S. And We Hate Him’

19 August 2012 Huffington Post 17 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Hank Williams Jr. said that Obama is a Muslim who hates America at a concert on Friday night.

Hank Williams Jr. said that Obama is a Muslim who hates America at a concert on Friday night.

Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is ‘A Muslim President Who Hates Farming, Hates The Military, Hates The U.S. And We Hate Him’

Hank Williams Jr. reprised his role as a fiery anti-Obama blowhard on Friday, telling fans at a concert that the president was Muslim and anti-American.

The statement came near the end of a concert at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand. Williams Jr.’s comments were first reported in a review by Des Moines Register reporter Joe Lawler.

According to Lawler, the show was relatively free of politics until the end, when Williams Jr. made the following claims: “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”

The comments were apparently met with applause and loud cheers.

Williams Jr. made waves in October 2011, when he appeared on “Fox and Friends” and likened the president to Hitler.

That statement resulted in ESPN yanking Williams Jr.’s opening song from “Monday Night Football,” where the country star’s song had played for over two decades.

Though he later said his “Fox and Friends” comments were “misunderstood,” Williams Jr. has continued to be outspoken in his dislike of Obama. He also released a song entitled “Keep the Change,” in which he derides not only the president but also Fox, who he describes as “twisting [his words] all around.”

In a July 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, Williams Jr. doubled down on his particularly blunt brand of criticism of the Obama administration.

“We’ve got a President that does a call to the Koran or Mecca or whatever,” he told the magazine. When asked if he believed Obama hated America, Williams Jr. responded, “I don’t know about that but it’s kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America.”

A number of entertainers have come out in support of Obama and/or against the Romney-Ryan ticket. The Silversun Pickups issued a strongly worded cease-and-desist letter to Romney when it was revealed that the campaign had played one of their songs. The campaign responded by saying it was within its legal rights in playing “Panic Switch” and added that the song was not among those usually played and would not be used again.

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine wrote a takedown of Rep. Paul Ryan. Ryan had previously said that Rage was his favorite band. In his op-ed, Morello wrote that Ryan represented “the embodiment of the machine our music rages against.”

But Williams Jr. is not alone in the entertainment world. Musician Ted Nugent has made a cottage industry out of criticizing Obama, most recently claiming that the president “represents everything bad about humanity.” Nugent was investigated by the Secret Service after he made the bizarre claim that a second Obama victory would result in the singer either being “dead or in jail.”


  1. And O hates football, too! Whattanut. Another singer has accused Obama of staging the massacre at the Sikh temple.

    Ted Nugent has sired 9 illegitimate children, given to Catholic Charities and whatnot, and is now calling them up trying to get acquainted

  2. He’s nothing but a racist and a typical redneck .He’s showing he’s total ignorance jumping on the bandwagon of the rest of the racist.He better start reading and knowing the facts.I’m not into politics but when somebody said he hated someone ,he better start looking @ the mirror about himself…

  3. And he hates country music

  4. anon,

    i think that was megadeath’s lead singer. in singapore of all places.


    “He’s nothing but a racist and a typical redneck.” so the typical redneck is racist. interesting stereotyping. “start looking @ the mirror about himself” lol.

  5. I commenting to say this is not worth commenting about!!! Hehehehe…..

  6. And who gives a crap what Hank Williams Jr. thinks when I am looking for valid information for who will be the best president, I certainly don’t go to Hank Williams Jr! But, this is America and you can’t legislate stupidity, let Hank rant all he wants! Anyone who would let Hank factor into their decision on who to vote for is a lost cause anyway!

  7. Lynyrd Skynyrd didn’t like Neil Young

  8. I think O might have a case against the megadeath guy.

  9. and a southern man don’t need him around any how.

    are you ready for some football?

  10. Hank Williams Jr. is an illiterate country redneck bigot who wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the streets of Chicago… yeah he’s a real tough guy.

  11. I think most country rednecks would last quite a few minutes in the streets of Chicago. Its people from Chicago that do not last 2 minutes on the streets of chicago.


    sorry took a combanation to get chicago in there and a redneck vs a city slicker (taking place in new york). just remember, there is always a bigger fish.

    and as anon will tell you, even the biggest man has to sleep.



    “The interest is up and the Stock Markets down”

    your big change has been coming since the 70s. they may call this the “great reccesion” because of the value lost in the market and the spike in unemployment. but reccesions come and go. under carter interest rate where 20% and unemployment just as high. black monday in ’87 was a correction. the 1990 reccesion a bump in the road.

  14. Visitors get in trouble for not following the local customs. They might proposition a married woman in the Delta or grab a cowboy in Wyoming like they grabbed cowboys in NYC.

  15. cg,

    that’s a strange pride to take in your city?

  16. test

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